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Syria Receives 15 Ambulances Gift from Iran

ambulances gift from Iran

Syrian ministry of health received 15 fully equipped ambulances from Iran as a gift from the Iranian people to the Syrian people in order to replenish the highly affected health sector with cars systematically targeted by freedom fighters or used by them to smuggle terrorists and weapons across the borders.

Syria receives 15 ambulances gift from Iran
Syria receives 15 ambulances gift from Iran

Last year, Syria received 35 ambulances from Iran in 2 shipments of medical tools and supplies, 20 ambulances in January 2012 and 15 ambulances in August.

NATO backed ‘freedom fighters’ aka Al Qaeda Levant or Nusra Front working under the FSA umbrella use hospitals across the country in areas they infest as command centers for their terror acts, slaughter houses, IED factories and weapons depots, before they flee a city upon advances of the Syrian Arab Army, they loot the medicine and equipment, then they burn the hospital before booby trapping it and remotely destroy it, their western backers call it ‘democratizing’.

Worth noting that Syria provides all its citizens and residents full health care from headache to cancer treatment & open heart surgeries free of cost in addition to free education from kindergarten to PHD in all fields and scholarships abroad for non-available specialities in the country plus subsidizing most essentials in exchange with the taxes of (5.5% – 12% on slabs), something the western officials don’t like and call it ‘socialism’ using it as a reason to destroy the country and impose their style on the Syrian people.

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