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NATO Turkish Army Drone Bombs NATO Kurdish SDF Vehicle in Hasakah

NATO Turkish drone bombs a NATO Kurdish SDF vehicle in Heemo near Qamishli in Hasakah Syria

NATO forces work in incredible coordination when they attack the Syrian people, the Syrian Army, or when the goal is to serve Israel, they clash on every other thing, yesterday morning’s drone-bombing by one NATO force against another is no exception.

Local sources and unofficial propaganda outlets for Turkey and for the Kurds reported the bombing of a vehicle belonging to the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists not far from a Biden forces military base near the Syrian city of Qamishli in the northeastern Hasakah countryside.

The vehicle, a Toyota SUV car, as expected, carrying members of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists was bombed by a Turkish drone near a medical center in the Heemo village to the west of Qamishli, the Kurdish propaganda outlets reported that the Turkish drones continued to hover over the targeted vehicle but did not elaborate on the casualties in the car. The Turks, with their known criminal nature, might be looking to target medical teams coming to the bombed car.

The Biden junta maintains a small illegal military base that runs a ‘spa’ that entertains members of the ISIS terrorist groups in the village of Heemo, Biden forces recycle ISIS terrorists to wherever their ‘expertise’ is needed for the CIA black-ops in the region and beyond.

A growing grassroots resistance is also targeting the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists, nobody likes traitors and agents of occupation powers, and the Syrians are very sensitive against traitors. The Kurdish SDF terrorists in their collaboration with their US masters are giving the locals every reason to attack them with their continuous crimes against the local populations in the regions they illegally occupy.

The US taxpayers must be delighted to see their hard-earned dollars being burnt by both the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan in his drones and the terrorists of the Kurdish SDF in their SUV vehicles, prioritizing the killing and oppression of the Syrian people in Syria is far more important for the US citizens than their own welfare, healthcare, and well being.

Fratricide between the different NATO proxy forces and terrorists is very common in northern Syria wherever they exist, they fight over spoils of war, and territorial control, which is good, unfortunately, when they fight each other they all target the local populations in their clashes, the US final goal is to Israelize large parts of Syria and carve out different states for the families of the terrorists who served it, the terrorists did not draw any lesson from the repeated abandoning of the United States of its proxies and the latest in what’s going on currently in Afghanistan.

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  1. M. Ini

    nobody likes traitors and agents of occupation powers, and the Syrians are very sensitive against traitors

    By now, with this pLandemic, this also apply to most other countries. However, what the Syrians have been enduring is outrageous. Hang on Syria!


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