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Breaking News: Israel Bombs Damascus and Homs from Over Beirut

Syrian Arab Army air defenses address incoming Israeli missiles in Damascus and Homs - 19 August 2021

At around 23:03 Damascus time, Israel once again bombed the Syrian Arab Republic. Air defenses reportedly intercepted some missiles over Damascus city and Homs city. The number of Israeli bombs neutralized, and the extent of damage or casualties has not been reported at the time of this writing.

The latest in the countless war criminal, terrorist bombings of Syria by Israel comes at the time when the US is in utter chaos over the abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan, and shortly after the near hysteria of the unbalanced man with bad knees and a wife who is not being treated for skin cancer, driving around near the Capitol, live-streaming threats to detonate explosives in his truck.

The video is also available on BitChute and YouTube.

As is Israel’s standard, despite the Obama regime giving Jordan a one billion dollar low-interest loan for use of its airspace in war crimes against the SAR, Israel continues to prefer an arrogant double war crime, illegally invading Lebanese airspace to illegally bomb Syria.

More significantly, Israel has again targeted Syria in a face-saving war crime in response to its indignation that Hezb Allah’s leader, Nasr Allah stated early in the day that a ship of fuel was en route from Iran to Lebanon, and declaring that neither Israel nor the USA could stop it (an unconfirmed report stated another Iranian fuel tanker had already arrived in Baniyas, Syria earlier today as well).

Nasr Allah warned Israel and US nothing would stop arrival of Iranian oil tanker.
Nasr Allah warned Israel and the US that nothing would stop the arrival of the Iranian oil tanker.

The UN ambassador to Lebanon was so disturbed by Nasr Allah’s announcement, that she called the Lebanese president to promise him electricity ‘from Jordan via Syria’ and gas from Egypt. The beleaguered Biden regime has accelerated the looting of Syrian oil, begun by the Trump regime.

Israel will continue its war crimes against the Levantine republic until the US taxpayer gets sick enough of its welfare queen sucking its teat dry to actually convince its politicians to turn off the faucet.

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  1. Roy Booher

    Wow! Really weird because earlier I was reading Thomas Aquinas thoughts on justice, but what I didn’t know was that he was a big advocate of the death penalty, seems like this might qualify, but then there’s always the issue of how best to carry out the sentence, which I don’t have the time to think about over than it wasn’t really Aquinas that I was looking for, but rather Thomas Beckett, everything considered it seems quite appropriate.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    They attack late at night, they fire from behind civilian airplanes, and they fire above the people hoping the air defense missiles will kill innocent souls if the missiles didn’t, how low are these people and until when the world has to tolerate them and their crimes?


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