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UNSC Unanimously Extends al Qaeda Lifeline into Idlib, Syria

Al Qaeda in Syria celebrating the support from the UNSC NATO countries

The UNSC unanimously extended the lifeline to the al Qaeda haven of Idlib, Syria, on 9 July. The NATO humanitarian rabid hyenas ruling humanity’s former bastion of peace and security had been salivating and barking over keeping al Qaeda armed and well-fed since UNSC 2165 (2014) neared expiration. In one of the most shameless, furtive, and egregious breaches of the noble UN Charter, the P2 joined the western imperial tripartite aggressors — perhaps anticipating those precious words, who’s a good doggie?, but was met with disdain and derision, instead.

Arab-hating supremacist diplomats, Arab-hating supremacist NATO think-tankers, Arab-hating savior supremacists have all cheered the new lifeline to keep al Qaeda savages armed and destructive (again, NATO weapons do not fall like manna from the heavens, into the arms of al Qaeda kidnappers, rapists, child pornographers, child beheaders).

Syria News is obligated to remind our readers that support for the well-being of al Qaeda demons in the S.A.R. is not limited to members of the UNSC, but is part of the incestuous MIC that includes rancid politicians, and Hollywood 5th columnists.

Twelve-year-old Palestinian-Syrian Abdullah Issa was kidnapped from a hospital, hep-lock still in his left arm. He was taunted by bombers of bakeries and other human garbage before the savages cut off his head with a kitchen knife, live, on video. One of the killers was a dear friend of For Sama’s father, reported to be a physician in a fake hospital, though some uncorroborated documents claim he flunked out of med school in his first year. The fake doctor’s wife did a fraudumentary — shown by the UK at the UN — in support of al Qaeda against Syria, and her video was nominated for an Oscar. She also made the rounds on Capitol Hill, visiting a few dogs of war.

Though the junta members of the United Nations Security Council may be so enthralled — temporarily able to cast aside dysfunction pills and lubricants — as to have simply forgotten to post the text of their al Qaeda lifeline to the UN website, there is a mystery as to how a NATO think tank operative has access to it.

As for the UK-based, American taxpayer-funded charity also giving a standing ovation in support of al Qaeda being well-armed and well-fed, shame on you for outrageously bleating about Syrian children. There is no excuse for you not to know that al Qaeda terrorists kidnap them, brutalize them, paint them in moulage trauma to incite the sadoerotic perversions of deviants who hate children, to be photographed by criminals embedded with terrorists, and likely marketed on the dark web.

The author would recommend that the scum-sucking hypocrites take a look at these children, but refrains, lest there be something more nefarious than the wretched white man’s burden afoot in the deceit.

To the civilized human beings, we again point out the subtle degeneracy in western stenography media, ignored by the countless fake charities, the ever-growing fake NGO’s, and the unindicted war criminals who flout the honorable art of diplomacy, while flaunting their diplomatic titles:

  • The photo of the mother-less, kidnapped, traumatized little Syrian girl was taken by AFP embedded with takfiri savages in Douma, and was shared without question, by the unindicted NATO stenographers, across the western world, as anti-Syria propaganda. Apparently it was part of a series of such evil photos, as last month, someone from Middle East Eye (MEE) claimed to have taken the more hideous photo of the little girl, further stripped of her childhood innocence, in Yemen, last month. She looks absolutely terrified in the second shot, as she has obviously been commanded to touch the hysterically traumatized, painted, kidnapped little boy, in mock comfort. 
  • Also, in Ghouta, 2015, a little Syrian boy was kidnapped, his shoulder was torn from his body, his shoes were stolen. AFP took two phony White Helmets rescue scenes of the unconscious baby. Syrian News provided this evidence several times to The Guardian before it finally replaced that disgraceful featured image with a boring one.
  • The last photo in this gallery is of several kidnapped Syrian boys, obviously terrorized, painted in moulage trauma, after which some hyper degenerate CGI’d in a bloody hand too close to a boy’s upper leg, and also added in a Scream shot, for sadism that would make the vile Marquis blush with envy.
  • To be clear: We do not know who kidnapped, moulage’d, stripped half naked, brutalized into unconsciousness these children. Paid photographers embedded with the human garbage are only doing their jobs of taking pictures. 

Last month’s anti-Syria soirees showed an increase in arrogant disdain for coherent reporting from the United Nations, but yesterday’s squirrely-ness elicited enough sotto voce wtf’s to build a three-story house, complete with roof garden. Though the thought of a puncture wound with a rusty nail is sometimes preferable to the idea of spending hours listening to the finely coiffed lying liars drone on for several hours, lying, and wailing buckets of invisible crocodile tears whilst wrapping themselves in the emperors new righteous clothing, this writer was slightly buoyed by the thought of His Excellency Vasily Nebenzya giving a pristine statement similar to that of 23 June, on the ‘cross border mechanism,’ and was ready to bite the proverbial bullet.

Up to 3 million Syrians are condemned to continue living under the oppression and terror of the Al Qaeda and its variety of affiliates in Idlib for another year no thanks to the UNSC resolution adopted unanimously by all 15 members of the council out of which 2 are supposed to be in the same line fighting terror and are the main targets of the same terrorism mastered by the NATO member states of the security council and their lackeys.

Arabi Souri

Instead, the writer found that the UNSC had closed what turned out to be a very short meeting, to the public, the public which pays its members’ salaries. Generally, the surreptitious meetings come before the Security Council ones, or after, or are of the rotten, secret diplomat ones that create frenzies at the bastion of peace and security (and, less frequent, are the euphemistically described ”closed consultations” when Syria is sent out of the room for short periods, while the western supremacists discuss saviorism).

Whomever was in charge of the UN’s keyboard then started a bizarre form of burlesque stripping, announcing that the biased against Syria/aligned with NATO imperialists SG Antonio Guterres was very very happy (pity someone does not CGI the SG into this video gem, as it would likely capture his glee, as it is rare, usually limited to the time spent with Tony Blair, or being carried on the shoulders of brown men in Portuguese-controlled Timor) over the passage of the unidentified UNSC resolution keeping the Bab al Hawa crossing between NATO Turkey and the Syrian Arab Republic — for six to twelve months, depending on who was doing the talking.

The NATO joy of keeping a lifeline for al Qaeda in Idlib somehow kept the actual number of the UNSC resolution off the UN website, for several hours. Additionally, in the overflowing cup of happiness, the person in charge of the keyboard broke open the containment of NATO supremacist hostility against the SAR and included press briefings by US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfieldwho recently addressed the HFAC — and by the temporary, co-penholder house servants of Ireland and Norway.

This may be unprecedented, as in the ten years of Syria News reports on the United Nations, only Spec. Envoys on Syria have had their pressers included.

By sunset, UNSC time, the website of the United Nations finally had uploaded a synopsis naming Resolution 2585 (2021), though at this writing, the text of remains unavailable — though according to stenographers at the presser, they were given copies, but not time to read them.

France, who armed terrorists in Syria during the Hollande regime — and against EU restrictions — and which has never been the topic of an emergency meeting regarding the Gilets Jaunes mass enucleation project by the Macron regime, audaciously wrote a script bathetically entitled, Let us be lucid. As for the UK, let us be mindful that its empire is the cause of referring to one of its many regions of occupation as “the Middle East.”

Confusion bordering on chaos, persisted; when a stenographer suggested that UNSCR 2585 might be a step toward rapprochement between the US and Russia, Thomas-Greenfield — she is on record for her antipathy toward the Russian Federation — poo-pooed the suggestion, and stated the extension is for a full year.

Ambassador Nebenzya tweeted that Guterres will provide all with meticulous documentation in six months. This is especially interesting given that Dr. Bashar al Jaafari once confronted Lowcock’s lies with massive documentation from OCHA in Syria, and the little man simply averted his gaze.

Some analysts are saying there was a bargain between the USA and Russia that the USA will push Turkey to cooperate with Russia to eliminate the Nusra Front (Al Qaeda Levant and Erdogan’s faithful army) in Idlib; we’ve been seeing the same promises by Turkey, the 2nd strongest member of NATO for the past 2.5 years with the opposite results only, strengthening Al Qaeda and beefing up its powers.

Arabi Souri.

Whatever the deal was, definitely there was a deal to get a unanimous vote, the unlucky Syrian people living in Idlib will have to continue to suffer while some politicians far away do their best to pressure the Syrian state into delaying the long-awaited military operation to liberate Idlib, ‘Al Qaeda last stronghold in Syria’ as per NATO officials.

We will be waiting for official statements by those voting for the resolution on what they agreed especially that just a day before the Russian diplomats and top politicians involved in the Syrian file have issued statements rejecting the extension of the Al Qaeda lifeline into Idlib from NATO member state Turkey, similarly, the Chinese government issued similar statements within the past month leading to the Security Council’s meeting.

The NATO junta occupying the UNSC again flaunted its collective supremacist disdain for the Syrian people, though this UNSC meeting of professional wailers did not include a follow-up, garish dance party, as the UN Human Rights Council previously did, after wailing for the terrorists of East Ghouta, placed into air conditioned green buses and driven to al Qaeda haven, Idlib.

We humbly suggest that the UNSC begin to adopt al Qaeda savages, and bring them into their own homes.

Al Qaeda in Syria celebrating the support from the UNSC NATO countries

Miri Wood & Arabi Souri


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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Sadly, the Syrian people have to continue to pay the price for the NATO aggression and now officially under the UNSC resolution.

  2. Miri Wood

    Minimally five days after the passage of UNSCR 2585 (2021) the UN website has found time to upload the whopping two-page text. Based on the text, it appears that US Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield liked, Russian Federation Ambassador Nebenzya again spoke the truth, and that UNSG Guterres must provide transparent documentation on actual humanitarian goods passing through the Bab al Hawa crossing, minimally every 60 days or less.

    “2. Decides to extend the decisions in paragraphs 2 and 3 of Security Council
    resolution 2165 (2014), for a period of six months, that is, until 10 January 2022, only
    for the border crossing at Bab al-Hawa with an extension of an additional six months,
    that is, until 10 July 2022, subject to the issuance of the Secretary General’s
    substantive report, with particular focus on transparency in operations, and progress
    on cross-line access in meeting humanitarian needs.”

    Enforcement should be interesting, to say the least, particularly given Guterres flouting the truth, on many occasions, including when he provided the SC with the OPCW report on Khan Sheikhoun. In his letter to the SC President, he claimed in what from the “OPCW fact-finding mission in the Syrian Arab Republic,” despite OPCW stating it did not enter Khan Sheikhoun, Syria, because the terrorists were too scary and posed a significant risk to investigators.


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