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Erdogan Forces Kill a Woman in Indiscriminate Shelling of Houses in Hasakah Province

NATO Turkish Army and Muslim Brotherhood terrorist groups artillery and tanks in northern Syria

Erdogan forces of the Turkish Army and its anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated terrorist groups killed a woman and injured several civilians in indiscriminate shelling of the town of Abu Rasin in northwestern Hasakah countryside.

The heinous attack committed by these NATO terrorists was carried out in the evening of yesterday, Tuesday 17 August, against the houses of the Syrians in Abu Rasin and the villages in its vicinity in which the NATO terrorists fired more than 50 projectiles directly targeting the houses of the Syrians in these towns most of which were targeting the Abu Rasin town and the Al-Dardarah village.

Local sources who reported this latest war crime to the Syrian news agency SANA said that the woman was killed in her house and that the shelling caused large material damage in the properties in the targeted villages.

The local sources added that a wide state of panic and fear was spread and many families fled the area seeking shelter, the children were terrified by the intense shelling of their homes with missiles and artillery as if it’s a battlefield on the front line between two armies.

The Turkish madman Erdogan, just like the other NATO proxy terrorists of the Kurdish SDF separatist groups, are trying to Israelize as much land as they can in order to settle foreign people and the families of the terrorists loyal to Turkey and to the Iraqi Kurdistan in the northern regions of Syria, the fate of the Syrians in these regions will not be any better than the Palestinians living in diaspora for the past 7 decades and more.

Biden forces illegally occupying the Syrian oil and gas fields and parts of the northeastern Syrian provinces of Hasakah, Deir Ezzor, and Raqqa are helping both NATO proxies achieve their goals by providing a superpower military cover against the Syrian Arab Army and by increasing the pressure on the Syrian people in stealing Syria’s wheat and oil thus depriving the Syrian people of their own food and fuel.

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