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Putin Gifts Netanyahu a Virtual Victory over Syria

Russia's Vladimir Putin and Israeli War Criminal Benjamin Netanyahu.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Friend Israeli War Criminal Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu won a war, verbally, that he already lost on the ground in Syria as a gift from his close friend the Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin, by imposing their will, verbally, on the Syrian Arab Republic.

Here’s what happened:

Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad in his latest interview with RT confirmed ‘there are no Iranian troops in Syria, rather Iranian officers embedded with the Syrian Arab Army – SAA’, which is normal for countries with close ties.

Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Walid Moallem in his latest press conference reiterated the same: There are no Iranian troops in Syria, rather there are Iranian officers embedded with the Syrian Arab Army, which is normal for countries with close ties.

Both top Syrian officials, furthermore, confirmed the absolute right of the Syrian state to invite, cooperate, forge alliances, and exchange officers with whomever the Syrian state wishes, practicing its sovereign rights, especially when the country is under the unprecedented invasion by over 80 countries including the super powerful and super-rich in the world with their direct armies, agencies, alternative armies like ISIS, Nusra Front, FSA and other al-Qaeda like-minded terrorist organizations.

Iranian top political and military leaders confirmed that there are no Iranian troops in Syria, rather officers embedded with the Syrian Arab Army based on the long-standing cooperation between the two countries in fighting terrorists and the terrorists’ masters in the region, which in turn is the norms between any two countries with close ties.

Israel, on 9th April 2018, illegally bombed, from within Lebanese airspace, the SAA’s T4 air base and a dozen of Iranian officers operating drones engaged in the fight against ISIS were martyred in the aggression. Syria and Iran confirmed the aggression and the casualties, and Iran vowed to retaliate against the Zionist ‘state’. Both Syria and Iran stated there were Iranian officers martyred in the Israeli aggression without hesitating.

On 10 May 2018, in what is now called the ‘night of the missiles’, Israel illegally bombed SAA posts in Baath city in Quneitra province southwest of Syria and fired 9 missiles over the Syrian capital Damascus, the SAA retaliated instantly against Israel’s army posts in the occupied Golan Heights firing 55 missiles and targeting 9 Israeli highly-important bases killing scores of IDF terrorists and causing massive damage to the bases.

Israel retaliated to the SAA retaliation by flying 28 most advanced US fighter jets it has and launched a very wide scale attack against SAA bases to get all its fired missiles destroyed before reaching targets except one single SAA Air Defense unit that was already spent and reloading which caused it to be overwhelmed with Israeli bombing. Israel showed a video of destroying the SAA’s spent then destroyed air defense unit and claimed it took out all of Syria’s air defense capabilities.

Now read again the above 2 paragraphs in the ‘night of the missiles’ confrontation and look for the word ‘Iran’ or ‘Iranian’, and since you won’t find any continue reading below.

image-SAA Air-Defense Shoots Down Incoming Israel Missiles over Damascus - 09 May 2018
SAA Air-Defense Shoots Down Incoming Israel Missiles over Damascus – 09 May 2018

Israeli media and the Western and regional mainstream media, under its controls, worked on the already prepared narrative that it was retaliating (false, it started) against ‘Iranian’ troops firing at its army bases in the Syrian Golan Heights it occupies, while claiming it was able to destroy all incoming 21 missiles (false, it was 55) fired by an Iranian (false, it was Syrian) base, while it also claimed that none of its bases were damaged nor any of its IDF terrorists were killed (false, over a dozen were killed including a general, and the bases were largely damaged).

Israel itself, was built based on lies, and they lie as their official policy, but why would Netanyahu and his colleagues lie in this particular claim, which was followed by Western and even Russian media assertion that the Israeli attack was against Iranian troops and the response was by Iranian troops and not the Syrian Arab Army?

That serves multiple causes for the bankrupt Israeli leaders, especially Netanyahu:

1. Claiming Israel was responding to an Iranian attack they try to pull from Iran its promise to retaliate for the Israeli killing of the Iranian officers at the T4, thus Iran, in their views, have fulfilled its promise and its right to respond. Iranian military and political leaders confirmed there were no Iranian casualties in the latest ‘night of missiles’ between the IDF terrorists and the SAA. Syrian military and political leaders confirmed there were no Iranians present in the engaged SAA bases.

2. Israel wants to add further pressure on Iran pointing to its growing regional role using the nuclear agreement (JCPOA) that Trump unilaterally withdrew his country from, and the Iranian support to the resistance movements like Hizbollah. Israel with its close ties to the Al-Saud of Saudi and those of Qatar also plays on their desire to punish Iran for calling on the liberation of Palestine.

Iran, as a regional large country has all rights to grow its sphere of influence especially being surrounded by the US troops which are nowhere near their region and do not serve US interests, but they do serve Israeli interests, but the same is not acceptable for them when it comes to Iran.

Iran Places its Country Close to US Military Bases
Iran Places its Country Close to US Military Bases

3. Since the very beginning of the Syrian crisis, there was an onslaught media campaign to dismiss the SAA as a functioning military power by Israeli, Saudi, Qatari, Turkish, of course, Western and to a large extent Russian and Iranian mouths. We are hearing now from Iranian top officials that if it wasn’t for their aid to the SAA, Damascus would have fallen to terrorists long ago, which is really a mockery considering their very little and very late assistance to the SAA in its fight against terrorists, through this day.

Claiming that the SAA is weak and incapable while it was bravely and heroically fighting alone for over 3 years tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicidal terrorists with the superpowers and super-rich countries supporting those terrorists in all means, on more than 40 fronts all over the country, then was the major force on the ground fighting hundreds of thousands of those terrorists and winning unwinnable battles; that serves their justification for a need for other forces to fight those ‘terrorists’ and allows all parties to send their troops and violate Syria’s sovereignty.

The belittling of the SAA’s powers, bravery and heroism, exceptional capabilities despite the over 7 years long of continuous fighting, also creates the illusion for terrorists to lure more of them to dream of winning a battle against the SAA and come to Syria and share a piece of the country; thus prolonging the war much further.

4. Claiming it is fighting the Iranian presence in Syria enables the more milking of the Gulfies who consider everybody else not in their ‘camp of US slaves’ as their enemies.

5. Definitely, this would help Netanyahu as a distraction from his piling corruption charges haunting him and delay his inevitable indictment and hopefully prison.

6. Claiming they are fighting and winning over not only Syria, but also over the Iranians and Hezbollah and all the allies of the SAA in their hit and run then hide behind Putin and the US, the Israelis want to show their public that they managed to come out of the humiliation of the 2006 war against Hezbollah which brought them to their second defeat against a small party. Nobody in the world would side beside the Israelis if they were not including Iran in their claims, since the whole world now knows that the SAA is the only effective power in Syria fighting the terrorist organizations and winning over them, including defeating ISIS who are now cornered in a couple of pockets where they co-exist with other US-sponsored terror organizations like the SDF and are enjoying the ISIS air force protection.

ISIS-F-1631A-001 U.S. ISIS Air Force
File Photo – What is believed to be an ISIS/ U.S. F16 Fighting Falcon

All observers were surprised and shocked seeing the SAA’s capabilities in shooting down most of the incoming ‘nice, new and smart missiles’ fired at Syria by the triad US and its poodles the UK and France and also by shooting down almost all of the Israeli missiles and the most advanced F16 and a non-mentioned in the press F35 and F15 US fighter jets in Israel.

Even the Russians were expecting that only 20% of the Tomahawks fired by the US-led poodles’ aggression were supposed to be intercepted knowing the capabilities of the SAA’s Russian and USSR supplied air defense systems including the S200 units. 20% of the incoming 107 missiles means about 85 missiles would hit their targets and destroy the SAA’s most valuable and needed airports, air bases and command and control centers the US and its poodles attacked.

Moving from a victory to another, withstanding the aggression by the superpowers and super rich with the very tiny aid it received from its ‘allies’, considering the holding back of much-needed weapons it needs to defend the country like the S300 Syria purchased from Russia in 2010 and Russia refusing to deliver to date, the SAA has proven to be the dominant power in Syria, especially in the Damascus and south regions of the country.

This capability of the SAA with its victories and its withstanding of the onslaught gives it all its rights, justification and power to move to clean each inch of the country from terrorists and their sponsors.

Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: "Every inch of Syria will be liberated"
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

This doesn’t help the Israelis who are seeing the SAA warning the terrorists on two fronts in the southwest and northwest at the same time of surrendering or facing their ultimate defeat, therefore, the Israelis with all their failed plans against Syria lost their last chance of any saying over any territory their terrorists are present in, they needed any victory to claim, be it a mouth victory that might save their faces in front of their public and their own forces.


And what are friends for? Mr. Putin came to their rescue. Upon receiving his Syrian counterpart Dr. Assad, the Russian president made a deliberate tongue slip and asked ‘all foreign powers to withdraw from Syria’, which Israeli-aligned media and officials immediately translated to ‘Iranian and Hezbollah’ troops, forgetting the US, French, UK, Turkish, SDF, FSA, ISIS, Nusra Front, Russian forces themselves among others…

Putin’s special envoy to Syria Mr. Lavrantiev repeated his president’s call on ‘all foreign powers to withdraw from Syria’.

After a widespread expected anger from Syrian officials and political analysts, observers, and activists, including yours truly, a Russian spokesperson clarified that it doesn’t include Iranian or other ‘forces’ invited by the Syrian state.

Later, after deliberations with some of Mr. Putin’s ‘Western Partners’, the Russian officials led by Russian foreign minister Lavrov came up with their ‘genius’ idea of gifting Israel an illusion victory of keeping Iranian and Hezbollah troops out of the area near the borders with the occupied Golan Heights, where they were not present at all, especially for the Iranians. Mr. Lavrov, against his own officials, called again on all foreign powers not to be present in the southwest region of Syria, and he included Iran in his calls.

Israeli officials including Netanyahu can now claim a victory that their multiple aggression against Syria has served its goals and kept Iranian forces far from their borders and even far from the borders of the occupied Golan Heights.

But on who’s account? This free ‘victory’ was on the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian leadership and each Syrian account breaching the very essence of Syria’s sovereignty. We did not yet retaliate against any of the Israeli aggressions against Syria, except for the last one. We have a long list of retaliations for Israeli aggressions that needs to be fulfilled. We will move on to liberate the Golan Heights from the defeated Israelis who are now emboldened with the fake ‘victory’ they earned from Mr. Putin.

As a Syrian proud with what my people and army achieved after all what they went through throughout these past years standing, fighting and winning countless battles, mostly alone, against the filthiest filths of the world with their backers, I feel highly disappointed by this Russian generosity on our account. The Russian forces, some might argue, have helped the SAA fight against terrorists, they even lost some of their own, but does any person with two cells of brain think the Russians would have helped if the SAA was not already holding ground for over 4.5 years before they joined, and after other international parties got involved directly in the war against Syria under the US-led coalition?

Had the Russians fulfilled their part of the deal and handed the Syrians the weapons we purchased from them in 2010, the US and its led coalition wouldn’t dare carry out bombings in our country and on multiple occasions attacking our army when it was fighting ISIS tipping the battles in favor of the terrorist organization.

After all, the Russians have fought the war on terror in Syria to save their own cities from the coming similar fate. Tens of thousands of terrorists came to Syria under the very watchful eyes of the Russian FSB and other agencies. Those augmented with other Jihadies have Russia top on their list of targets after they finish off Syria, or if Syria had accepted the 2007 US offer through Qatar of exporting the Qatari gas and Gulfies oil through Syria to the EU and the west. It would have starved both Russia and Iran and would have made them face the hundreds of thousands of terrorist we faced instead of our small nation facing them and paying dearly from its children, women, and men, and its infrastructure.

Mr. Putin is a former spy for the KGB, in such a position there are many principles he had to let go in his career, which seems he’s still letting go in his current post. Syrians, on the other hand, are a very proud nation. Unless Mr. Putin and his political brass learn how to properly deal with the Syrians, his country will lose much of what it thought it achieved ‘appeasing Mr. Putin’s western and Israeli partners‘. We already have a long path to follow after finishing the southwest of Syria, we need to clean our northeast region of the country from the US and its proxies ISIS and SDF, due to a dangerous mistake by Mr. Putin and his political aides trusting his ‘Western partners’ and granting the SDF legality while preventing the SAA from moving northeast within Syrian territories. We hope the same doesn’t apply, as well, to the northwest of Syria with the Gendarmerie of the New Ottoman Sultan dreamer who invaded the country with Putin and the Iranian Ayatollah’s blessings.

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