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The Inevitable End of Capitalism. What the Imperialistic Wars in the Middle East Could Teach Us?

end of capitalism and the wars in the middle east

The End of Capitalism: Does anyone really doubt that, within a medium timeframe, the EU will collide with the USA about the access to the shrinking resources of this world? Be sure: they will.

Capitalism inherits the crisis and produces imperialism and fascism (“capitalism in decay”, Lenin) as answers to it.

Advanced capitalist (or fascist imperialist) entities like Germany, France, UK, USA will sooner or later collide over the need of greedily grabbing the planet’s last ressources. And, of course, all parties involved will, like now, never respect any limitations given by the sovereignity of nations, international law or human rights. It is ‘humanitarian’ if we do it. Our victims count as “collateral damage”.

The role of a rising China has to be carefully monitored, either: China’s recent tendency to export cheap labour marks the final stage of capitalism and its inevitable end. Seriously, what could come after China? India, yes, but India’s own limitations are already looming. Africa? Rich of ressources (to be stolen by us), but far too insecure, although China is massively investing into Africa’s future stability and hence its chance to be exploited for even longer. The rise of China marks the end of capitalism.

As capitalism inherits the crisis, it is unable to properly solve the crisis. The limitation of expansionism will ring the bell for the last round. Like a cancer, capitalism only exists by constant expansion and growth. As the western peoples are unwilling to end capitalism in their countries by revolution, the car will drive down the road till its bitter end. When the end of expansionism is reached, capitalism finally will collapse in devastation.

The way down will be paved with the further implementation of a brutal fascist order in most advanced countries of the west, mainly in the European Union (which is a fascist entity itself) and USA. In the most advanced capitalistic nations people will die of hunger on the streets, as the German scientist Carl Friedrich von Weizsaecker once predicted in his book “Der bedrohte Friede” (“The Threatened Peace”, 1983).
This clash of the most advanced capitalistic countries will mean the end of capitalism itself. The cancer dies with the death of the body it lived from.

Due to the availability of nuclear arms, this clash will probably mean the end of human civilisation as well. Human civilization? Look, how far we already have made it on our way to Hell.

By the way: Today, June 22nd, marks the day of the German attack on the Soviet Union (1941). This brutal war, although painted as an ideological clash by the fascist aggressor, was a capitalistic war for ressources.

*The author, born 1964, is a German historian and political scientist.

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