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UNSC Klansmen: That Time of Month for another Anti-Syria Meeting

United Nations Security Council meeting on Syria requested by NATO

UNSC klansmen held their monthly anti-Syria meeting on 28 September. The imperialist gang continues to rug chew over their failed NATO Spring, continue to wail their crocodile tears over the devastation they have inflicted on the Syrian Arab Republic, are in dire need of new scriptwriters, as each meeting has become a rerun of the previous one — which was actually only two weeks earlier, 15 September.

UNSC held its monthly anti-Syria meeting 28 September 2021.

The UNSC press statement shows a rather feeble attempt to create momentum for the ongoing failure of even pulling together a meeting of the imperial Constitutional Committee, required by the colonialist UNSCR 2254. Spec Envoy Geir Pedersen previously blamed the stalled gathering on COVID, even while he managed to fly to Rome to address bankers, think tanks, and assorted NATO-inspired humanitarian organizations, after which he flew to Damascus, where he was received by Foreign Minister Dr. Faisal Mekdad, and where everyone demonstrated that after 18 months, nobody knows the distance of two meters.

Pedersen continues to worry for the future well-being of al Qaeda and derivative terrorists still occupying regions of Idlib governate. He did not share his written statement to this UNSC meeting, but posted a series of tweets, making sure to note that he is in close contact with the NATO Syrian Women’s Advisory Board (WAB). WAB was founded during the reign of Spec Envoy Steffan de Mistura, who made frequent trips to Damascus trying to convince the country to accept a new Sykes-Picot balkanization of the Levantine republic. Mistura — who claimed noble Dalmatian heritage — may be best remembered for massive media coverage as the octogenarian who offered his old body as a human shield so that al Qaeda terrorists could leave eastern Aleppo “in dignity with your weapons,” but turned out to be a no-show…which the same NATO stenographers completely missed.

The pandering to women is an especially hypocritical con game, as the NATO klan — against the noble UN Charter mandates — have imposed unilateral economic coercion against the First Lady Asma Assad (‘sanctioned’ by EU in March 2012, after she refused a bribe to leave her husband and betray her country, and by the US in 2020) and President Assad’s Chief Advisor, Bouthaina Shaaban (‘sanctioned’ by US August 2011, and by the EU, June 2012).

Worse than the criminal economic terrorism regime, of course, is that the NATO panderers have ignored mass kidnappings of Syrian women, mass slaughter of Syrian women, and unfathomable atrocities against Syrian women, e.g., carving their near term babies from their wombs, to use them as degenerate emotional pornography, which in turn are lied about by the degenerate stenographers.

There was something quite astonishing about this meeting. For the first time since the onset of the COVID pandemic, the NATO junta of the UNSC, representing countries with the highest C19 deaths, and the most draconian lockdowns, were utterly mute regarding their fraudulent calls to rescue Syrians from the SAR-CoV. The author wonders if this was some creepy solidarity with NYC Mayor de Blasio, who lied about what amounted to a plan to invade the UN’s international sovereignty via forced testing and forced injections against diplomats and heads of state arriving for UNGA 76.

Perhaps it was also a creepy solidarity with UNGA President Abdulla Shahid permitting de Blasio to lie about him (for which Shahid should have been tarred and feathered by his colleagues, leaving just enough skin open to air to prevent suffocation). Perhaps the hypocritical silence was also a NATO kinsmanship toward NY Governor Kathy Hochul, who replaced Andrew Cuomo, who was forced to resign for copping a few feels, not for overseeing gericide in nursing homes, when thousands of COVID positive people were dumped into the literal homes of an at-risk, frail population. Hochul has shown her malignant intentions in threatening to terminate healthcare, teachers, firefighters, others, for having the temerity to decide they think the potential benefits of the experimental agents are not worth their potential risks. She announced she would call in the Marines — er, the National Guard — to scab on terminated healthcare employees.

Hochul recently declared God to be a representative of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, called for a following of apostles, has created chaos in the lives of NYers and in the courts, while simultaneously allowing 60,000 people into Central Park to attend the Global Citizen Live concert, which apparently did not require a Nazi health card, but some petition signing.

This UNSC anti-Syria event’s celebrity guest was somewhere below the C-list. The previously unheard of Rouba Mhaissen runs something called SAWA for Development & Aid. It is located in Lebanon, which is not Syria, and receives support from the Syria-hating Asfari Foundation, headquartered in the UK, which is also not Syria. According to the UN press release, she did make some nice, NATO savior-sounding words, with a dollop of difficulty in “keeping Syria on the priority agenda amid conflicts in Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan and elsewhere [where NATO instigates military disasters].”

The tripartite NATO aggressors ruling the UNSC, bereft of their C19 hypocrisy, overcompensated in their monkey dung flinging. All increased the stridency in their usual lies, all demanded a [unilateral] cessation of hostilities, all went the hyper-hypocrite route in lying about Syria’s jails (according to the P3 UNSC junta, Syria is the paradoxical Utopia, where there are no criminals, but the jails are full). The previous occupier France is still flouting its disdain of the Charter, in bragging about ”sanctions,” and is also inferring that it will prohibit refugees from repatriation.

UK’s liar to the UNSC has blamed Syria for the failure of Pedersen to bring that nasty Constitutional Committee together, and has also inferred threats to block repatriation.

The US’s liar had a fill-in; perhaps she was taking a break from being on stage with the no-longer royals couple, in front of sixty thousand people in Central Park, and telling a ‘refugee story’ that sounded remarkably similar to the eulogy that the Reverend Jesse Jackson gave for Smokin’ Joe Frazier, with Muhammed Ali in attendance.

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The same gang of NATO klansmen previously ignored Syria’s reports on mass graves and intensive forensics work in identifying parts of Syrian human bodies slaughtered by the terrorists armed and funded by the NATO unindicted war criminals. The ménage à trois of the UNSC — with oceans of human blood on the finely manicured hands — has never mentioned that 3,500 takfiri savages of Jabhat al Nusra and Jaish al Islam were safely escorted to Madman Erdogan occupied Jarabulus and only returned 150 Syrian abductees to hundreds of families awaiting reunion at the Faiha Stadium in April 2018.

Scum who occupy three seats on the UNSC should be tried for crimes against humanity.
Faiha Stadium, 8 April, where hundreds of families of kidnapped awaited the buses of released abductees.

The scum P3 who arrogantly flout and besmirch the UNSC, have added another bit of sadism to their lies. Thomas-Greenfield’s stand-in told the Security Council that the UN had engaged in “painstaking research to identify all those who have been killed since the beginning of the [NATO Spring] uprising – 350,000.”

What an interesting, painstaking number, that 350,000 — which just happens to be the number of foreign Wahhabi terrorist scum savages who had invaded the SAR from March 2011 through December 2016. This author tends toward cynicism when it comes to statistically impossible coincidence, and suspects it to be a lie, and a sadistic, perverted, inverted ‘joke,’ possibly the brainchild of the utterly useless UNMAS lady who could learn much about integrity from the Giant African Pouched Rat.

His Excellency, Bassam Sabbagh reminded the UNSC of the statement Syria’s Foreign Minister, Dr. Faisal al Mekdad had given to UNGA 76. He diplomatically reminded Spec Envoy Pedersen that his role as ‘facilitator’ must be strictly impartial.

Mr. Sabbagh also made clear to the UNSC that all things related to Syria’s Constitution, belong to Syria.

Miri Wood

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