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Syrian Red Crescent Receives 2 Ambulances Gift from Indonesian People

Indonesian Ambassador to Syria Djoko Harjanto Deliver 2 Ambulances to Syrian Red Crescent

The Syrian Red Crescent, the real ones, received 2 fully equipped ambulance vehicles as a gift from the Indonesian people in a ceremony held at the Higher Commission for Relief in the Syrian Local Administration Ministry in Damascus yesterday 26 July 2017.

While the Western nations led by the Zionists ruling the United States of America, UK, and France, arm and support their terrorists on the ground to target and destroy the Syrian Healthcare system, the wonderful people of Indonesia send 2 fully equipped ambulance vehicles to their brothers in Syria.

The Director of International Organizations at the Syrian Red Crescent Mr. Basil Houranieh thanked the ‘friendly Indonesian people for its standing with the Syrian people and this initiative to support the Red Crescent Organization to provide health services to citizens.’

Indonesian Ambassador to Damascus Djoko Harjanto stated to journalists ‘this initiative is an expression of solidarity between the two friendly people’, he expressed his hope to ‘strengthen cooperation between the two governments and peoples to cover all areas’.

Representatives from the Syrian Ministry of Local Administration and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Organization attended the handover ceremony.

On the other side, Western nations insist on supporting al-Qaeda’s version of anti-Humanitarian ‘White Helmets’ by all means including nominating these terrorists to the Nobel Peace Prize and pushing them to win an Oscar for their crimes against the Syrian people.  Despite millions from the CIA via front group, USAID, and millions from UK, these death squads do not even feign being “first responder” emergency care workers; there has never been a single stethoscope among them, in all their fraudulent videos.

Worth also mentioning the 15 ambulances Syrian Red Crescent received as a gift from the Iranian people at the height of the terrorists invasion of Syria in June 2013, as the targeting of this vital health care providing vehicle was and still high by the ‘humanitarian bastards’ and their foreign mercenary terrorists imported to Syria from all sides of the world and duped ‘moderate rebels’ by the regimes of the US, UK and France, and of course their regional stooges namely Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia along with a number of other Gulfies.

Some background reading on the beloved White Helmets, only deployed in terrorist controlled areas of the Syrian Arab Republic, hyperlinked:

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