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Truck Explosion in Azaz North of Aleppo Leaves 7 Injured

Truck explosion in Azaz - Aleppo

A truck explosion in the morning in the occupied Syrian city of Azaz in the northwest of Syria left 7 injured, the explosion was felt throughout the city.

Azaz is under the control of a terrorist group that calls itself ‘The National Army’, its members follow the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood doctrine, the same religion followed by the Turkish madman Erdogan and the Al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan. Commanders of this terrorist organization heavily subsidized by NATO member states, mainly Turkey, accuse the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists of such repetitive attacks, the Kurdish SDF terrorists are also heavily subsidized by NATO member states, mainly France and the USA.

The video is available on BitChute and YouTube.

Local sources confirmed that an explosive device was planted in the truck parked in a truck’s yard not far from the quarter of Al Qaeda’s White Helmets terrorists in the western part of Azaz.

This could also be in retaliation to yesterday’s Erdogan bombing of a Kurdish SDF vehicle near Qamishli city in the northeast of Syria, Erdogan used a drone developed by his son in law and an Israeli company in the attack which also took place not far from a military base run by Biden forces illegally deployed in Syria to pamper ISIS commanders and to steal Syrian oil and wheat.

Later, angry locals stormed the city council protesting against the Erdogan-appointed corrupt head of the council, the head of the Azaz city council and his staff fled the building.

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  1. Roy A Booher

    I read something somewhere about Satan appearing as a woman, I should have paid more attention to where I read that, because there is so much disinformation, but if it’s true, then maybe I know the physical manifestation of it, so that we may soon be free of its effects.


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