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Assad’s Regional Earthquake Prophecy Realizing


In his first interview with a western media since the beginning of the riots in Syria, President Dr. Bashar al-Assad sent a clear warning to foreign and regional powers working on destabilizing Syria, as usual, he was mocked, further demonized by the devil’s servants themselves. 6 years later, his warning earthquake prophecy is realizing throughout the region and beyond.

Assad warning to West earthquake fault - line
Assad warning to West earthquake fault – line

The interview with Sunday Telegraph was the most viewed of the newspaper, yet the most mocked. Where are those ‘leaders’ — western leaders — who called on, demanded in colonialist fashion, that  Assad to step down now?


Collage of some who went, while Dr. Assad remains

Former President Barack Obama, among the first to support terrorists in Syria, was limited to 8 years in office, per constitutional law.  He is now on the money-making circuit, giving speeches on income inequality at thousands of dollars a sentence.  Obama broke the Bush/Cheneyac/Halliburton records for bombing Muslim-majority countries during his administration.

Obama supported terrorists who forced child to hack off head of tethered Syrian man, as ‘legitimate’ representatives of the Syrian people.

Former senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was expected to win the presidency.  She spent most of her campaign bragging about having convinced Obama to obliterate Libya and turn it into a safe haven for terrorists, despite having noted that US creation of al Qaeda maybe was not such a good idea. She promised to do the same to Syria.

Clinton occasionally bleated about income inequality, especially when wearing the $12,000 Armani jacket that looked much better on the vacuum cleaner.  She is currently amassing a new war chest for a 2020 run (both Clintons are phenomenal fundraisers. While still SoS, this one quietly slipped into  California and raised a cool $5 million).

Mohammad al Morsi, presidential replacement for Mubarak, and staunch Muslim Brotherhood supporter, was removed in a coup by MB-lite, al Sisi, and spent some time engaged in daring jail breaks and on death row.  al Sisi recently joined with the terrorist coven in Saudi occupied Arabia.

Creepy photo of evil conjurers was so intense that even the Church of Satan distanced itself: “This is not a Satanic ritual.”

The French genocidalists lost two of their most prominent “Assad must go” takfiri.  Foreign Minister Laurent “Fetid” Fabius resigned from his position, in Rumpelstiltskin-like rage that NATO did not Libya Syria.  Little urchin and Napoleon-wannabe-who-forgets-to-pull-up-his-fly Francois Hollande, announced that he would not run for re-election — being so loathed by the French citizenry. Hollande admitted having breached EU sanctions by arming and funding terrorists in Syria, but has not been indicted. He also said the neutralisation of Syria’s elected president was essential.

Hollande admits arming takfiri against Syria


Hollande ignored the earthquake prophecy.

UK Foreign Secretary, terrorist supporter, and Assad-hater William Hague resigned from office, and was made senior advisor to multi-national bankster gang, Citigroup.  Hague’s support of terrorists in Syria was so immense that he once called for group psychological counseling for British citizens returning home from slaughtering Syrian citizens.  The mad empath  war criminal Hague was concerned that Brit nationals might have been traumatized by baking Syrians in ovens, by decapitating the heads of Syrian soldiers, and cooking them on the grill, by raping Syrian women, and wanted them properly reintegrated into the great moral values of the UK.

These great moral values of Hague are shared by all the terrorist arming and loving European Union councils. Terrorists are only terrorists in western countries, bien sûr!  In countries the west wishes to destroy, cannibals are deified as courageous freedom fighters; Sakkar was wooed by NATO media for interviews.  Odes were written of him, as pure allegory of war.  In true colonialist fashion, the EU’s ICCT issued a policy paper in April 2016, in how to deal with their citizens, their human garbage, returning home after years of slaughter in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Written almost 5 years after Dr. Assad’s earthquake warning, the report neglects the actualized ramifications.


The ICCT paper makes no mention of European terrorism having been dumped into the SAR.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron, who remained unabashedly unashamed when news broke of his sexual paraphilias involving severed pigs’ heads, threw a major tantrum and resigned over the Brexit vote.  Cameron also ran weapons to terrorists in Syria, and then played see-saw so frequently that the savages of the FSA actually accused him of betrayal.  Cameron is currently salivating over the fantasy of sloppy seconds, when the impotent cretins obsessed with porcine meat are finished with their pig’s head (the especially stupid cretins who have not noticed the Islam-hating Saudi wahhabi sex jihadists slaughter Muslims).

Way back in September 2015, President al Assad warned the western sponsors of vile terrorism that it is like a scorpion; put it in your pocket and it will sting you.

Assad Earthquake Warning
“Terrorism is not a card you play and return to your pocket. Like scorpion, it stings you at any time.” ~Bashar al-Assad

President Assad’s earthquake prophecy obviously have gone unheeded:  Since his mocked warning, terrorist attacks have hit Paris, London, Sweden, and Germany.

Were it not for the geopolitical support of the military industrial complex, the financial gain from selling military weapons, and the promise of future looting of raw materials of destroyed countries, one might consider such actions as insane; one definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and over while engaging in magical thinking that the outcome will be different.

Look at the new animal in the White House.  His campaign words regarding Syria were sane, and suggested he had a sense of Assad’s explicit earthquake warning. That changed almost immediately upon taking oath.

Instead of draining the swamp, he gives himself daily transfusions of its decaying muck. How else to explain this POTUS being ISIS’ most prominent recruit, who accepted the word of an illegal Brit in Syria, who accepted the lies of al Nusra in Syria, and via previously fake news! CNN?

Advice to war criminal Trump, working hard to make al Qaeda great againespecially in the Syrian Arab Republic, but also increasingly elsewhere:

The Assad 2011 interview was also prophetic in seeing that NATO would worsen its attacks against his country, noting also that Syria is like no other.

Assad warning to West earthquake fault - line

Dr. Assad’s correct earthquake warning continues to reverberate, but there is still time to end it:  Stop the war crimes against Syria. Stop arming and funding terrorists. Get your illegals out. Reopen the Syrian Embassies. Take the advice of Syria’s president.

Or, continue to pretend you are concerned that your savages are now killing your people, too.

— Arabi Souri & Miri Wood

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