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Side-effects: Tomahawks and the Questionable Role of Russia

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On April 14th, when the USA, France and UK illegally attacked the sovereign nation of Syria with more than hundred cruise missiles, blatantly violating International Law, the Kremlin embarrassingly was caught with its pants down.

What happened? The western terroristic entities, furious about the splendid efforts and victories of the Syrian Arab Army, were desperately aiming to secure the gains of their terroristic Frankensteins they had created to oust the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and install a puppet, claimed that they had the right to attack Syria on allegations about a chemical attack that never happened, at least not the way the western terroristic entities, famous for their lies, said it did.

Russia, in an eager attempt to put a red line, has been claiming it had evidence the Western terroristic entities, already illegally operating inside Syria had been training operative units of their terrorists in the use of chemicals to stage a chemical incident and blame it on Assad – following the script of the false flag operations of 2013 and 2017. And although even the mass-murdering regime of the USA recently had to admit there never had been any use of chemical weapons by the SAA, the blame-game was played again against Syria, with the terroristic West claiming Assad would have liberated Eastern Ghouta only to then throw chemical weapons on those his soldiers had been liberating under enormous sacrifices from the pest of western-created Wahhabi monsters just hours before…

No matter if there was anyone still believing those who had been caught lying to justify illegal wars and genocide, the Western terroristic entities claimed they had the right to retaliate, to stop Assad from ‘gassing his people’ – claimed by exactly the very same who flattened Falluja, Raqqa and Mosul with a smile, who used – and still use – tons of Depleted Uranium in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, radiating these areas for billions of years and exposing hundreds of generations of innocent people to the silent genocide of severe birth defects, cancer and many other diseases.

Fear of a World War emerged when Russia, in a grim warning, told the terrorists in Washington and elsewhere in the West that it would not only intercept all missiles shot on Syria by the alliance of the Western terrorists, but also take out the facilities that launched the missiles. One day before the illegal attack, theUS patriot Paul Craig Roberts stated that the nutters of Washington gave Russia the chance to destroy the attack capabilities of the US Navy and air force in the Middle East, by sinking the US vessels at the Syrian coast – and that this was a good thing to do. Imagine the deep despair people in the West like Mr. Roberts must feel to advise an alien force to destroy the navy of their own nation…


Pants down

And then came the night of April 14th. A total number of 110 or 120 cruise missiles “Tomahawk”, costs 2.8 mil. USD each, was rained onto Syria, destroying the only remaining medical research center able to produce medicals for cancer treatment and other targets of none or minor military use.

And the world, shaken in fear of a Russian response and the inevitable start of a nuclear show-down between the USAand Russia, saw the efforts and capabilities of the Syrian air defense, intercepting the very majority of Trumps “smart” missiles by using soviet-era made SAM (Surface-to-Air-Missiles), S-200 and BUK missile systems regarded as “outdated” by the West.

What the world did not see was the announced Russian response: the interception of ALL incoming missiles by Russian air defense systems (regardless whether they targeted Syrian or Russian facilities) AND the extermination of the US naval fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean as well as thee land-based facilities in Turkey and Jordan. Instead, the world was informed that NO Russian air defense inside Syria had been operational that night, but, instead, was blindfolded by Putin who had ordered to switch off the radar (which is vital to detect incoming missiles or jets).

Let that sink in for a moment:

Instead of fulfilling its announced obligations to
a) take out all missiles, and
b) take out the launching facilities,
Russia has done nothing at all.

Did we miss any vital point – or have we, instead, all witnessed that the Russian government and head of army discredited themselves to the bones?

The imperialistic savages in the West, who had just committed another blatant war-crime under the eyes of whole mankind, did not hesitate to again come up and claim that another strike, or even a ground invasion, was necessary and appropriate in case Assad would again use CWs – as if they did not know best that Syria’s president never has done anything like that. The best-known clownesque rhetoric of allegations (without evidence) and wild threats was again played on the stages in Washington, Berlin, Paris, London. In addition, the mass-murders in white collars repeated their blame game on Russia.


“Transition”: From Assad to AlQaeda

After the first flashes of statements already had faded, the western leaders then started to play the flute, repeating the melody of “only political solution for Syria” and “diplomacy and negotiations” shall solve the crisis – the very crisis they ignited by their terror. Of course, these melodies were and are being played not for the Syrians – who know best what to expect from the west, but to further brainwash and blindfold the already dumbed-down Western societies.

It is pretty simple to understand what these monsters want to achieve by using “diplomacy”:

As their mercenaries of ISIS and Al-Qaeda are being defeated on the battleground, they gain to achieve the regime-change via a so-called “transition of power” – from Assad to Al-Qaeda, (also labelled “transitional government”), the implementation of a puppet regime in Damascus who then will deliver all of Syria’s resources to the Western terroristic entities, who will sign treaties with the IMF to get loans (on interest) for ‘rebuilding Syria’ and, by that, throw Syria into the dark and deep dungeon of debts.
Also they want to abuse the sacred Syrian land to become a launching pad for the missile systems aimed at attacking Iran.

The Western terrorists had loads of chances to learn that Syria will never bow to their goals. Therefor they need to destroy Syria and kill her ability to appropriately defend herself. This is what the US-led “coalition” is aimed for, and the joke told to us that they are there to hunt down ISIS is being believed only by the nutters.

“Diplomacy”, meaning: the Western terroristic entities, who are fully responsible for the bloodshed in Syria, want to achieve their goal of illegal regime-chance by all means, and as their mercenaries of ISIS and Al-Qaeda blatantly fail militarily, they aim to achieve at the negotiation table what they failed to achieve on the ground.


This way or another

France, UK, Germany, USA are offering nothing but Imperialism, adding “diplomacy” as another tool-kit for achieving the Western terroristic entities’ agenda of regime-change.

The (non-existing) value of Western politician’s words is being demonstrated right now again in Syria, with the terrorist entity “Israel” bombing facilities in Aleppo and Hama, and the USA repeatedly targeting posts of the Syrian Arab Army in Deir Ezzor and killing civilians all over the place. Oh, and BTW: Who bombed the cities of Raqqa (Syria) and Mosul (Iraq) into obliteration, using some kinds of chemical weapons as well as Depleted Uranium ammo, and exposing hundreds of thousands of civilians to death and pain?

The terroristic West (USA, UK, France, Germany, EU, NATO) already has a monstrous criminal record in killing Syrian civilians and soldiers. Their words shall never be trusted. Regard their deeds, and you know who they are.

After the failure of the West to oust Mr. Assad as the legitimate president, the West clearly aims to achieve its goals for Syria – regime-change and partition – by driving a different road.

Simultaneously, we again and again and again witness the tremendous intimidation and threats of the Empire against the next two countries on the list of targeted sovereign nations:

  1. Iran faces the threat of extermination for something that is existing only in the universe of lies made in Tel Aviv.
    Why Iran?
    a) The West wants to grab Iran’s rich natural reserves and use the country to install the empire’s military posts.
    b Iran has to be taken out in order to destroy the “Axis of Resistance” (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah) against the savage terroristic entity of “Israel”. Since 1948, the Zionist settlers entity is  illegally occupying Palestine, genociding the Palestinian people and further aiming to grab large parts of Land from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt. The Zionists name it “Erez Isrel” or “Greater Israel”. Hence any kind of real or possible resistance has to be eradicated and every potential or real enemy has to be destroyed. The only Arab nation that is superbly standing with the Palestinians is Syria. Syria is being supported by Iran, who also supports Iraq in its counter-terrorist fight against Daesh / ISIS which had been made by USA and Tel Aviv.
    Be sure, “Israel” is eager to fight Iran until the last US-American soldier.
  2. The DPRK is another long-time target of the USA.
    The USA wants to destroy the socialist rule and the ally of China. Also, the northern part of the Korean peninsular contains very rich resources, especially precious metals. Have you ever seen the USA hesitating to bring “democracy and freedom” to a country with rich natural resources vital for the Western industrial complex, which is not under its direct hegemony already?
    When the DPRK announced it would halt its missile testing program for some substantial guarantees in return, the USA immediately made up more claims. Now, the DPRK shall not only end its nuclear program (stripping the country of its deterrence like Iraq, Libya and Syria), but all its defense capabilities, handing over the fate of millions of Koreans into the hands of those who already have killed millions of innocents worldwide in cold blood to serve the satanic agenda of the very greedy ones. When the two Korean presidents met and announced some kind of deal for broadening the cooperation and gaining peace, the Western stock markets went down. Peace is very bad for the profit, hence the USA has to prevent it, with all means and at all costs.


Pecunia Non Olet

In this perspective of blatant genocide and destruction, the appeasement of Russia to me appears as some will to get killed.
I fully agree to Paul Craig Roberts who recently wrote:

“As long as Russia accommodates Washington’s aggressiveness,
the aggressiveness will continue to increase.”

I understand that Russia is aiming to appease the Western terrorists for preventing the world to be blown away into pieces in a thermonuclear showdown. That is an honorable stance.
Still, the questions remaining are:

a) Up to which price (to be paid in blood) Russia will be tolerating the Western terror before it sees itself urged to respond in defense, of itself and its allies, and
b) How long Russia can go on ignoring the signs at the wall, which are already trumpeting (no Freudian mistake) the ‘inevitable’ war between the empire of evil, USA, and its lackeys, and Russia (and China!) for the access to the “pivotal ellipse” and the domination of the world.
Does Russia still ignore there is an official US government document stating the USA has to gain global “full spectrum dominance”, meaning the US-rule upon every single human being, every nation, every corporation, every oil-well, every pure water source?

Russia is selling its arms technology – like the S-400 anti air missiles – to all and everyone, even to the enemies of its allies – Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who both have committed incredibly brutal crimes against humanity in Syria.

On the other hand, Russia does not deliver to Syria who would urgently need sophisticated defense at most. Even the S-300 missile system, ordered by Syria in 2010, has not yet been delivered.

The question remaining is:

Why is Russia arming Syria’s enemies, but not Syria?

In this scenario, the announcement of Russia’s readiness to sell its sophisticated defense technology even to its deadly enemy USA also appears logical. The only reasonable explanation for this Russian stance – pampering its enemies and ignoring the needs of its allies – is the desperate run for money.

By this, Russia is undermining the trust of its allies, whilst it is aiming to pamper imperialists who repeatedly have claimed to be hostile to Russia and even plan to go at war with Russia within some time-frame.

But when it comes to Syria, “Russia may consider sending supplies of S-300 missile systems”. “May consider” means
the S-300, which had been ordered by Syria in 2010 (and the deal had been approved by Russia’s authorities in 2010!) , are still not to be sent to the ally who is suffering a most brutal war, imposed on the nation by the enemies of mankind, who also constantly threaten to go at war with Russia, and who are aiming to hurt Russia with more and more sanctions.

Just for the record: It is to be noted that both Syria and Iran in the past have shown signs of unhappiness with the Russian stance towards Turkey, and its alleged “Western partners.”


Appeasement, till the end?

The constant blablabla-diplomacy of the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is a veritable proof that the Russian leadership is either utterly stupid or ignoring the Western threats for another reason. To me, however, the latter appears more realistic than the first.
By the way, this is the very same Lavrov who (in 2012) said Russia would not care for Assad and who (in 2013) blackmailed Syria to get rid of her deterrence (stock CWs never in use) for nothing in return but constant attacks by the Zionist entity and the Western terrorists.

The Russian term of “Western partners”, by the way, appears far more to be a deliberate lie when we recognize that the core Western “partner” threatens and bullies Russia on a daily basis and even, repeatedly, threatens to destroy Russia, giving these threats even publicly at the United Nations…

But, maybe, all the bullying and threats of the West are just a facade to deceit the people, whilst, behind the curtains, the “partners” are successfully committing their deals and are laughing about us people who are in fear of a war to come…
Who knows?

In a nutshell:

Serving the enemies of mankind, labeling them “Western partners” (Putin) whilst betraying the allies the very same moment, appears to be the general line of Moscow’s foreign policy towards the Middle East.

In the end, the missiles will rain down on Moscow one day, and the only question remaining seems to be, how many more millions of innocent lives the Western genocidal entities will be able to kill before the very big war comes?

For the guy at the Kremlin, who seems to serve special interests of alien and Russian individuals (just an assumption), this policy of appeasement may pay off at the moment, but for the great nation of Russia, the millions of Russian women and children, as well as for Russia’s allies who already or in perspective are suffering from western terror, it may end with grave consequences.

Hence, the ongoing suffering of the millions to pay the splendid life of the super-rich elite is not only to be blamed on the terroristic west alone but also on the guy at the Kremlin.


The author, born 1964, is a german historian and political scientist.

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  1. Tim Anderson

    The Russian role in Syria is nothing like ‘appeasement’. It may be frustrating for outside observers that Russia does not use all its muscle, but people more responsible than us have to consider the awful costs of escalation.

  2. Stefan Heuer

    It is always easy to alk this way when you are living in the west nd not in those countries destroyed by the west. I wonder about your delusional bla bla as I know you ave been to Syria. Actually, you refuse to give any evidence for your thesis.

    The Kremlin insane stupity – or complicity??? – with the western terrorists is being paid with the blood of other people – you seem to be ok with that.

    Well, then, tell me / us:
    Who blackmailed Syria to stripp off her deterrence in 2013, which resulted in constant attacks by the west and “israel”?
    Who bullied Assad in 2016 to accept “ceasefire” with the terrorists – who never kept the deal, just when Assad was about to win, and when Assad refused, Putin said he would pull out all troops? Where are the S-300? Putin sld them to Egypt.
    Unfortunatly, you decided to refuse to take up ANY of my arguments, you do not give any reasonable counter-argument other than assumptions based probably on wishful thining. Putin is acting on behalf of his oligarchs. I understand you cherish him but you should not underestimate the implications of russian treason that horribly like you do, for whatever reason… And maybe, these implications could cause some uncomfortable situation for you, also. The question is how many millions of innocent lives the west will be alowed to exterminate before this happens…

  3. Arabi Souri

    As much as I try to understand the Russian policies from a Syrian citizen’s point of view, they always confuse me. Israel fighting terrorism and the Russian support to Saudi in its war on Yemen are two main things that nobody can justify as much as they claim they’re familiar with Russian ‘strategies’.
    Everybody knows how many times I stated my concern about the Russian role in Syria, the latest was just a few days ago in this post:

  4. Alex Ladov

    As I know, Syria was losing territory to ISIS before Russia started to help. Do you realize that without Russia Syria would not exist in 2018? Or it would be a small piece of land without any oil and no opportunity to benefit from any pipelines?

    As for terrorists that came from ex-USSR, they are enemies of Russia supported by Saudi and West. And without help from real Russia these terrorists would simply win, they would destroy Syria completely. I see that you are very brave Syrian – but totally unrealistic, without Russian military technology your bravery would lead to your death.

    To say frankly, your idiotic article Side Effects: Tomahawks and the Questionable Role of Russia looks like provocation to mislead Syrins and insult Russians. Without our presense and guidance 90% of these Tomahawks would hit their targets as we saw in Yugoslavia.

    You lie all the time on your website. Russia NEVER said that it will sink american ships unconditionally. You want too much. Russian general said that carriers will be destroyed “in case if they attack RUSSIANS”. As for Syrians, we did what we could to protect you. I don’t know all details but I know what happened to Yugoslavia who had the same old Soviet defence systems. They were not good against Tomahawks. The fact that they worked much better in Syria can be explained only by help from Russian military – or these old systems were recently upgraded – or they received data from Russian airborne radar – or Russia somehow managed to disrupt Tomahawks guidance system.

    As for Syria alone – sorry – but you even remotely don’t have techlology to withstand attacks from West and Israel.

    All what you are doing – is persvaiding a small boy that he can defeat any professional heavyweight boxer. Because this boy is so brave. I am not sure whether you are really so naive or you hate Syria and want it to die in hopeless battle.

  5. Arabi Souri

    You know not much and as I replied to you on Quora, you just came interested in the situation in Syria post the Russian intervention and not before when the SAA for 5 years prior to the Russian intervention was fighting alone tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide terrorists as many as 14,000 of them coming from the Russian Federation itself. It was during the same time that Russian started talking big again, and started regaining its post as a superpower, it strengthened its ties with each Syrian enemy those who were supporting heart-eating terrorists to the extent that Putin once said he fears for the delegations at the Geneva talk from those fanatics… I guess you are not familiar with his words (

    Yet, he extended pressure over the Syrian government to enter into the talks in Geneva which until today are causing us losses.

    You have no clue about the policies of the Russian politicians against Syria which cost us dearly while we do recognize the contributions of the Russian Army, which are acting like two different states.

    We lost this very strategic airport base to Turkey’s terrorists because we weren’t able to fly our fighter jets there due to the arrangements between Putin and Erdogan:

    Our foreign minister was in Moscow one month before the Russian intervention asking Russia to deliver the S300 so the SAA will be alone able to defend the country, mind you we bought these systems back in 2010 and Putin rejected delivering it to us continuously because his buddy Netanyaho asked him not to, and he confessed to that several times himself. One month later the Coalition led by the US started bombing in Syria and the Russians military had to interfere.

    You have no favor for Syria, each Syrian has lent you favors you’ll be indebted for centuries to come for it.

  6. Stefan Heuer

    Dear Alex, how very desparate you must be, seeing your idol Putin blatantly exposing himself as the guy he is. You can not bring up any argument based on facts, hence your choice is insult, claiming I was insulting Russians, How can I insult Russians with just bringing up evidence? You may differ about the analysis, but please refrain from questioning the bulletproof facts. You would go on proving yourself to be a complete idiot, otherwise. Thank you.

  7. Stefan Heuer

    1. The Russian army soldiers in Syria do perform an outstanding job which has to be and is cherished by me and anyone with a functional brain and a heart.
    2. The Russian leadership, however, deeply connected with the zionist nazi project of “Israel”, is doing something different that, in my view, humiliates the sacrifice of russian soldiers in Syria.
    3. The Russian leadership betrayed Syria in a grotesque scale.
    4. By this betrayal, Syria literally is forced to seek alternative options to obtain military equipment suitable for its tactical and operational needs.
    5. With Syria siding with Iran and China, Russia in perfection bites itself. It will lose the loyalty of its allies whom Russia betrayed so blatantly when they urgently had needed russian solidarity.
    5. By leaving its allies, Russia (i.e. the Kremlin) in the long run will hurt russian economical, geostrategical and security interests.
    6. Whilst the russian treason is currently being paid with syrian and iranian blood, it will very likely be paid with russian blood in the future.


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