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The Dignity and Morality of the Syrian Arab Army Soldiers


The Syrian Arab Army soldiers are our protectors.  Its name is enough to feel the dignity and morality since the very beginning of this systematic war against Syria and its people. Everyone including the so-called rebels know deeply that they can send their families to the government strongholds because of the high morality of our army which will save their lives and dignity and no one would use their women or kids.  

However, that doesn’t work in vice versa.  In areas where some brainwashed joined those foreign terrorists who are totally immoral, the situation is terrible.  The terrorists think that they own all women and kids and that they’re supposed to join them in their “jihad”!

I remember Hayat, the Syrian woman in liberated Aleppo.  She reported on kidnappings and torture by FSA moderate rebels, and told about her murdered husband’s body returned without its organs.

Hayat, the Syrian woman tortured by moderate terrorists

I remember also many refugees who live a miserable life in Turkey along with many kids who were beaten in a savage way simply because they are Syrian refugees!

In the following video,  another beautiful side of our army is shown, where we see one of our soldiers, a handsome man talking to a bunch of Al Nusra front terrorists.  The terrorists have been given the opportunity to depart in safety from Al-Qalamoun to Idlib.  Syrian Arab Army soldiers are called terrible names by western politicians and media but their morality shows they keep the promises made by our government.  The terrorists can’t be trusted as we saw in Al-Rashidin when 130 Syrians were massacred while 60 busloads of Al-Nusra terrorists and their families safely were driven to Idlib.

Shahd survived the massacre in al Rashidin

As the Al-Nusra terrorists were waiting for their buses the Syrian soldier began speaking to one of them who is unfortunately a Syrian but controlled by his masters from somewhere!

The Syrian soldier asked this Al-Nusra front member to return back to his family so that he would be able to meet his family and mother again, and promised him that he would live in dignity. But if he decided to leave for Idlib it would be impossible to have this chance again. And in Idlib it is not that good of a choice to be able to return back to his homeland again!

When the terrorist replied that it wouldn’t work our soldier asked him the reason why it wouldn’t work.  Our soldier asked him also ”who are you fighting against? Your country, your people, your brothers and sisters?”

There was no clear reply from this terrorist who obviously doesn’t own the decisions as those who are running the war against Syria from behind the scenes and other times in front of the scenes — even when our soldier asked him to come with his wife and children to join the reconciliation process [Editor’s note:  1,200 terrorists joined the Syrian reconciliation process, together, in January.]

Western media continues to bark its lies and propaganda about us and they ignore our martyrs.

But the truth is that our great soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army are our protectors. They are our sons and brothers and sisters who are moral human beings.


— Afraa Dagher

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