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Kabul Slaughter as Trump Regime Further Emboldens ISIS


Ninety persons were slaughtered in Kabal as the actions of Trump further embolden ISIS.  Four hundred have been injured in a rush hour bombing of the embassy district, not far from the Presidential Palace. Kabul was considered the most secure area of Afghanistan, ravaged by terrorism since the US funded and armed al Qaeda to fight the Soviets there.

Most msm are reporting that a suicide bomber in a water truck detonated close to the German Embassy in Kabul. This includes CNN, though its map shows the horrific explosion closer to the UAE Embassy.


CNN map of Embassy District


NYT maps suggests equi-distance from German and UAE Embassies

At the time of this writing, the Taliban has denied responsibility for the carnage, and ISIS — which brags of guilt in all savagery, so much one might expect also the Lindbergh kidnapping and the shoa — has remained oddly mute.


ISIS, an offshoot of the al Qaeda created by the US to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan (proudly acknowledged by Clinton, during her State Department confirmation hearings), began when the US let al Baghdadi out of an Iraqi jail, and gave him tens of millions to launch terrorist training camps in Jordan.

In its nascent stage, as the moderate demons of the FSA assisted in teaching the fine motor skill tasks of brutal beheadings, ISIS remained within the Syrian Arab Republic, slaughtering soldiers, children, and adults, with equal savagery. 

However, since Donald J. Trump — the man who shocked the world not only in winning the election, but also in his unprecedented acceptance speech, filled with the promise of a good neighbor policy  — has gone public with his self radicalization, ISIS has accelerated its malignant sociopathy, both within the SAR, and expanding to other countries.  Though Trump continued Obama’s war crimes against Syria, a mere 13 days after taking office, when he bombed two bridges in al Raqqa, it was not until he came out that ISIS increased its dosage of Captagon.

On 4 April the previously named fake news! CNN gave its international audience to a British national, illegally in Syria, who launched another round of the GB hoax, from terrorist-occupied Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib.  Instead of keeping his promise to drain the swamp, Trump jumped into the fetid sewage and raved about its stench.  He accepted the criminal lies of the Brit terrorist, via CNN, and almost immediately bombed a Syrian military air base, murdering soldiers defending their homeland from invading foreign savages, and killing a few civilians as ‘collateral damage.’

Swamp-draining Trump went to the rescue of alQaeda against Syria.

While Barack Obama limited his war crimes to illegal bombing of the SAR, and “accidental” slaughter of Syrian soldiers,  the Trump regime’s overt slaughter emboldened ISIS, and accepted his atrocities as a call to arms:  Two days later, ISIS committed two massacres on Palm Sunday, bombing churches in Tanta and Alexandria, Egypt.  Days later, Trump’s ISIS troops massacred more than 100 Syrian civilians, in al Rashidin, civilian hostages who were being exchanged for terrorists (such slaughter was of no importance to western media, which moved reporting to fake heroism of terrorists).

Syrian child who survived al Rashidin terrorist massacre is ignored by malignant msm

On 17 May, ISIS terrorists thanked the Trump regime for supplying them with trucks equipped with TOWS and other military weapons, for use in a planned battle against Syrian soldiers to capture and subjugate Deir Ezzor, a frequent site of genocide against Syrians.

On Thursday 18 May — in preparation for complete prostration before the terrorist occupying Arabia — self radicalized Trump oversaw two massacres against the Syrian Arab Republic.  In the morning, his death squads slaughtered 52 in the Aqareb al Safiyeh village, many of whom were children and women. Many were beheaded. Many had their limbs cut off. In the evening, the self radicalized US president bombed a convoy of Syrian Arab Army soldiers, in al Tanaf, reportedly destroying Syrian tanks and an anti-aircraft vehicle (the SAR has not released the names of the martyrs).

Trump’s disgusting bow and curtsy to the monster dictator of Saudi occupied Arabia, even further emboldened his ISIS troops, who then committed carnage at a concert at the Manchester Arena.

“Once proud Donald Trump humiliates his nation, bowing in the fashion of a well trained monkey before his Master king Salman of Saudi Arabia.” — DPRK News

The bloodbath in Kabul was most recently preceded by the illicit Trump regime dumping leaflets on Syria, Sunday, warning the Syrian Arab Army against encroaching on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Sunday 28 May: Self radicalized Trump warns Syria to stay away from Syria.

Why did Syria put its country inside a US military base? This is a level of aggression that Russia can only dream of… — Russia Insider, 29 May 

 While the criminals against peace msm cry their fake crocodile tears over the [emboldened ISIS or a related al Qaeda gang] slaughter in Kabul, they pretend that Afghanistan has always been a vast wasteland of human blood and terrorists appearing out of nowhere, via geopolitical alchemy.  As always, they are criminal liars.  Once upon a time — in recent history, not just during Rumi’s life — Afghanistan was a civilized country, with human beings who worked, and played, and studied, and enjoyed days in parks.

Young Afghani women in Kabul.


A record store in Afghanistan.


Surprise! Afghani children went to school, and enjoyed music during recess!


Paghman Gardens Park.


Masjid Shah-e-do Shamshura Mosque, Kabul

There is an ugly deja vu to imperialist destruction of chunks of humanity; that is because the script is the same, is always the same, except for the changes in the names of the characters.  As Clinton bragged, the US created al Qaeda to destroy the alliance of Afghanistan and the USSR.  It is of no importance that a country steeped in cultural history has been ravaged, nor that tens of thousands of human  beings have been exterminated.

“We created al Qaeda,” and in 1983, Ronnie Reagan brought six Afghani mujahideen terrorists into the White House, cheered them as “freedom fighters” (that is what we call the foreign terrorists in Syria, is it not?), to bray lies about the Soviet Union, prior to shipping them off to lobby Congress (Congress, which has been lobbied by fake Caesar, and by terrorists from Turkey, claiming to be Syrian, and by cheaply paid Syrian traitors, also terrorists).


Mujahideen terrorists lauded in the White House.

Ronnie’s bathetic blathering was pure Edgar Allen Poe’s How to Write a Blackwood Articlethe wife of one of his esteemed terrorists “…was killed in front of their two children [“two” is much more dramatic than a mere one] …one hundred five people were massacred by fire and chemicals [emphasis added].  The uncorroborated atrocity has a similar death toll as Khan Sheikhoun, in addition to the chemical thing. One of Ronnie’s terrorists was a woman, a woman who “underwent torture for four months while held by the Soviets.”  A tortured woman is always more dramatic than a tortured man.


Ronnie’s terrorists. Tortured woman, far right, appears to have regained her health.

Ronnie did not say where the terrorist woman was tortured; perhaps it was in this Salang Tunnel, built by the Soviets, as part of their atrocities against the Afghani people.



War is a Racket, wrote Maj. General Smedley Butler, then the most highly decorated US Marine.  War is a bipartisan racket, as are US war crimes.

Prior to Republican Ronnie’s show-and-tell of his six terrorists in the White House, the grotesquely deified Democrat, Jimmy Carter, had covertly funded these “rebel” terrorists against Afghanistan, providing the savages with money, weapons and a massive public relations propaganda campaign (deja Syria, again).  Though it was war criminal Republican W. Bush who formally invaded Afghanistan in 2001, also deified Democratic war criminal Bill Clinton had bombed Afghanistan, in his 1998 Operation Infinite Reach, which somehow also required the destruction of a pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum, Sudan.

Now, it is self radicalized war criminal Republican Trump, who has so invigorated his ISIS (or, other named) terrorist troops with his overt bombings of Syrian soldiers, that the only place in Afghanistan considered a secure city, Kabul, is no longer secure.

Perhaps the Sufi mystic Rumi was thinking of Kabul, when  he prophetically wrote to Trump:

This is the essence of all sciences:  That you should know who you will be when the Day of Reckoning arrives.




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