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Damascus Demands End of the Turkish Incursion with Nusra Front in Idlib

image-Erdogan Forces Enter Idlib with Nusra Front

The Turkish troops entered Idlib accompanied with Al-Nusra Front and Damascus demands Turkey to get out immediately.

The Syrian Arab Republic condemns in the strongest terms the incursion of Turkish military units in the Idlib Province, which constitutes in blatant aggression against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and flagrant violation of the international law,” an official source in the foreign ministry told Sana news agency.`

Notable, on October 10/2017 the Turkish troops crossed Atama by getting in the north of Idlib province, accompanied by the military troops of Haya’t Tahreer AlSham! Another radical Islamist gang that is involved in shedding the Syrian blood.

Turkish officials held a meeting with leaders from those terrorist groups in Bab Al-Hawa Crossing before they get into the Syrian territory alongside.

The Syrian officials, demand Turkey to withdraw its troops immediately, and with no conditions, add also that the international community should ask the Turkish president Erdogan to stop his support to those terrorists, who murdered Syrians and who are involved in destabilizing this region and the world.

Earlier in March this year, 2017, Turkey built a wall in the border with Idlib, under the pretext of stopping the smuggling of terrorists to its territory, Hatay which is also a Syrian territory stolen by Turkey in WW2. However, the video revealed that Turkey was land grabbing Syria with the help of ISIS militants during the protest of Syrians, whom their property was stolen again in the 21st century by Turkey.

For Syrians, it will never be forgotten, that Turkey has opened the gate to the foreign mercenaries all over the world to get into Syria and join all kind of terrorist groups, like the Turkmenistan terrorists, AlNusra front Terrorists, Ahraro AlSham…all kind of Radical fighters to kill Syrians and destabilize Syria.

Turkey may have another goal now, which is to stop the American-backed Kurds and their militants like SDF (HSD) and YPG, from being another threat to its power, those Kurds who are American backed militants and are also another enemy of the Syrian unity.

Syria has only its army, the Syrian Arab Army on its side, who have been defending the whole Syria since 2011, and the good allies who fight alongside our army.

— Afraa Dagher

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