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Terrorist Attacks on the Rise against Syria; UN Remains Silent

NATO terrorist groups in Syria - Al Qaeda Nusra ISIS HTS

Terrorist atrocities are on the rise against the Syrian people, while the NATO humanitarian bastards junta at the UN ignore them, and wail their crocodile tears over the most recent nightmare in Afghanistan, inflicted by NATO countries. Within the recent time, Israel again war criminally bombed Syria, with its standard impunity and UN complicity. This was followed by another round of death and dismemberment of Syrian children, from landmines buried by retreating beasts with two legs, also with the complicity of the UN Mine Action [out of] Service organization.

On 21 August, the Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement on terrorist attacks from the euphemistically named Idlib de-escalation zone over the 24 hour period: The twenty-eight terrorist attacks by the various factions of al Qaeda the NATO junta at the UN is committed to protecting included 14 in Idlib countryside, 10 against the civilians of Latakia, two each in villages of Hama and Aleppo. On Tuesday 17 August, the Jabhat al Nusra faction of al Qaeda perpetrated 26 attacks in and around this de-escalation zone.

The one-sided de-escalation zone cessation of hostilities — a ”ceasefire” requires an actual declaration of war — was the colonialist brain child of Dalmation nobleman Steffan de Mistura, who suggested “piecemeal freeze zones” back in 2014, as a slick means of protecting NATO created al Qaeda terrorists to help with a new Sykes-Picot balkanization of the Levantine Republic.

Few will remember that Syria propaganda stenographers went into a collective swoon when the lying octogenarian announced in October 2016 — scant months before the liberation and reunification of Aleppo — offered his physical person to protect al Qaeda: “If you decide to leave in dignity with your weapons, to Idlib [which became a state of terrorists by the full will of the west] or anywhere you wanted to go, I personally am ready, physically, to accompany you.  I can’t guarantee more than my own personality and body,” and none noticed that he was a no-show.

This was an especial affront, given the then UN Spec Envoy feigned total oblivion to the savages — whose dignity so concerned him — were refusing to leave, holding civilians hostage while murdering those trying to flee, and, of course, engaging in deadly sniper activity against children walking home from school, when not fully bombing primary schools, such as Sariah Hassoun in the al Fourqan neighborhood of Aleppo, 20 November 2016.

On this date, ten children were murdered by moderate terrorists’ NATO weapons, dozens others injured, and over which the scum stenographers were complicit by their whorish silence.

Consider this reality: Human garbage has been dumped into Syria, given weapons by the expensively coiffed criminally insane in suits (e.g., unnamed, generic, western supremacist politicians, rabid dogs of war allowed to besmirch the noble art of diplomatic relations), and an audience cheering them as Orwellian victims (in which case criminal illegals will invade Syria with their arrogant supremacy, expecting awards for fraudumentaries), as freedom fighters when they are, in fact, members of the criminally insane who can not be rehabilitated, and who need to be permanently incarcerated.

Terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as ‘the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives’ (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85)

To have an immediate grasp of the fraudulence of the de-escalation process, refer to Arabi Souri‘s report on The Long Overdue Cleaning of Daraa, published by Syria News 9 August, and then read the 20 August SANA report that after one month of negotiations, the armed insurrectionists, the terrorists have refused all efforts of reconciliation, forcing a reinforcement of troops to return security and stability to the citizens of Daraa al Balad and Tariq al Sad (and also expect much howling at the next anti-Syria UNSC meeting).

SAA sapper killed while dismantling a car bomb in Daraa
The car that blew up killing the Syrian Army sapper in Daraa 14 June 2021

Between 20-22 August, the US created armed insurrectionist SDF terrorists launched new raids in Hasaka and Deir Ezzor villages, as part of their ethnic cleansing campaigns. These killers cordoned off the Marzouka village to kidnap the local mosque’s imam, kidnapped a young man from al Sweidiyeh, kidnapped 7 young men from Suleiman Sari al Qasimiya and Qurtuba, kidnapped two young men from al Qahtaniya, raided homes and kidnapped 12 in Hasakah countryside, and kidnapped four members of one family in Deir Ezzor countryside.

Their whereabouts remain unknown. Given that most of the abductees are young males, it is likely that they have been kidnapped to be forced into war crimes against their homeland.

We do not anticipate any complaints from the NATO junta occupying the United Nations. After all, that bastion of peace and security scandalously breached its noble charter when it brought in an armed insurrectionist against the state to sign a document worth less than soiled toilet paper, with the UN Speck Representative for Children and Armed Conflict at the notorious June 19 Action Plan meeting. We have also compared Virginia Gamba’s giddiness on that occasion — as though she had some secret Japanese balls hidden away — to her stoic demeanor when she was attended the forced into Arria formula meeting on Children and Armed Conflict, early this year.

We also remind Syria News readers that UNSG Antonio ”Sargassum” Guterres did not address the Arria formula meeting, but merely eavesdropped on it.

Guterres did not visit Gaza, to describe being utterly appalled.
Though he did not use the words, SG Guterres appeared ‘utterly appalled’ when he arrived at the impoverished Caribbean island to lecture St. Lucians about cyclical sargassum and climate.

On Saturday, terrorist scum pyromaniacs in the imaginary de-escalation zone bombed two agricultural areas in Kassab, Lattakia governate, but the ensuing fires were quickly extinguished by Syrian firefighters.

On 22 August, SANA again announced that the NATO Turkey occupied Alouk water plant in Ras al Ayn, Syria, has been turned off by the terrorist occupiers, in the ongoing water war crime depriving Syrians of al Hasakah of their water. This atrocity was launched by Madman Erdogan in October 2019 (full history of the water war crimes from 2019 through 2 August 2021, here). More recently, the terrorist SDF has become involved in destruction of the infrastructure of the plant, as there is a competition between the two NATO war criminal gangs to ethnically cleanse this region of the SAR from its indigenous population.

Also on Sunday, for the second time in three days, Biden regime forces — those military American illegals in Syria — stole another 25 tanks of Syria’s oil, and used the illegal al Walid crossing to bring the purloined resources of the SAR, into Iraq.

Sunday has been a busy day for war crimes and other atrocities against the Syrian people; also today, the American criminals that the demented POTUS told George Stephanopoulos are not in Syria, criminally landed military aircraft in Jadeed Ekredat, Deir Ezzor countryside, kidnapped several civilians, and flew away with them. On 14 August, the Biden regime military illegals committed a similar war crime, involving four helicopters to kidnap one Syrian civilian and then bomb his house before absconding with him, to an unknown place.

With the blatant, ongoing war crimes against Syria by the US and by Israel, and with the blatant rise in terrorist attacks from the various sects of al Qaeda supported by the NATO golpistas in the United Nations, it remains to be seen how the liars club will manipulate reality at the upcoming anti-Syria, mass propaganda meeting.

Miri Wood

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