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Palestine, Syria & the Unprincipled Attack on Congresswoman Tlaib

Palestine Syria and the Unprincipled Attack on Congresswoman Tlaib

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has been under relentless and unprincipled attack since 18 October, when she addressed a DC rally in which she called for a cessation of hostilities in Gaza, stating “I truly believe Americans want a ceasefire.” Such a terrible thing, these days, to want an end to bloodshed and death.

Tlaib called for ''ceasefire'' at 18 Oct DC rally

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) – who appears to have had a period of lucidity when she opposed sending more tax monies to Nazi Ukraine – led the unprincipled attack by referring to Tlaib as the “Hamas Caucus Leader” “leading the current insurrection on Capitol Hill.”

“…[I]t is especially painful for me, as an American Jew, to feel compelled to portray the ongoing and intensifying abuse of the Palestinian people by Israel through a reliance on such an inflammatory metaphor as ‘holocaust.’”

“Is it an irresponsible overstatement to associate the treatment of Palestinians with this criminalized Nazi record of collective atrocity? I think not. The recent developments in Gaza are especially disturbing because they express so vividly a deliberate intention on the part of Israel and its allies to subject an entire human community to life-endangering conditions of utmost cruelty.”

— UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk, “Slouching Towards a Palestinian Holocaust,” via 27 March 2008 Zionist Forward

MTG claimed that Tlaib – while addressing the rally outside – was leading a “pro-Hamas” “Golbal [sic] intifada” (with several exclamation points, in case no one was paying attention), an “Arabic rebellion and uprising” (by the way, “intifada” means “shake off”), and that “these people are not for peace [‘you can see it’].” Somehow, she did not notice the tallitot, nor the kippot, and she also did not recognize that someone was blowing a shofar.

Eventually, an aide, likely, whispered into her ear, and she quickly Googled to find out what one of the most prominent lobbying groups in the US, the ADL, had to say about the hundreds of Jews occupying the Cannon Capitol Rotunda.

This knowledge did not deter Congresswoman Greene from announcing that she was going to introduce a resolution to censure Congresswoman Tlaib.

Before the discovery of what should have been a profound embarrassment that what MTG declared to be Tlaib‘s pro-Hamas, “antisemitic activity” Arabic uprising folk were actually pious Jews wrapped in prayer shawls, MTG had time to retweet another false post about Hamas supporters, by another Congress member who also seems ignorant about Jews, promising to “get answers” on “WHO PAID for buses, signs & t-shirts.”

This Syria News author took a moment to explain how such monies are raised, in a comment on her post – which, alas, remains ignored by both Congress ladies, at this writing.

Among the attendees to the September 2013 Philly fundraiser to Break the Siege of Gaza were Col. Ann Wright, Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges, Palestinian and Jewish activists (including members of the JVP), a Gold Star Mother, veterans, and a shoah survivor – all of whom helped to raise $5,200.00 for this righteous cause.

The author respectfully brings to the attention of Congress members MTG and Miller that nobody in Philly had heard of Rashida Tlaib when five hundred of us gathered outside the Israeli Consul at 18th & JFK, on 25 July 2014, to condemn Operation Protective Edge, the carpet-bombing campaign against Gaza, in which more than two thousand were slaughtered, and more than ten thousand were wounded.

Among the wounded civilians were 3,374 children, one thousand of whom were reported to have been rendered permanently disabled.

Additionally, Zionist Israel’s bombing campaign demolished seven thousand homes for more than ten thousand families.

Those of us who arrived early were disturbed to see that the Consul showed its arrogant chutzpah by cordoning off the entire corner, with yellow tape marked “Restricted.” The tape was impermeable to a cigarette lighter but was readily cut with a small pair of cuticle scissors. The police detective who approached us admitted the PPD did not put it up, that it did pose a safety risk, but that it had to have been put there “for a reason,” though he was flummoxed by what that reason could have been. After a short discussion, the detective recognized some of us from the Weekly Vigil against the Occupation, to which he had been assigned to protect Jewish seniors from the threats of the JDL, to throw them into oncoming traffic, and he walked away.

The author shares just a handful of photographs from this demonstration and reassures MTG, especially, that Rashida Tlaib was not in attendance, and that no Jew, Muslim, Christian, or atheist, made a single statement of antisemitism, or made speeches on behalf of Hamas.

Syria News requests that our readers make note that there are no photos of people looking violently deranged, and perhaps marvel at how Scum Media always manage to feature photos of people looking like they are on the verge of attack.

Despite MTG’s claim that Tlaib is an “Israel hating, America hating woman who does not represent anything American stands for” (without explaining exactly what, “America stands for”), Rashida Tlaib was poor and reared in Detroit Michigan – which happens to be part of aforementioned America. Her mother was born and reared near Ramallah, which continues to be occupied Palestine, occupied by Israel since 1967 because the UN has never forced the fulfillment of UNSCR 242 (1967).

As this author has attended two consecutive Friday demonstrations against the apartheid fence in nearby Bil’in – which remains under perpetual lockdown as do all Palestinian territories occupied by Israel’s military – she will give a short description of her glimpse of life, where Zionist Israel has complete control over all aspects of the lives of Palestinians in this village.

Distance from locked down Bil'in to Beit un el Foka, near Ramallah, place of Tlaib's mother's birth and childhood.

Entering the town after a surreal sense of having actually lived a few paragraphs from an Eric Ambler thriller – given a number to call a stranger at a bus terminal post vetting, getting into a jitney with several strangers, being dropped off on a shoulder in the middle of a highway, being hoisted up some hill by three men, spending about twenty minutes in a dilapidated vehicle as it takes hairpin curves with no railings – one’s initial sense might be of striking normalcy. People are milling about, groups of strangers sit where they can, talking to each other about how they came to be in a small town about which a scant few have ever heard.

Some children are at normal play, on a donkey or on a bicycle.

Other children sell onion slices (which cure the burn of tear gas). Some sell delicious, freshly made carrot juice, enjoy showing their favorite toy to the friendly strangers who arrive weekly, and who take breaks to engage in acrobatics for the camera.

After the above two Palestinian boys were done having their photos taken, they wanted to use the author’s camera, happily given – and they were natural photographers – until an adult came along, quietly took the camera from the kids, and gently scolded the author for letting them ‘play’ with such a nice camera.

It would be another five years before the author discovered the man was Emad Burnat, a farmer and a filmmaker, and the first Palestinian to be nominated for an “Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature,” 5 Broken Cameras.

There was an almost overwhelming temptation to allow the soft beauty of the village and the sweetness of its children to pretend this could be a simple stop on a tourist bus, to a small town whose history dates back to the Hellenistic period.

But there could be no normalcy in the village of Bil’in, a half-hour drive to the birthplace of the mother of Congresswoman Tlaib, because no Palestinian could make that drive without the explicit authorization of the Israeli government, and, if procured, the thirty minutes would be at least two hours going through checkpoints.

There is no normalcy to this little girl teaching herself English so she could speak to the strangers who arrived every Friday, to join her family members and her townspeople to walk to where temporary fencing had been erected until a permanent wall would be built, to separate the farmers from most of their farmland.

This little girl was ten years old, and she had never been to the beach, despite the beach being only forty-five minutes away.

Palestinian girl of Bilin lived 30 minutes from Tlaib's mother's place of birth, 45 minutes from the beach. Under lockdown, she could visit neither.

The chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” has suddenly become a major source of hyper consternation among the paranoiacs and idol-worshipping Zionists.

How miserable of such ilk that they refuse to image it could mean that a ten year old girl who taught herself English to be able to engage in social discourse with strangers, might have the liberty to travel forty-five minutes to enjoy a beach day.

The Israelis and Internationals arrived in Bilin shortly after Friday prayer at the mosque ended, and locals and outsiders, including newcomers, would talk for about an hour before heading to the fence, to ask the IDF to put down their weapons, and refuse to be occupiers.

Noam Bahat was one of the original shministim, new high school graduates who refused to be conscripted into the occupation military, and who spent two years in a military jail, despite never having been in the military. We had met in Philly, when Cy and Lois Swartz hosted several Israeli refuseniks, and we spoke of what wonderful people they were.

The two Italians had come with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and we spoke a bit of the work of the Jewish group in Italy, Ebrei contro l’occupazione.

Passing the beautiful flowers was the end of the temporary illusion of normalcy in this Palestinian village.

The time had arrived for Bilin locals under lockdown, and their Israeli [Jewish] and international friends who had sneaked into the village, to start the walk to the fence, to ask the IDF soldiers to become refuseniks.

Along the way, Israelis [Jews] told the author it was very important to take a photo of the graffiti, noting that it said “nothing against Jews; it says ‘End the kibbush,’ the occupation. Take the picture and tell everybody.”

Please note that this main street in Bilin is wide enough to fit one vehicle.

There is some idiotic rule that says the IDF soldiers may not cross over the fence into Bilin, with the exceptions being the frequent nocturnal no-knock raids throughout this village, but the rule did not prevent two soldiers from walking about during this Friday’s demonstration.

Israeli activists also pointed out the new, two-lane, Settlers Only road leading to the nearby illicit settlement of Modi’in Ilit. Access to it is, of course, blocked off, despite much of Bilin’s farmland being on the other side of it. These photos were taken in June 2006, and the fences were to be replaced with walls – and despite the Israeli Supreme Court ruling that the fence/wall was supposed to be moved to allow Palestinian farmers access to their farmland.

As with every Friday of these weekly demonstrations, the unarmed protesters arrived at the fence, attempted to appeal to the consciences of the Israeli soldiers. Upon the soldiers getting bored, weapons were raised, and the running began.

The IDF chooses tear gas, shock grenades, or rubber bullets to disperse the unarmed group. On the rare occasion of feeling benevolent, the IDF would simple handcuff two or three Palestinians, and threaten indefinite detention unless everyone left.

Despite the camaraderie that prefaces the marches to the fence, there is no normalcy here: It is abnormal that a ten-year-old child who lives forty-five minutes from the beach has never been to the beach because she has been in lockdown her entire life; it is abnormal that the IDF partially blinded 17-year-old Sabra Matan Cohen with a rubber bullet; it is abnormal that the IDF murdered Baseem Abu Rahme with a gas canister used as a projectile; it is abnormal that the IDF shot Limor Goldstein in the head with a rubber bullet (it is also a tad abnormal that this journalist was lucky enough to find a huge boulder to duck behind, mere seconds before a shock grenade went whizzing over her head).

These abnormalities have occurred thirty minutes away from where Congresswoman Tlaib’s mother grew up; what, therefore, is so “anti-American” about her wanting the bloodshed to stop?

This is a short video of the violent IDF running amok, in Bilin, threatening the Palestinian locals, firing into an unarmed crowd, and shooting Limor Goldstein in the head:

Before we leave Bilin, we have two more photographs of Abdullah Abu Rahma, Coordinator of the Popular Nonviolent Resistance Committee. One was taken at the fence, 16 June 2006, and the other handcuffed, was taken in an Israeli courtroom during one of his many detentions/arrests.

Abdullah Abu Rahma waving flag.

Though Congresswoman Borderline has not taken her unprincipled attack on Tlaib into irrevocable defamation, via accusation that Tlaib supports the uncorroborated reports of decapitated babies, raped women, and psychotic stories of feticide continue so relentlessly, an inference can readily be made, and Syria News must address them.

Beheadings in the Syrian Arab Republic were first launched in 2012, when dozens of non-Arabic-speaking Uyghur and Chechen terrorists invaded Idlib, with the assistance of al Saud, via a blasphemous cover story of flying these monsters from their native countries, to make hajj.

The first two so brutally murdered were kidnapped Catholic priests, with the Chechen demon struggling to complain in fractured Arabic, that his knife was too dull.

The FSA savages funded primarily by the US, then went on a beheading spree against Syrian soldiers defending their homeland within its internationally recognized borders.

The most heinous involved 12-year-old Syrian-Palestinian Abdullah Issa, kidnapped from a hospital by FSA’s al Zinki gang, who tormented the child who begged to be shot, but after being tormented (by the same gang of monsters planning to blow up a Syrian bakery, with whom Channel 4 was embedded), they cut off his head with a kitchen knife.

Abdullah’s story got little media coverage, and his face was kept hidden from the public, by NATO-affiliated Scum Media.

In early August 2013, FSA/ISIS with the assistance of al Jazeera, raided several villages of Lattakia countryside, murdering the few men in them, and kidnapping the women and children, some of whom were murdered for the Ghouta chemical attack emotional snuff porn, and others ‘kept’ for more than three and one-half years, before the Syrian government was able to free 58 of of the women and children, some of whom were conceived in captivity.

Countless Syrian women have been kidnapped, raped, and slaughtered by terrorists that the US and other NATO countries have armed, funded, and glorified as “freedom fighters.”

As for the unfathomable carving of babies from their living mothers’ wombs, that has been done at least twice, by the US/UK funded, stethoscope-less fraud responders, who were nominated for a Nobel Prize and for an Oscar: The child-abductor White Helmets (two videos of the Helmets engaged in abductions at the end of this report).

The al Qaeda necrophiliac in possession of the fetal corpse on the left was cited by the NYT in its pimp propaganda claim that Syria used chemical weapons against Syria in Douma, April 2018.

Even the “burnt offerings” horror story comes straight out of Adra, beginning with the terrorist ‘rebel’s invasion on the night of 11 December 2013, when the entire police station was butchered, women thrown from windows, nurses beheaded and their heads put on pikes (please don’t tell Vivek Ramaswamy, as he might get a hardon), and 200 baked in industrial ovens.

The unprincipled attack on Tlaib has not yet blamed her for the ovens.

Six days after Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene gave herself a bit of a coup-contra coup closed head injury in her discovery that the “pro-Hamas” hundreds led by Pied Piper Tlaib – who remained outside – were Jews, she demonstrated that she still had a “broken brain.”

On 24 October, the fake “America First!” MTG issued a press statement announcing she was following through on a draft resolution to censure Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. In the release’s opening sentence, she kept to her Pied Piper claim – perhaps as she ignorantly assumed that the Jews calling for “ceasefire” in the Rotunda were a “pro-Hamas” “Arabic rebellion and uprising,” she also ignorantly assumed Jews cannot function without a non-Jewish leader, and – putting Israel first – condemned the “Israel-hating, America-hating Jewish Voice for Peace.” MTG’s claim that Tlaib should be censured “for support of terrorist organizations” doth sound a bit on the defamatory side, as does much of the three-page unnumbered House Resolution.

It would appear that a “broken brain” on the Hill may be contagious, as the “Censure Resolution was introduced with four original cosponsors, Rep. John Carter (TX), Rep. Mike Collins (GA), Rep. Mary Miller (IL), and Rep. Randy Weber (TX).”

On an extremely personal note, this Jewish journalist finds it extremely rude that five gentiles arrogantly declare that Jews opposed to apartheid, ethnic cleansing, occupation, and mass slaughter are hateful.

This author, disgusted by the congressional idol worshippers who shamelessly denigrate the righteous, also knows these four rabbis and wonders what defamatory remarks the above Congress members would choose for them if given the opportunity.

These rabbis opposed apartheid before they heard of Rashid Tlaib.

The author’s denunciation of the above-named Congress members as “idol worshippers” for their pathological devotion to Zionism, is not jejune.

It took this “rivers of blood” horror to finally grasp why the number one commandment prohibits allegiance to false gods.

Congresswoman Greene’s “broken brain” appears to have worsened, as on 30 October, she attempted to channel that Nazi-lover Joe McCarthy, warning her colleagues of the need to “hold politicians accountable for engaging in anti-American activities,” in a letter demanding the censuring of Congresswoman Tlaib. MTG outright lied that Tlaib “advocated for pro-Hamas riots across the country, making American Jews fear for” our lives, while simultaneously claiming that we have “ties to terrorist organizations.”

The US Congresswoman golden calf idolater unsuccessfully tries to make these two incongruent remarks coherent, based on her pathological belief that her audience will believe her fantastic lies – that “Tlaib [while on the streets of DC] incited a pro-Hamas insurrection at the Capitol complex on October 18, 2023,” that three hundred arrestees inside were “her followers,” “followers” which included what sounds remarkably like the antisemitic trope of the Jewish cabal nefariously plotting against the state, or minimally having attempted to engage in “violent terrorist rebellion inside the Capitol complex.”

Perhaps Congresswoman Greene did channel Joseph McCarthy, having put herself at the helm of the very unprincipled attack on Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib.

MTG: Have you no sense of decency?

Miri Wood



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  1. mosckerr

    To my People Israel. Daily for years, Jews have witnessed the filth of antisemitism raise its ugly head. We fight a Regime Change War to permanently remove Hamas as the Ruling Government of the Gaza Palestinian State.

    The state: that the vision of Prime Minister Sharon established in 2005. Today our nation conducts our national strategic interests as a ‘great nation’; we fight a regime change war to remove Hamas as the government of the Israeli established Gaza Palestinian State.

    Antisemites scream and fight & denounce that Israel should transform our tiny nation of the Middle East unto a ‘great power’ in the community of World nation states. This war compares to a Bar Mitzva celebration of joy.

  2. Miri

    The ‘disengagement’ was done to remove Jews from Gaza to be able to carpet bomb it (it’s called “ethnic cleansing”). There is no Palestinian state, and there is no “war,” but rather asymmetric warfare involving a country with a vast military and an occupied people.


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