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New York Times Misleading News, Again

image-New York Times Misleading Russophobia

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you are unifromed, if you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed”. I guess Mark Twain was very much talking about the New York Times.

I received the daily brief of the New York Times in their newsletter and read the following:

President Trump said he would decide in the next 24 to 48 hours whether to retaliate militarily for the “barbaric” suspected chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of people in Syria over the weekend.
He also seemed to imply that he could take action against Syria’s patrons, Russia and Iran. Russia’s stock markets and the ruble slumped sharply.

image-New York Times Misleading Russophobia
New York Times Misleading Russophobia

Attributing the fall of Russian stock markets to the Russian stand in the Syrian conflict is as heinous as misinforming or say dis-informing as it gets when journalists work as propagandists. The news is the total contrary to what this outlet wants us to perceive as the Russians have highly praised their country’s positive and successful intervention in Syria against terrorist organizations that threaten the whole world, in spite of the price paid, which led to the landslide Putin’s winning in the last month re-election.

However, when I followed the second link in the newsletter it took me to an article titled: “Russian Markets Reel After the U.S. Imposes New Sanctions”. No Syria in there, especially the lamest yet scenario of a ‘chemical attack’ in Douma by the defeated surrounded and desperate Saudi-sponsored Jaish al-Islam meant to give the US and its allies the last false-flag to be used as a justification to attack Syria.

image-New York Times Misleading Russophobia
New York Times Misleading Russophobia

Reading through the article, it clearly links the Russian market fall out to the ‘Russian standoff with the West’, I won’t stop much at the generalizing of the ‘West’ as I don’t think all the ‘West’ is at a standoff with Russia. The article does emphasize on the US sanctions against Russia causing the Russian stock markets tumbling.

So where is Syria? Why was it mentioned in the news delivered to my email when they know that over 90% of the people just skim read the headlines and do not read through, even like in this very article of mine, if you did reach this point it means you use common sense and not rely on others to feed you their logic. Let’s continue reading through the New York Times post to find Syria.

The other point in the article shows why did Trump impose the latest round of sanctions against Russia. One of the Russian companies that the regime of Donald Trump imposed sanctions on is one of the world’s largest aluminum producers.

Remember Trump’s high tariffs against Chinese products? It was Steel and Aluminum.

So where is Syria? Oh, there it is after the sanctions were imposed the New York Times inserts a section talking about that lame chemical attack we mentioned above and how the Animal Donald Trump was ‘moved’ by the staged ‘atrocity’ and his anger at the Russians and Iranians for supporting the Syrian government against his terrorists. But also after reminding how Russia took back Crimea, and the fake all blown-out story of the poisoning of the Skripal’s. But is it really for these reasons or is it part of the new global economic war?

Well, unless someone can convince me, or convince themselves, that the U.S. or any of its cronies in the new ‘Coalition’ it’s creating now to attack Syria does care a slightly little bit about human lives in their own countries, let alone in Syria…!

They see Syria as the weakest part in the camp not in their enslaved-nations. The country has been under the ‘War of Terror’ for more than 7 years and must have been already weakened enough to the point they can attack it without fearing much of the repercussions, especially that their main pawn Israel is just a rocket away from Syria to the south. Allowing Syria to regain back its strength after securing its capital and removing the threat of the Jaish al-Islam army they highly invested in, is not in their favor. Attack now and apologize later, if needed.

The Humanitarian Bastards piece will give you some indications about those same countries’ sympathy towards saving lives in Syria. It does detail how the victims of the ‘chemical attack’ were civilians kidnapped by the Western-sponsored terrorists from the poorest rural villages and towns in Latakia mountains and brought to Ghouta for the infamous massacre. The Syrian state was accused by the same West of that massacre to be later proven that wasn’t the case, on the contrary, the Syrian Arab Army soldiers were the victims of a number of attacks using some chemical substances and the UN never bothered to investigate. When it did, it only wanted to confirm whether a chemical attack did occur without bothering to find out by who.

The whole Chemical Weapons, Chemical Attacks… Craze is to demonize the Russian state and its allies in the upcoming new global war based on false accusations very similar to what led to the invasion of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia… et al, under the same guise of ‘fighting terror’ and getting rid of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, while those same evil powers create terrorist groups and maintain weapons of mass destructions, and they use ‘Weapons of Mass Deception’ to cover their lies and parrot their propaganda.

So there’s no Syria because it’s not about the human rights abuses in Syria, nor any crime there, it’s about an episode in the ‘Regime Change’ series that didn’t work well for them despite the 7 years of the ‘War of Terror’ waged against the sovereign country and the US$7 trillion Trump cried about recently that would be all blown in the wind if he backs down and leaves Syria without a ‘successful’ ‘regime change’ which would definitely endanger all the previous ‘successes’ they had in their evil Arab Spring plot.

image-What Has Changed Since the First Great War? Russophobia
What Has Changed Since the First Great War? Russophobia

3 decades later the same war was fought at the start by luring Germany to invade everywhere else to eventually destroy Russia after it’s weakened, then destroy German itself after bringing in the US on the side of the winners.

image-What Has Changed Since the Great War? Russophobia
What Has Changed Since the Second Great War? Russophobia

3 more decades later the alliance in the West already was in a full ‘Cold War’ and an ‘Arms Race’ against, yet again, Russia and whatever it represents and whoever stands on the same side with it: the side of non-slave nations.

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Did the Russian stock markets tumble because of the threats of retaliation for the lame poorly staged chemical attack in Douma or for their preparations for a confrontation outside their borders as their last resorts before their own houses start to fall apart?

What have we learned from history? We learned to repeat the same mistakes time and again just to serve the evils at the helm of power.


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  1. falcemartello

    As we write this the USS Donald duck(COOK) is on it’s way to the Syrian waterfront of the med. RuAF are flying low around it and supposedly harassing them. All Russian military assets on the Russian land mass are all on red alert and a Russian fleet from Sevastopol Crimea is sailing toward Syrian Tartous sea port. Is it theatre. From Tatcher on Valium (May) ,Macaroni man the pimp of Paris and Trump the Frump and Matza ball Natanyahoo are all having grave political problems at home how to obfuscate and distract from their own home made problems. Cohen Trump the Frumps personal Lawyer has just been invaded with a warrant with regards to the pay off to that woman. So old play book will it work this time . I am not certain their will be any world by the end of the week. Humanity is lost . Here in the west appears to be bankrupt economically ,politically and morally. Sorry but being Italian these last few hours have been quite emotional for me emotive by birth and emotive in death. . I am praying as I write this. INSHAH ALLAH HABDU ALLAH

  2. miri

    As though increasing yellow journalism in msm weren’t terrible enough, the gang is increasing the worst of selling, the old ‘bait & switch’ routine, in its fake reporting.

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