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Breaking: Moderate Terrorists Threaten, Bomb Lattakia


Breaking:  Moderate terrorists who have been transported to Idlib under the wishes of Stefan D Misfits and the UN, have announced in their pages that they are going to rain down missiles on Lattakia as revenge for the Deir AlZour victory.

Today, 11 September, there were over 10 missiles launched on Al-Qurdaha countryside of Lattakia, near to Jableh which may be their next target.  Jableh has been a frequent target of the terrorists, from missiles, car detonations and suicide bombings.   Perhaps the terrorists consider bombing the Russian airbase in Hmeimim!

Or maybe it’s a message that no target is far from the terrorists’ aggression!

Fortunately there were no victims as the missiles landed in agriculture areas.

In August CNN noted that AlQurdaha is Dr. Assad’s birthplace, only a short distance from Lattakia beaches.

CNN‘s 17 August “Tired by war” was mostly a complaint against normalcy in Syria. It lied that Lattakia has been ‘unscathed’ by NATO terrorism.  It was riddled with demoralizing psyop descriptions of devastated areas of the SAR. Its mention of AlQurdaha might seem prescient until one considers deep state CNN’s extensive history of illegal entry, of being embedded with terrorists against Syria. 

Israhell who by its turn targeted a strategic site on Mesyaf a countryside of Hama which is also close to Lattakia and killed two of our Army, declared that Deir AlZour is a big loss for both it’s important location as a joint for the resistance line and also for its rich oil resources!  Israel saw the plans for the so called SDF to retake Deir AlZour go with the wind!

At the time platform of the US puppet like the CNN, Al-Arabia and BBC are keep reporting their fake news with no shame saying it’s the “SDF” backed by the US led coalition who are liberating Deir AlZour! However this coalition is non stop targeting the advances vehicles which belong to the Syrian Arab Army. Today were some blessed martyrs according to this US coalition strikes! In addition to the shameful attempt of this coalition to transport the so called ISIS terrorists from Deir AlZour to other site in Syria.

The next battlefield front should be in Idlib to secure the rest of Syria from being under the terrorists shelling.

— Afraa Dagher

Related reports on terrorist atrocities against Lattakia governate — which CNN laments has been ‘unscathed’:

Moderate terrorists bombed Lattakia in August 2015.

Moderate terrorists bombed Lattakia in November 2015, including Tishreen University, martyring 23.

Moderate terrorists bombed al Qurdaha in February 2016.

Fifty-eight women and children kidnapped by moderate terrorists from Lattakia countryside in 2013, were released in exchange for imprisoned terrorists, in February.

In August, a car filled with moderate explosives crashed through a checkpoint in the Tishreen suburb of Lattakia.

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