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European Hypocrisy Threatens Airlines and Commercial Flights

image-Flight Status Over Syria After Warning of US Attack - Source:

The ‘EU Europeans’ disregard for human lives can be obviously demonstrated in their double-standards especially when it comes to the lives of their own people traveling by airlines over and into Saudi Arabia, where money is and no ‘Regime Change’ is being executed, for now.

European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation known as Eurocontrol issued a statement yesterday, Tuesday, April 10, 2018, warning commercial airliners to exercise caution in the eastern Mediterranean due to the possible launch of air strikes into Syria in next 72 hours.

The vast majority of international airliners avoided the Syrian airports to add further pressure on the Syrian people since the early days of the Syrian crisis, and when the CIA started smuggling surface to air Manpads to anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide terrorists operating to effect a ‘regime change’ in Syria.

International airliners, mostly owned by governments and work under their instructions, boycotting Syrian airports has added to the much more suffering to the Syrian people, above all the suffering the Western European and the US sanctions have accumulated already, especially that terrorists raided border crossings with the help of neighboring countries.

The double-standards arise from the warning of ‘possible missiles’ this time in the Syrian case while ignoring completely the missiles already hitting the Saudi airports, last of which landed in the premises of King Khalid International Airport (RUH) during the last retaliation by the Yemeni Army.

We have pointed at that time of the danger of such missiles targeting airports in a country at war with another country and bombing and besieging their airports and seaports which would lead to retaliation in the kind.

image-Syrianews asks IATA to warn airlines due to missile strikes into Saudi
Syrianews asks IATA to warn airlines due to missile strikes into Saudi

How is it possible that missiles landing already at airports in Saudi Arabia and at unexpected times do not draw any warning from organizations supposed to be caring for the safety of commercial flights and passengers, and only issue such statements warning of uncertain attacks yet to happen? This is called Double-Standards and targeted assaults on Syria, to add up to their efforts to achieve their most costly yet ‘Regime Change’.

image-Eurocontrol warns airlines of possible missile strikes into Syria
Eurocontrol warns airlines of possible missile strikes into Syria

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