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UNSC: Failures & Fake Doctors Explore ‘Possibilities’ against Syria

NATO Nazis the killers of the United Nations Security Council UNSC on Syria

UNSC held its monthly humanitarian bastard junta meeting against the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, on 20 December. The NATO klansmen used the opportunity to engage in their repetition compulsion chattering to blame the Levantine Republic for food, housing, and healthcare insecurity created by the colonialist countries that committed genocide in Iraq and Libya and who continue the process in Yemen.

UNSC held its monthly humanitarian bastards meeting on 20 December.

The US, British, and French UNSC tripartite aggressors — a.k.a, the NATO junta, the Nazi Goebbels gang — and their assorted, tap-dancing house servants — stuck to the standard script of Wagnerian, ear-splitting lies. The diplomats in name only continued to belt out their deadly piety, demanding that all ignore the deadly hypocrisy they have brought to Syria.

The triad of terrorism sponsors fixated on their typical supremacist general obsessions:

  • hospitals that do not exist
  • detainees that do not exist
  • their jones that never ended to force the reopening of al Yarubiyah crossing and other major points of entry for al Qaeda
  • fictitious concern for ”gender-based violence” against women
  • to protect the remnants of al Qaeda in Idlib, utilizing the above excuses

Before looking into details of the UNSC meeting, we offer some general reminders of the fraudulent concern of the NATO saviors.

They have ignored the destruction of actual hospitals, by the freedom-hating terrorists they have supported since the launch of the NATO Spring. The countries that they represent have among the highest rates of COVID deaths per million in the world. France even went so far as to negligently dump sick COVIDs into uninfected regions, and threaten — against all that is sane in virology — to “rotate” the contagious throughout the European continent. Their concern for violence against women and girls is so obviously fake as to suggest pure sadism in intention.

They have never questioned how their friends, the stethoscope-less, al Qaeda White Helmets have managed to take photos of near-term fetuses skillfully carved from their mothers’ wombs.

The Worldometer C19 death statistics, immediately below, are from 21 December 2021.

These Nazis sans les gammées ruling the UNSC are also freaking out that Resolution 2585 (2021) expires on 10 January 2022. Ambassador Grandma Greenfield claimed at her 10 July stakeout immediately after the passage, though in possibly another first in NATO junta anti-Syria shell games, it will expire in July. UNSCR 2585 appears to be a first, in that its expiration depends upon the monthly reports by SG Guterres, which promised full study and transparency on the delivery of humanitarian goods.

We have seen nothing of the Secretary General’s monthly reports, focusing on “transparency in operations and progress,” nor have we heard a single comment about them. There have been, however, complaints by the NATO klan that food and other humanitarian aid were not getting through to the people of Idlib — omitting the small detail that these are areas controlled by al Qaeda.

UNSC Resolution 2585 (2021) expires 10 January 2022 -- unless the imperialists engage in another shell game.
UNSC Resolution 2585 (2021) expires 10 January 2022 — unless the imperialists engage in another shell game.

Geir Pedersen was the first to address the UNSC, via VTM (though he frequently tours the non-Syrian world, including Italy). SG Antonio Guterres appointed him to replace the suave and debonair Steffan de Mistura as Spec Envoy for Syria, when the panache octogenarian in three thousand dollar suits who used to wow the media with lies about offering his wrinkled body to be used as a human shield so terrorists could leave Aleppo with their weapons and dignity intact, upon his retirement.

UNSC Spec Envoy de Mistura created the NATO Women's Advisory Board.
Noble Dalmatian, Steffan de Mistura.

Pedersen is charged with bringing together a “constitutional committee” to fulfill the mandate of the colonial UNSCR 2254 (2015). He has been consistent in his failure to do so, even tweeting about his incompetence on a regular basis.

In most employment, failure results in dismissal; in the current degraded state of the once noble art of diplomacy, failure is Orwellian evidence of hard work, and likely results in increased income. He will likely continue to whine about what he idiotically and alternately calls a “strategic” and “deteriorating” “stalemate,” until he retires, too.

Unlike the UNSC November anti-Syria meeting, Pedersen did provide his four page statement to the Council, as given. We shall bullet a few of Pedersen’s hypocritical points, including the Spec Envoy’s ongoing lies of omission, but first we shall take a quick look at his ongoing legerdemain and slick admission of incompetence, failure.

On page four of Pedersen’s statement, he brings in the alleged Advisory Board (previously described in June and August 2021 reports) and something called the Civil Society Support Room, reputedly created in 2016, though both have an odor of fantastic legerdemain of those with the iron grip on the UNSC.

Pedersen also flaunts his defeatism in number 24.

The following bulleted list is not new; it shows the ongoing hypocrisy of the NATO-Nazi humanitarian bastards excreting crocodile tears over the nightmare they have inflicted upon the Syria Arab Republic, and its citizenry:

  • He continued to whine about the deep suffering of Syrians, yet never manages to call on the UNSC to enforce its noble Charter, the Charter which says that sanctions may only be applied against a member state with a Security Council resolution
  • He did the standard bleating about ‘human rights abuses’ including against women and girls, despite — like other imperial klansmen of the UNSC — has never uttered a complaint against femicide by NATO-sponsored al Qaeda, never called for an investigation into an Epstein-like, Arkansas-based charity that involves little girls in Idlib, nor of massive kidnapping of Syrian children for heinous, war porn photo ops
  • He brayed about the ‘tens of thousands of detainees, abducted, missing’ while ignoring that Jaish al Islam and al Nusra only released 150 out of 3,500 Syrians these terrorists had kidnapped. Like his mafiosi cohorts, Pedersen has been consistently mute over the massive forensics work Syria has performed in identifying thousands who were abducted by al Qaeda, and dumped into mass graves, and immorally silent over mass graves of Syrian soldiers.
  • Pedersen also engaged in some truly bizarre word play — step-by-step, step-for-step — that sounded as though he had just watched Abbott and Costello‘s famous Niagara Falls skit.

Briton Mark Griffiths addressed the UNSC next. He is the Under Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator who replaced Mark Lowcock. Basically, the least awful thing that can be said about him is that he is not Mark Lowcock — the little man who heard voices, the little man who turned away whenever Ambassador Jaafari proved the little man was lying, the little man who would rudely pretend to be asleep, when his lies were exposed.

Griffiths’ pretty much re-regurgitated his western supremacist remarks of September 2021, to the 20 December UNSC anti-Syria meeting, normalizing Turkey’s water war crimes in Erdogan’s occupation of the Alouk water and power plant, wailing about hunger imposed on Syria by NATO attempting to destroy the Levantine Republic. Continuing in the most fetid of hypocrisy, he again wailed about COVID in the SAR, most outrageous given the deadly incompetence of NATO countries in not curbing the spread and the tens of thousands of deaths per millions, in US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, et al.

The Worldometer screenshots, immediately below, are from 4 January 2022. The death tallies per millions continue to grow in the NATO countries which stand before the Security Council demanding that Syria use the same failed techniques.

Guest speakers to Security Council meetings are invited by the pro tempore SC presidents.

On 20 December 2021, NATO asset Amani Ballour was trotted in for her second performance since 29 March 2021. Ballour was given western transatlantic prominence when National Geographic required an infusion of money, and decided to go into the business of making fraudumentaries. It created the emotional war porn flick dubbed The Cave. The real cave was a slave labor, torture chamber for kidnapped Syrian civilians, details of which are found, here.

NATO stenographers never checked the fraudumentary, which was filled with choreographed settings, and an unlicensed Mengele-type joking that he performs surgery without anesthesia. Below, we include a screenshot from the 5th column Oscar-nominated emotional war pornography. It shows much busy-ness, terrified-looking children who have been forced to be made up in moulage trauma cosmetics.

As is the demonic standard, there is no mother in sight; these children appear to also have been kidnapped.

Not one of the tripartite aggressors ruling the Security Council has ever provided proof to the public that Ballour ever graduated medical school. Not a single interview ever mentioned her even taking her licensure test — without which, she could never have been permitted to practice medicine. She moved to Turkey in 2018, around the time that the SAA had cleansed al Ghouta of al Qaeda terrorists, with whom she was embedded.

This author again politely asks the NATO diplomatic junta of the UNSC: Which of you would seek trauma care from a fake hospital, from someone who merely claims to have just gotten out of med school?

In an Atlantic interview of February 2020, she stated: “I can’t work like I used to. Before, I had a desire to help people … now I’m broken, unstable, and not able to integrate into society.”

Surely, as she has magically overcome her instability in order to traipse around the NATO world to receive awards and to speak with heads of state, were she actually trauma surgeon, given her celebrity status, her skills would be in great demand, and surely her licensure would be expedited in whichever country she now resides…were she actually a physician.

Given that Canada has already thrown laurels at her feet, and given the acute shortage of health care professionals due to the Canadian mandate of getting injected with the biologicals or getting fired, and given her imperial demand that Syria — with its 161 C19 deaths per million — be injected, it would seem that Canada could be a perfect fit for her to utilize her extraordinary skills…if they existed.

Alas, perhaps her broken-ness, her instability, her inability to ‘integrate into society,’ this woman is only fit to be a NATO asset, becoming the expert on Syria, at imperial anti-Syria meetings. Despite not being American, she now holds the paid position of Program Advocacy Officer at the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), a 501(c) ‘charity,’ funded by the US taxpayer.

The broken undoctor claims that SAMS runs forty illicit hospitals in the SAR (again, which finely coiffed western supremacist diplomat would seek out any medical care in any unhospital?). The criminal SAMS has been described as Al Qaeda’s MASH unit in Syria. In July 2017, utilizing SAMS own tweets, we demonstrated this criminal, money-making enterprise, was either outright lying, or engaging in human vivisection against Syrian people.

In April 2018, Syria News provided ample evidence that SAMS, Jaish al Islam, and the al Nusra White Helmets worked together in the massive terrorist atrocities perpetrated in terrorist occupied Douma — prior to the killers being put on airconditioned green buses and transported to terrorist-controlled Idlib and NATO Turkey terrorist occupied Jarabulus.

The author has included three screenshots from videoed confessions of terrorists who martyred Sheikh Muhammad Adnan Afyouni with a car bomb, who blew up a bus in Damascus, martyring 14 people, who committed other assassinations. Though the Syria News report was published six days after the UNSC anti-Syria fête of 20 December, we include them as these mass-murdering psychopaths also confessed to working in unlicensed hospitals set up to treat other al Qaeda terrorists.

First Deputy Permanent Representative, His Excellency Dmitry Polyankiy, addressed the Security Council, expressing his disappointment that his colleagues offered not a word of condemnation that an aid convoy delivered to [terrorist controlled] Sarmada in August was not distributed until 16 December. He pointed out that “terrorist embezzlement” continues unabated, in areas of Aleppo countryside, Eastern Ghouta, and al Rukban — without transparency, without oversight. This callous neglect belies the [NATO] concern about the suffering of the Syrian people.

The tripartite aggressors, world leaders in colonial occupation and genocide — slow and fast — functioned as the three MacBeth witches, bleating their standard anti-Syria lies, demanding that the Levantine Republic be opened for colonial invasion. They ignored Pedersen’s admission of failure to put together that Constitutional Committee required to fulfill the imperial UNSCR 2254, and blamed Syria for some magical obstruction of same.

As noted above, UNSCR 2585 (2021) will be revisited on 10 January. As noted by Ambassador Polyankiy, there has been no transparency beyond the takfiri engaging in embezzlement and withholding distribution of essential humanitarian goods.

The triad also continued the most outrageous screeching about protecting Syria from the pandemic.

Again, for the record, France, Britain, and the US have all been deadly failures at protecting their own populations from C19. Syria has not:

US has failed, with 2, 556 COVID deaths per million

UK has failed, with 2,186 COVID deaths per million

France has failed, with 1,906 COVID deaths per million. France has further failed, in deadly fashion, by moving critically ill, infectious C19 patients from Paris into clean areas of the country negligently spreading the virus..

Syria has contained the virus, with 161 COVID deaths per million.

Richard Mills appears to be jockeying to replace Thomas-Greenfield as the US Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Ambassador ‘Grandma’ continues to ignore him, as she appears to be jockeying for a new position in the State Department.

Before finishing with the statement of His Excellency Bassam Sabbagh to the UNSC, Syria News must bring to the attention of our readers that not a single member of the UNSC — nor the guest speakers at this 20 December meeting — once mentioned the al Nusra White Helmets, despite their lying claims in December that more than one dozen mostly women and children were bombed, and rushed to a fake hospital, where most succumbed to their phony injuries.

That the White Helmets have been kidnapping Syrian kids has been ignored by the NATO-Nazi junta ruling the UNSC.
That the White Helmets have been kidnapping Syrian kids has been ignored by the NATO-Nazi junta ruling the UNSC.

As ridiculous evidence of the dastardly attack, the stethoscope-less Helmets provided another video, showing themselves kidnapping two little girls, screaming for their mothers (video of the abductions, and other absurd photos, here).

Given the recent guilty verdict against Ghislaine Maxwell for child trafficking, it is not unlikely that Ambassador Grandma will stop taking calls from these child traffickers, and will avoid future photo opportunities with them, and that the rest of the NATO supremacists will also keep a somewhat safe distance.

NATO supremacist UNSC Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield fondling a white helmet at the UN.
NATO supremacist UNSC Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield fondling a white helmet at the UN.

Though our report, Hollywood & Syria: The Uses of Enchantment in Crimes against Peace unequivocally showed kidnapping and sadoerotic moulage trauma applications suggestive of the marketing of Syrian children on the dark web, the following revolting photograph leaves no room for doubt that the terrorist Helmets do not merely kidnap for photographic war pornography, but for much worse crimes against children.

Though Syria has reported to the UN that the Helmets have engaged in mass murder, organ theft, food theft, beheadings, and mutilation of the corpses of Syrian Arab Army soldiers, it is past time to remove the kid gloves and decry the trafficking of kidnapped Syrian children.

At first glance — but only to the non-degenerate, perverse, eye — this looks like a simple photo of an EMT or paramedic in an ambulance taking a wounded child to a hospital, for care.

I apologize, profusely, for forcing our readers to take a closer look at this kidnapped child, but we must ensure that not one more dime goes to fund these savages. This toddler has been painted with moulage trauma blood. Though there is no medical reason for his pants to be pulled down, they are, this monster White Helmet has his hand on the toddler’s buttocks.

This must end, immediately, no matter how many are offended.

The NATO junta ruling the UNSC better remove themselves from the savage White Helmets, lest they become accessories to the evil marketing of kidnapped Syrian children.
The NATO junta ruling the UNSC better remove themselves from the savage White Helmets, lest they become accessories to the evil marketing of kidnapped Syrian children.

We close with Ambassador Sabbagh’s statements to the NATO klansmen and their tap-dancing house servants of the UNSC.

Miri Wood

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  1. Roy A Booher

    Minds like that I would not want to explore, Their minds are a true description of an insane asylum; no doubt God has a special place in his heart called, ‘hell’, just for them.

  2. Julius Skoolafish

    Hello Miri. I was introduced to Syria by the courageous Eva K Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley (and others). I note your emotive reference to certain groups but I believe you have just fallen into their propaganda trap.

    • Israel Secretly Armed and Funded 12 Syrian Rebel Groups

    It is hard to know where to begin but as WWI, the Balfour Declaration and the Diktat of Versailles are the cornerstones for WWII, let’s start there.

    Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War by Gerry Docherty and Jim MacGregor

    • Jeff J Brown with David Pear On Who And Why WWI Was Started, Then Prolonged. MSM And Your Textbooks Are All Lies.

    Here is the co-author himself, Gerry Docherty in an interview with James Corbett.
    • Gerry Docherty On The Hidden History Of World War One (James Corbett Interview)

    Complementary reference:

    • Ponsonby Arthur – Falsehood in War-Time (1928)

    Jumping forward – especially the last few minutes of the talk by Matt Koehl

    • Deanna Spingola and Matt Koehl – Examining Hitler’s Social Policies and Goals, and Germany’s Cultural, Financial, and Scientific Achievements

    Thank you for your updates on Syria. We each have our own journey.

      • Julius Skoolafish

        Thank you Miri – I had just assumed my comment had disappeared under automatic moderation because of url links and decided to move on.

        Eva Bartlett is a wonderful soul and I follow her closely – I am aware of the smear job those ‘fact checkers’ did on her (and worse re veiled threats). They reveal who they are. I don’t want to draw the same attention to yourself.

        As I said, Syria opened my eyes and I have shared your recent video of Asma al-Assad talking to high achieving students widely. So impressive and uplifting. Syria opened my eyes to many other [historical] untruths protected by the ‘propaganda trap’.

        Just one quote and I will leave you to your own journey and focus.

        “All propaganda has a direction. The quality of this direction determines whether propaganda has a positive or negative effect. Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie. It has no reason to fear the truth. It is a mistake to believe that the people cannot take the truth. They can. It is only a matter of presenting the truth to people in a way that they will be able to understand. A propaganda that lies proves that it has a bad cause. It cannot be successful in the long run. A good propaganda will always come along that serves a good cause. But propaganda is still necessary if a good cause is to succeed. A good idea does not win simply because it is good. It must be presented properly if it is to win.”
        “A good cause will lose to a bad one if it depends only on its rightness, while the other side uses the methods of influencing the masses.”

        • Goebbels at Nuremberg Rally, 1934

        PS – Ambassador Jaafari has always been a favourite of mine.

  3. Roy A Booher

    I really love these lovely pictures of the people of western civilization they truly do accurately reflect what we are all about, the true, filth and ugliness of Americans, I doubt very much that as a whole we have any redeeming qualities, even in my own nuclear family we have our own serial killers and the rest are dead; state sponsored of course, they wouldn’t be able to figure it out on their own; I think the judge ment is soon, it is after all, only a western thing, but soon the west should cease to exist.


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