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Biden Forces Steal Syrian Wheat to Feed ISIS in Iraq

Biden occupation forces continue the Trump legacy of stealing Syrian wheat, while the NATO world continues to mourn the recent tenth anniversary marking the failure of the NATO Spring in the Levantine republic. During the past two weeks, the American military illegals have stolen more than 112 truckloads of the precious Syrian grain from the silos of Tal Alou, al Hasakah, transporting them into Iraq.

Once again, the author shares an atlas showing the distance between the US and Syria. As is readily visible, Syria is not in the US. The US, therefore, has no right to have its military in Syria, nor to bomb Syria, nor to burn nor steal its food, grown by Syrian farmers, on Syrian land. These are all war crimes — started by Obama, accelerated by Trump, and continued by Biden’s diverse Pentagon (and Harris, and maybe even “Nance.”). Biden has no right to continue the Trump legacy, no matter what Nance or Mama Jill might whisper into his ear.

Atlas showing locations of Syria and US. Biden supremacist forces are American illegals in the SAR.

Indigenous Syrians of the al Yaarubiya neighborhood reported that “tens of trucks loaded with wheat from silos of Tal Alou village” were seen headed to the illegal al Walid border crossing into Iraq, on Saturday afternoon. The convoy of the Biden forces were surrounded by the illegal US military’s SDF wetworkers and cannon fodder.

It is likely the names Yaarubiya and Walid have a familiar ring to our readers; the NATO klan tripartite junta controlling the UN frequently mentions them, and demands full access to Syria via these crossings. The lying claim is that these western saviors desperately need such access to bring in convoys of humanitarian goods to the poor Syrians. How very extraordinary that such saintly and altruistic folk never, ever, complain about the theft of Syrian oil, nor of Syrian wheat being stolen and transported out of the country, by a war criminal force illegally there.

To suggest that Biden forces are stealing Syria’s wheat to feed ISIS in Iraq is no hyperbole. During her confirmation hearings, Sen. Clinton freely admitted that the US created al Qaeda. It was the US that opened the Iraqi jail Baghdadi was in, gave him money and weapons to create ISIS. The Strangeloves of the Pentagon continue to threaten to revitalize ISIS while also lying about its destruction.

Until the Biden forces completely leave Syria, the Biden handlers might turn the supremacist discourse down a notch, lest someone actually notice the murderous hypocrisy, and the foreign colonialist roots of domestic racism.

Miri Wood

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  1. Ace

    Good article but what does “domestic racism” have to do with anything? The rottenness of this policy of theft stands by itself. There’s no need to try to amp up your justified criticism with something irrelevant. Domestic hysteria about “racism” is bad enough.


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