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Biden Forces Steal More Syrian Oil, his Kurdish SDF Militia Get Beaten Up

Biden forces stealing Syrian oil and his Kurdish SDF get beaten

Biden forces in northeastern Syria are continuing business as usual stealing more Syrian oil despite the global impact of their humiliating defeat in Afghanistan, as long as there’s no real resistance that sends them in body bags to their families who think they’re spreading democracies and freedoms to the Syrian oil fields. Meanwhile, his proxy Kurdish SDF terrorists are facing the heat from the local Syrians in the regions they occupy.

The latest theft of Syrian oil and goods is a convoy of 42 vehicles spotted by the locals in Hasakah province, northeast of Syria, heading to the Iraqi borders, the convoy comprises oil tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil, refrigerated trucks, and covered trucks.

The video is also available on BitChute and YouTube.

Obviously, the United States of America does not need the few thousands of oil barrels it steals from the Syrian people or the few tons of food they’re taking from the mouths of the Syrian children, it just adds more suffering to the Syrians who fought against the world’s largest terrorist army that was dumped on them by all the countries around the world.

The theft of the Syrian oil and wheat comes while the humanitarian hypocrites of the Biden junta and its European Union stooges cry for women’s rights in Afghanistan which they turned into a failed state for over 20 years of spreading democracies and freedoms there.

Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, who are having their mutual relationship with the Biden occupying forces guarding each other while committing their war crimes against the Syrian people, are getting the heat from the Syrians in the regions they occupy, especially in Hasaskah and Deir Ezzor provinces, popular resistance is emerging and getting more aggressive against these US proxy terrorists.

The people of the Abu Ghadir village in the northeastern countryside of Hasakah confronted the Kurdish SDF terrorists who stormed their village in an attempt to kidnap the village’s young men at gunpoint to draft them in its ranks to fight against their own people and to guard their occupiers and thieves of their food and fuel.

The Kurds fled the village failing to kidnap the young men despite firing live bullets above the villagers’ heads trying to intimidate the people who defeated ISIS terrorists.

In the Al-Kashkiya town in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, a post of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists was attacked by a group of the Syrian resistance killing and injuring the terrorists in that post.

Syrians under the occupation of Biden forces and their terrorists of the Kurdish SDF separatist militia, ISIS, and the HTS and other Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups working for the Turkish madman Erdogan are seeing only one way to get their lives back by ‘sending the Biden forces in black garbage bags to their country and the rest of the terrorists will collapse immediately just like what happened in Afghanistan and elsewhere the USA invaded.’

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