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NATO Beloved White Helmets Mass Behead Syrian Soldiers

Al Qaeda White Helmets desecrate corpses of murdered Syrian soldiers.

A ghastly video of beloved White Helmets with severed heads of Syrian Arab Army soldiers in Daraa was released on 20 June.  The headless corpses of the martyred soldiers were seen being brutally dragged from a flat bed truck to be tossed into a dump.  

The falsely named “humanitarian” death squads have a long history of savagery against Syrian soldiers, ignored by the lying MSM that continues to glorify them, despite all proof they are funded by the CIA, MI6, EU.


The White Helmets have previously bragged of dumping the murdered bodies of Syrian soldiers into the trash.  In this video, the savages stand on the corpses of soldiers, while flashing “V for victory” signs — so very impartial. [Update:  August.  The Google censors again erased another YouTube video. We replace it with a shorter clip from the original.]

The beloved White Helmets were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and received an Oscar from the 5th column apparatus known as the Hollywood elite.

The severed head of Syrian soldier proudly held for camera by White Helmets humanitarian. Daraa
Blurred: The severed head of Syrian soldier proudly held for camera by White Helmets humanitarian. Daraa – Original GRAPHIC

GRAPHIC UPDATE 21 July: The background video of slaughtered Syrian soldiers. This is what the Monsters of Congress mean when they hashtag #SaveDaraa:

NATO MSM have never noted their hallowed, independent and impartial demons were founded by a member of British military intelligence, are headquartered in Erdoganstan, have received tens of millions from the same countries arming terrorists against Syria.

Non-Syrian, British intelligence officer James le Mesurier, founder of the fake Syrian White Helmets death squads

Nor have they noted that despite all these monies, the beloved White Helmets do not own a stethoscope, do not know CPR, and have never utilized spinal precautions when digging each other out from the rubble.

Uber dramatic fake rescue by CIA death squads White Helmets


Beloved White Helmets
CIA, UK funded contra White Helmets take post fake rescue selfie

The beloved White Helmets are held in such high esteem by western media and politicians that they do not hide their savagery; with impunity, one of their rabid dogs waves the bloody head of a brutalized soldier as though having won a Captagon award in fiendish inhumanity.  Their increased impunity of barbarism in the slaughter and beheading of Syrian soldiers in Daraa is surely related to Trump’s flagrant collaboration of the US and ISIS against Syria.

UN madwoman Nikki Haley was thrilled to be in the company of the death squads titular head, in April.

beloved white helmets
Haley with ‘leader’ of terrorist White Helmets, 26 April


Some background reading on the beloved White Helmets, only deployed in terrorist controlled areas of the Syrian Arab Republic, hyperlinked:

— Miri Wood

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