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Putin is Ready to Supply Turkey with S400 Missile Systems


Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered to supply NATO member state Turkey and a main backer of ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syrian and elsewhere with the most advanced anti-aircraft S400 missile systems.

Cooperation between Russia and Turkey have reached their highest levels ever in almost every aspect despite the treacherous regime of Turkish junta led by Erdogan each and every time a deal is struck with Russia. The cooperation reached its highest when Putin saved his friend Erdogan from the coup that almost unseated him and led to the detention of tens of thousands of Turks from military, journalism, political parties, and even ordinary citizens.

Putin went on to affirm his readiness to discuss jointly producing these missile systems in Turkey, not only selling them which would usually include disabling some aspects of the systems to prevent the treacherous Turks from delivering it to their NATO buddies and strip it of any advantage.

Is Mr. Putin developing his ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ when the victims would sympathize with their hijackers?

Erdogan has ‘stabbed Putin in his back’ on November 24, 2015 when his forces shot down a Russian fighter jet within the borders of Syria and killed its pilot while descending by his parachute, and one marine soldier who was in the rescue crew.

Erdogan turned to Putin to tease the US regime of Obama then turned back to the US when Trump came to power.

Erdogan and his junta ruling Turkey with an iron fist are the main sponsors of all terrorists reaching Syria and a main cause of threat to China with the support to separatists in the Chinese Uyghurs and even importing tens of their families to settle in towns inside Syria after cleansing it from its Syrian population and to use the men in Erodgan’s battles.

Erdogan has long enjoyed the support of his Western partners when he’s a good servant to them and when his relations with the West are tight he turns to the Russians and Iranians for assistance then stabs all of them in the back in a weird blunt but successful manner each time.

Russia and Iran made sure Erdogan’s powers were saved and increased even during the times he was delivering his knives to their backs, Iranian citizens and Iranian-supported Lebanese Shiite minorities were always targeted, slaughtered, kidnapped and tortured by Erdogan sponsored terrorist groups inside Syria, repeatedly and systematically.

At the same time, we see that the Russian president has not yet delivered the long-awaited S300 missiles Syria bought from Russia and are much needed by the Syrian Arab Army to deter further attacks against its bases and against Syrian infrastructure by the US-led coalition of dictators’ armies and by the Israeli forces all supporting different factions of the FSA including the ISIS and Nusra Front listed as terrorist groups by the USA itself..!

— Arabi Souri

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