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Syrian Dancer Yara Khoudier Brings Ballet to the Streets

Syrian Dancer

Syrian dancer Yara Khoudier brings love and life to Syrian streets, love and life to remove the dust of war and to challenge the cult of death and darkness that countless factions of western backed alQaeda have tried to impose upon the Syrian people.

Yara Khoudier is a media collage student. Born in 1998, she is a ballet dancer and a prize-winning gymnast.


Freely dancing in the streets of Damascus is her way of expressing optimism, high spirits and freedom returning to Syria as the country continues to rid itself of terrorists.

Syrian Dancer
Gymnast & dancer Khoudier helps return joy to the streets of Damascus.

This Syrian dancer joyfully celebrates the good of Syria, the hope of Syria. My nieces study ballet and I’m proud of their happy faces when they dance.

Let us dance.  Let us raise our voices for peace and the end of the war on Syria.

— Afraa Dagher

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