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Asma Assad under Imperial Kafka Investigation Launched by Smug Met Cops

Asmaa Bashar Al Assad

Asma Assad, the First Lady of the Syrian Arab Republic, has come under another vicious, lying attack by a founding member of NATO. The lying liars continue to merge Goebbels and Kafka in their crimes against peace; the most recent and absurd attempt at looting, demoralization, and threats of false imprisonment come from that bastion of empire, the United Kingdom, via those smug and often brutal Metropolitan Police, per the request of yet another NATO humanitarian bastards – type NP, founded in London, spread around the world, and of course having 501(c) charity status, which allows the American taxpayer to fund war propaganda while also funding lying politicians, lying diplomats, and very expensive bombs (as used when the US functioned as al Qaeda’s second air force on 7 April 2017).

Few — if any — outside of the imperial UK — know what the Metropolitan Police is. Though it recently gained some prominence when one of its officers was arrested for the kidnap and murder of Sarah Evard, and it showed its ability to beat up women protesting the handling of the murder case, how it came to have a “war crimes unit” — to which the imperialist humanitarian Guernica 37 has brought its very secret to the point of invisibility evidence (for the altruistic claim that First Lady Asma Assad might have a ”fair,” Kafkaesque, trial). There is no explanation on the Metro website, which contains so little as to make Wikipedia appear to do its press liaison work.

NATO has not yet ordered its stenographer-journalists to viralize the news of a non-profit and a police department of a NATO country to plot to further Orwellianly criminalize being a First Lady of a country whose sovereignty NATO wishes to destroy; the recent menacing news threatening to revoke Mrs. Assad’s British citizenship and to charge her with non-existent war crimes is currently in its nascent, tease state — akin to the ancient radio soap operas, created to get interested audiences to buy particular products.

As such, we will address the story from The Guardian, demonstrating how co-authors Michael Safti and Martin Chulov adroitly engage in citing liars so as to have that convenient plausible deniability and to maintain a cheap veneer of phony objectivity. We shall also point out what should be glaring omissions from rudimentary journalistic integrity.

Oops, wrong image, and a logistical glitch prohibits its replacement. Since we’re here, while the author has no fantasy that journalists who engage in criminal war propaganda will ever return to Nuremberg, let this perhaps be a pin into such reporters’ consciences (had they planned to soul sell when they were in school?).

Let us first be cognizant of the important sub-heading: It is alleged Bashar al-Assad’s wife’s support of Syrian army implicates her in its crimes. By careful insertion of “alleged,” our esteemed Guardian writers give themselves that plausible deniability in outright, first-hand, lying propaganda. The words also quite insidiously make an allegation — geopolitical gossip into a sleight-of-hand false fact. The Syrian Arab Army is conscripted from all male Syrian citizenry (women remain volunteers) of a particular age group. For more than ten years, the SAA — comprised of fathers, sons, mothers and daughters of the entire country — has defended its people within their internationally recognized borders, and against 350,000 foreign terrorists from more than one hundred countries of other people, foreign terrorists armed by NATO and allied countries (the cagey opening paragraph, in describing the homeland’s family as “Syrian government forces” functions to suggest that the Syrians defending themselves from outside invaders are the invaders, while the invading human detritus are the victims).

Souria Habibi Ali lost 6 children, all members of the Syrian Arab Army, defending their homeland within its borders.

Nonetheless, the esteemed authors are under no obligation to mention these facts, any more than they are obligated to report that, according the Geneva Agreements, every country is permitted to defend itself from foreign invaders, within its own territorial boundaries.

The Guardian’s attack on Asma Assad was based on Goebbels’ big lie applied to Syria.

Would any Brit, French person, American, German, or other NATO country tolerate such Orwellian language? Would any of us accept Captagon-fueled, criminally insane foreigners on our soil, degenerates who kidnap and behead children on camera, who behead and grill, behead and play soccer, carve fetuses out of mothers and tie them in ribbons or hold them for photographers to blame on “Bashar!,” who kidnap and murder hundreds of children, and then engage in necrophilia in painting their faces with cream, who throw mailmen from rooftops, who slaughter women in their homes and in their parks, who engage in cannibalism?

Here are just a few photographs of what al Qaeda / DAESH / ISIS in Idlib, armed with NATO weapons — which, contrary to supremacist mythology, do not fall like manna from the heavens — and which Nuremberg indictable, demonically corrupt western journalists white out, and pimp the depraved savages who perpetrate such unfathomable atrocities, as though their PR men.

The writing here, is literally on the wall. The amoral typists feign blindness to the brutality committed by the terrorists. First they feign blindness, and then these lying liars and the phony humanitarians in nice suits outrageously condemn First Lady Assad for simply being First Lady of a country that stands upright against real war criminals.

As the stenographers are amoral, there is no way to prick consciences that they do not have; therefore, let the readers whose taxes are used to perpetrate such hideous acts of depravity, consider how their countries’ reporters would discuss human garbage that has not only murdered their soldiers on their homelands, but beheads them and then upload photos and videos pretending to feed those severed heads.

When the esteemed journalists write about allegations that First Lady Asma Assad somehow engaged in incitement they pointed to “two UN commissions” that lied that Syria deployed chemical weapons against Syria, while negligently omitting that the ”commission” reports were based on lies, lies flagrantly admitted via the documentation of the “commissions.” They were negligent in their claim that Mrs. Assad “could be…subjected to an international arrest warrant if the investigation proceeds,” as there is no such thing as an “international warrant.”

The innocent twosome also blamed starvation on the SAA, blissfully ignorant of the illicit sanctions imposed by western imperial countries, ignorant of the Trump-Biden theft of wheat and barley, the torching of farmlands with US incendiary bombs, and the looting of Syrian oil by the US and neighboring allies. There was no excuse or flimsy cover for their criminal negligence in their lying about sexual violence; unlike western colonialist countries, prior to the NATO Spring, rape and femicide were aberrant, abnormal.

Ambassador al Ja’afari’s reports on the rape of Syrian women by foreign terrorists have been ignored by the UN.

The gentlemen also managed to repeat the ongoing condemnation of that old Vogue interview with Syria’s First Lady that somehow manages to give NATO war propagandists wedgies.

During the ongoing epiphany of wokeness to supremacy and privilege, it appears to be an arrogant flaunting of both for The Guardian duet to attempt to defame First Lady Asma Assad for lauding “the mothers of slain Syrian soldiers,” and quoting the white boy head of Guernica 37, in his immoral anti-Arab, racist declaration that Mrs. Assad holding a reception for the Mothers of Martyrs, on the occasion of Syria’s Mother Day, 21 March 2013 amounted to “the incitement, encourage and/or aiding and abetting of war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

The ongoing economic terrorism that NATO supremacists have illicitly launched against the Syrian First Lady, specifically, began in June 2020, when the US Treasury “sanctioned” her. Syria News again reminds our readers that — according to the UN Charter — members states of the United Nations have agreed there can be no “sanctions” without the full approval of the UNSC. Even terrorist gangs — al Qaeda and all affiliates such as Jahbat al Nusra, DAESH, ISIS, ISIL, HTS — are not added to what the United Nations calls “sanction regimes” without this agreement.

Nonetheless, EU members, the UK, US and supremacist underlings in training, continue to normalize this breach of The Charter.

Nonetheless, the stenography media continues to run amok in normalizing this Goebbels big lie.

Given that one of the above-noted Guardian writers did a similar anti-Syria, attempted defamation of Asma Assad last summer, it would seem that this Syria News writer was misguided in her hope that the duet were simply naively uninformed, had perhaps gotten a bit lazy and let the dog eat their homework.

Alas, though Churlov had gone solo — except for those and agencies (FCO, State Department, CIA, MI-6? — it is impossible that by 2020 he did not know that the phony Caesar, Curveball II, had been vetted through the corrupt funding of Qatar, the penisular US combo dirty petro station and military bases, which has been massively documented, here, and elsewhere.

Alas, it is impossible for Mr. Chulov to not know that the phony Caesar has met with virtually everyone in the UN, virtually everyone in the State Department, virtually everyone on Capitol Whore Hill, and without a single leak of his phony face.

One might wonder who looks back from the mirror when such a debauched journalist looks in; does the ghost of Julius Streicher ever peer back, and offer a quick wink?

June 2020: The Guardian has normalized and cheered the illicit sanctions against Asma Assad.

Since the dissipated author had no problem with the lying caption under the featured image in his war propaganda piece — a mere tunnel, “dug by [terrorist] rebels,” Syria News uses this opportunity to show the uses of the tunnel as a torture and execution chamber, a means to transport bombs to kill Syrians, and some terrorist trauma care.

[As the Satanic gods of western supremacy, in their humanitarian concerns have censored the Jobar videos, we share a similar tunnel discovery where kidnapped civilians were forced into slave labor, torture, and execution — like the Nazi camps, lest the point be elusive — in Zalmaka, East Ghouta.]

Despite the quaint white-washing caption of the al Qaeda terrorist torture chamber tunnel being ‘visited’ by Dr. Bashar al Assad and his First Lady Asma Assad, the Levantine republic’s First Couple was there to dedicate the illumination of the heinous death tunnel. The project to bring sublime light to the decaying bowels of al Qaeda hell was “inspired by sculpture works made by Muhannad Moualla, an artist and a fighter in the Syrian Arab Army who a year and a half ago has begun, at his own leisure, to turn walls in Jobar city near Damascus into sculptures.


In September 2020, Special Fake Envoy — there is no US Embassy in Syria, as there is no Syrian Embassy in the US — and war propaganda pimp, Joel Rayburn shared his sadistically arrogant impunity, barking lies on a phone line, lying attempts to glorify Nuremberg crimes against humanity, and lies about UNSCR 2254 (despite its imperial, fascistic intention, the fine print of this wretched resolution claims it will respect Syria’s sovereignty, not force a NATO supremacist ‘regime change.’).

Special Fake Envoy Rayburn also flaunted the US criminal threats against Asma Assad, in September 2020

Lame duck and self-admitted liar, cheater, and thief, Pompeo also brayed the same criminal propaganda against the SAR, about illicit sanctions, and even involving lies about the savage fake Caesar Act, which failed at passage on multiple occasions, and was finally made into war criminal ‘law’ by sneaking the hoax bill into the almost 4,000 page renewal of the US domestically fascist NDAA


While the unindicted war criminals cheer the 10th anniversary of the malignant NATO Spring against Syria, it is impossible not to acknowledge that, despite the most malignant and massive conspiracy in history, Syria still stands.

The newest addition in attempts to crush this 10,000 year old civilization comes in the form of another NATO fake humanitarian non-non-profit, with the help of a police department whose members beat up women and get arrested for beating up and murdering a woman.

It is therefore no surprise that these two gangs have aimed their sights on a woman, the Syrian First Lady, Asma Assad — and with a Kafkaesquely contrived ‘investigation.’

Miri Wood

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