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How Much Hatred The West Still Have for Syria?

Syria, the cradle of civilization and will continue to be the beacon of light for future until Jesus Christ returns from the Heavens to Damascus and lead the believers to clean the Earth from all evil.

The day Damascus was ranked the ‘one of the worst cities in the world’ the Syrian Ministry of Tourism release a promotion video for the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. That’s how the European Union’s propaganda arm ‘Euro News’ liked to put it.

There are many facts the European Union doesn’t want to be shown, so they continue their onslaught against the Syrian people, their economy and their aspiration for a better future.

As a starter, the Ministry of Tourism in Syria continued working throughout the conflict, in the major cities the ‘Tourism Police’, a special unit of the police force accompanying health, municipal, and prices inspectors in checking hotels, restaurants, and outlets serving and selling visitors.

The video itself shows current footage of the city, it’s self-evident of a city that is capable of living and providing its visitors the anticipated comfort levels, and security. The city is rising up again, the food is mouthwatering, the hospitality of the people is unmatched, the weather is lovely, the spiritual state of mind is breathtaking, and above all the city is clean, in spite the years of war the Syrian cities and towns remained clean, even in devasted areas the Syrians kept their neighborhoods clean, unlike in other places and just take for instance neighboring Lebanon where they had literally ‘rivers of garbage’ running through their main streets.

Pilgrimage tourism never stopped even during the worst days of the conflict when European terrorists and European-sponsored terrorists were surrounding the Syrian capital itself and shelling the city. Needless to remind that Damascus is the center of many such attractions.

Grand Umayyad Mosque
Grand Umayyad Mosque – Damascus

Internal tourism never stopped during the crisis. The Syrian people are people full of life and know how to live and adapt to the worst situation in order to continue their message in teaching humanity the civilization it increasingly missing.

The promotion video released by the Ministry of Tourism coincides with the preparations of the Damascus International Fair’s 60th edition which will run from 05th to 15th of September next month, the Fair’s logo is imprinted on the bottom right side of the video itself at the end as obvious in the screenshot.

Damascus International Fair is one of the oldest in the region and beyond, last year 2017 its 59th edition hosted companies from 45 countries, 23 of them participated officially as countries, and the rest as private companies without their countries’ official sponsorship.

Syria - Damascus - International Fair - Tourism - Euro News
Syria – Damascus International Fair Logo- Tourism – Euro News

Last year, tens of thousands of terrorists were still surrounding the Syrian capital with constant indiscriminate shelling of the city’s residential neighborhoods yet the International Fair attracted all that participation. The terrorists even bombed the Fair’s site itself during the peak of visitors on the fourth day of the Fair on August 20, 2017, killing 9 visitors and injuring dozens more.

Damascus International Fair Logo
Damascus International Fair Logo

This year, after cleaning all of the surroundings of Damascus and most of the country from terrorists, it’s expected to exceed last year’s participation and visitors, which also exceeded all expectations. The bombing didn’t affect the determination of the Syrians to visit the fair and deliver their resilience message to the terrorists and who supported them.

For the record, in February 2016, when the Syrian people were fighting the terrorists in almost every corner of the country, Syria, according to a report by ‘GoBankingRates’ ranked as the 37th cheapest country to live in. The report published by Money, compared cities according to four affordability metrics including Local Purchasing Power, Rent, Groceries and Consumer Prices. Damascus ranked ahead of countries like the Philippines, Portugal, Bangladesh, Armenia and even Russia itself.

Cheapest Countries in the World - Syria

In spite of international sanctions led by the strongest and the richest countries in the world against Syria, a War of Terror waged by those same parties using their own armies, intelligence agencies and hybrid militias consisting of hundreds of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide bombers, Syrians managed to survive and keep ranking in international indices. Let’s just watch the news now how NATO member state Turkey, a large country with no war on its land of any kind has its economy deeply suffering from the slightest shake.

Take your time and name a major world city that didn’t witness terror attacks, including cities in the G8 countries where they have exported their internal issues to countries like Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Mali, Nigeria, and others. So why trying to taint Damascus as unlivable, unsafe or even calling it the ‘world’s worst’ when it might be better than your own city? It’s hatred because they lost their war against us, envy because they couldn’t break us, mad because they lost billions of dollars trying to destroy us, and now we’re rising again.

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  1. Ron

    Not every foreigner is taken in by these slurs against Syria. As an Australian descendant from English forebears, I used to consider the British Isles as the fount of civilisation. No more. I am now better educated, and I recognise Damascus as the oldest centre of human civilisation whose heart is still beating. This city, which I hope to visit one day, and Syria at large, must be protected at all costs, including against the bestial English of MI6 who have inflicted head-chopping degenerates upon an innocent people.

  2. Greg Casey

    I agree with every word uttered by you Ron. As an Irishman, I am ashamed at the stance adopted by the EU throughout the Syrian War but unsurprised at the perfidy of the English Ruling Classes (as once was) and the Laissez Colonieres of the French who appear to think they continue to exercise a form of authority over Syria (and Iraq). The British & French drove the EU Agenda in supporting the War designed to tear down the Syrian State and I am so glad that Syria and Syrians have prevailed!! I also intend to visit Syria ……… hopefully, in the very near future. It occurs to me that I would like very much to ring-in New Year 2019 in Damascus or in Aleppo ……. or any other City in a Free Syria!


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