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President & First Lady Visit Newly Illuminated Death Tunnel


President Bashar Al-Assad and his wife, the brave and beloved First Lady Asma’a Al-Assad have visited the death tunnel transformed into a thing of beauty by the amazing group of Syrian artist sculptors.

death tunnel - jobar damascus
Dr. & Mrs. Assad listen to Syrian artists describing the joy of their transforming work.

After the liberation of Eastern Ghouta neighborhoods, the Syrian Arab Army discovered tunnels created by terrorists to move weapons, undetected.  These death tunnels were built by kidnapped Syrian civilians used as slave laborers.

President and Mrs. Al-Assad visited one of the terrorist-created death tunnels to meet with the amazing group of Syrian artists who have carved stunning and uplifting sculptures from the tunnel walls.

death tunnel - jobar damascus
An artist’s unbridled exuberance.


death tunnel - jobar damascus
Artist describes the creative thought process to Dr. & Mrs. Assad.

Syrians have been reared in the culture of creating life and peace, the opposite of the Western-backed “rebels” whose culture is based on spreading death and destruction.

death tunnel - jobar damascus


death tunnel - jobar damascus

Syrians never give up.

death tunnel - jobar damascus
“Oh, Freedom, oh freedom!”

— Afraa Dagher

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Quote: Out of womb of pain hope should be begotten

Out of the womb of pain, hope should be begotten and from the bottom of suffering the most important solutions rise, as the dark cloud in the sky conceals the sun light, but it also carries in its layers rain, purity and hope of welfare and offering. ~Bashar Assad – January 2013

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