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Douma and Ghouta are Completely Terrorists-Free

image-Douma and East Ghouta is Terrorists Free - Archives

The last batch of terrorists left the city of Douma, last stronghold of terrorists in East Ghouta, in the vicinity of Damascus. Syrian Arab Army with a government delegation and a unit of Russian military police entered the city and the Syrian flag was raised atop the municipality building in the heart of Douma.

Reports that the last batch included the commander of the Saudi-sponsored Jaish al-Islam who is now being bussed towards the north of Syria away from the Syrian capital.

Nothing stopped the Syrian Arab Army from completing its main task in fighting organized terrorist groups, establishing security and safety in the country, especially securing the Syrian capital Damascus. Even the world’s superpower the USA and all its cronies with their non-stop threats didn’t have any effect on the men and women of the bravest and most heroic patriotic army in the world that won unwinnable wars over tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi Suicide bombers over 7 years.

Over 13,500 terrorists with their families were evicted from the city they terrorized its residents over the past several years.

The fate of thousands of hostages kidnapped by the terrorists is not yet known, over 3500 hostages were supposed to be freed in a former deal with the terrorists brokered by Russia, however only a couple of hundreds were freed. The SAA units that entered Douma immediately started searching for any trace of these hostages in make-shift prisons, detention centers, or even in mass graves.

This is a great day for Syria and the Syrian people, completing the cleaning of East Ghouta secures the capital Damascus from the daily mortars and missiles fired at the will of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and other regimes investing tens of billions of dollars in hundreds of terrorists groups which worked hard to effect a regime change in the last country in the MENA region that still says no to surrender its future to the empire and enslave its people under the hegemony of a New World Order that is bankrupt on all levels: morally, economically, culturally, socially, and politically.

Congratulations to each Syrian the remarkable achievements of their Syrian Arab Army, may God bless the souls of the Syrian martyrs, civilians and in the military, may God bless this proud country and its people who sacrificed dearly to avoid falling prey to the hyenas coming from all over the world. We pray to God to support the SAA in its next moves to clear the whole country from the US mercenaries for the regime of Al Saud, those mercenaries in US Military Uniforms carrying the US flag and those in black uniforms carrying flags of all sorts of al-Qaeda.

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