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SAA Vanguard Troops Arrive at Der Ezzor

image-SAA Kills More than 400 ISIS Terrorists in Der Ezzor

Breaking: SAA troops arrive at Der Ezzor after more than 3 years of siege imposed by US sponsored ISIS.

Video posted on social media by activists, celebrations and joy sounds can be heard in the background:

ISIS terrorists targeted the people who rushed to welcome the advancing troops with mortars killing 5 civilians at least.

In spite of all the attempts by the evil camp led by the regime of the United States of America, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies arrive at Der Ezzor.

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies lost many of its finest men to win back the city from the criminal terrorists who committed the most heinous massacres and crimes against the Syrian people everywhere as in Der Ezzor city and its countryside.

The major victory opens the way to break the final US plot in dividing Syria and the crime of a Kurdish state within the Syrian borders.


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