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Any Turkish Presence on Syrian Territory is Illegal – Syrian MoFA

image-A group of tanks from Turkish Erdogan Forces

An official source in the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated ‘the agreements on the areas of de-escalation of hostilities zones do not give legitimacy to any Turkish presence on Syrian territory.’

The source declared, according to the official Syrian news agency “SANA”, any Turkish presence on Syrian territory as “illegal.”

The official source in the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Damascus is dealing positively with any initiative that might lead to a solution to the Syrian crisis, saving the blood of the Syrian people and alleviating its suffering. Therefore, it participated in the meetings of Astana with its six sessions.

The official source pointed out that all the documents and agreements issued by those meetings, especially regarding the areas of de-escalation of hostilities zones in consultation with the Syrian government and the governments of Russia and Iran.

“The Syrian government has authorized both Russia and Iran to finalize the final agreement on the province of Idlib, on the basis that they are the guarantors of the Syrian side, and on the basis that it is an opportunity for the Turkish side and for the government of Erdogan, the guarantor of armed terrorist groups, to cease its support of terrorism, and to cease arming, financing, supplying and sending terrorists into Syria, which would help restore security to those areas. ”

‘Therefore, these agreements on the de-escalation of hostilities zones do not give legitimacy at all to any Turkish presence on Syrian territory and the government of the Syrian Arab Republic considers it as an illegal presence,” the official source added.

The official source at the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs concluded: ‘Syria confirms that the agreement on Idlib province is an interim agreement whose main objective is to restore life to the old Damascus-Hama-Aleppo road, which will alleviate the suffering of the citizens and ease the flow of transport in all its forms to Aleppo and the surrounding areas. The Syrian government will never give up on the unity and independence of the territories of the Syrian Arab Republic, and will never stop fighting terrorism and will strike it wherever it is on Syrian soil, whatever its tools are and whoever supports it.’

Erdoganstan, formerly Turkey, has been the main supporter of all sorts of terrorists which infiltrated Syria since the early days of the Syrian crisis. The role of Erdogan’s MiT (Turkish Intelligence’) was crucial in the infamous Jisr Shoghour massacre against the Syrian security forces in the border city back in June 2011. The systematic destruction of the Syrian economy was supervised by the Turkish caliph wannabe in collusion with Qatar, Saudi, US, UK, and others, and the import of terrorists from all sides of the world from China to Ireland to Canada to Australia was the main tool to destroy Syria by the Muslim Brotherhood rulers of Turkey. Trading in stolen Syrian oil, antiques, factories, human illegal organ trafficking and white slaves by terrorist groups was only possible via Turkey after the Lebanese Hezbollah blew off the lid of the same through Lebanon.

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