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UN NATO Junta Holds Monthly Anti-Syria Meeting

UN NATO junta held its monthly anti-Syria meeting on 26 January, with two ‘celebrity’ speakers. Special Envoy, Geir O. Pedersen returned, to continue to provide evidence of his failed diplomatic work, now headed into its fourth year of uselessness.

These tedious meetings were put in place as part of colonial UNSCR 2254 (2015), for the purpose of checking progress on its fulfillment, and have been showing signs of increasing anemia in dire need of transfusions, for the last few years. This most recent one required a couple of pots of strong, black, coffee, to assist in staying awake.

UN NATO supremacist junta held its monthly anti-Syria meeting 26 January.
UN NATO supremacist junta held its monthly anti-Syria meeting, 26 January.

As is his wont, NATO Norway’s Spec Envoy: Engaged in a bit of his sadoeroticism in noting that “Syrians continue to suffer deeply,” that “the economy of Syria has collapsed;” he continued to give Goebbels-like legitimacy to the US occupation of parts of the SAR, and to legitimize the US-created terrorist proxy gang, the Kurdish SDF, and to normalize both in their occupation of the Ghweran/al Sina’a prison, and the detention of thousands; he alleged that alleged bombings of al Qaeda-occupied Idlib resulted in civilian deaths and infrastructure destruction (according to unnamed sources allegedly on the ground).

As is also his wont, the UN useless diplomat emitted his lamentations in generic form: The faux concern about increased drug smuggling did not mention how Syrian law enforcement continues to confiscate millions of Captagon — a methamphetamine / theophylline drug never legally manufactured in the Levantine Republic — pills; he did not mention the US occupation forces launch of collective punishment; he squeezed a blurb about the [Israeli] bombing of Latakia Port into a bulleted list; he wailed that “tens of thousands are detained, abducted, or missing” though he has never acknowledged the thousands disappeared by FSA and nor by other factions of al Qaeda terrorists.

Not a single NATO member of the UNSC ever made note of the hundreds of Syrian families who futilely awaited reunion of their abducted family members, in the Faiha Stadium — civilians and soldiers who were supposed to be exchanged for Jaish al Islam and Jabhat al Nusra takfiri who were put on buses to Turkish-occupied Jarabulus.

Scum who occupy three seats on the UNSC should be tried for crimes against humanity.
Faiha Stadium, 8 April 2018, where hundreds of families of kidnapped awaited the buses of released abductees.

Pedersen was pleased to tell the UN its Security Council members would somehow be pleased to know that he would be doing another useless round of traveling to hold bilateral and other unsuccessful meetings. He was also tickled pink to note an upcoming meeting in Oslo with the NATO-established Syrian Women’s Advisory Board.

As January’s temporary UN Security Council president, NATO founder Norway really scrapped the bottom of the barrel to bring in a celeb speaker to spew anti-Syria propaganda.

The previously unheard-of Thuraya Hijazi addressed the gathering via VTC. According to her official biography, she not only received a Masters Degree in Damascus, but she was also a lecturer on finance at the Ministry of Higher Education in Damascus. It seems a tad fraudulent to hold such a degree and be involved in such teaching while claiming that women in Syria do not have access to education. One might also wonder about her on-the-ground knowledge of Syria, given she emigrated to France, back in 2015. The author also notes that the UN press release has no hyperlink to the Release Me group that the Security Council meeting claimed she runs…from France.

The concern for her Syrian sisters has not extended to Hejazi’s acknowledgment of al Qaeda terrorists having kidnapped Syrian women in Douma, before slaughtering them to give NATO terrorists the cover story to bomb the SAR.

The UN NATO junta has never acknowledged kidnapped Syrian women paraded in trucks by al Qaeda's Jaish al Islam, in Douma.
The UN NATO junta has never acknowledged kidnapped Syrian women paraded in trucks by al Qaeda’s Jaish al Islam, in Douma.

The NATO P2 — France and US — re-ran their broken records. Again, they demanded the UN Security Council force a ”cessation of hostilities” which would assist al Qaeda in regrouping and re-arming. Again, they lamented water deprivation in al Hasakah, without noting that the Alok plant has been under the control of Erdogan’s Turkey, which bombs the infrastructure, and then turns off the water, once it is repaired; war crimes that have been ongoing since October 2019.

UN SC has never condemned Erdogan's water war crimes in Syria
Turkish invader and occupier of the Alouk water plant. NATO junta ruling the UN is oblivious to these water war crimes.

The US and France were especially vociferous in the braying about their fake righteous concern for Syrians and C-19. Given France’s deadly negligence is spreading the virus throughout its country, and given the US’ gross failure domestically, the concern of these P2 operatives borders on a geopolitical sadoeroticism.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, His Excellency Bassam Sabbagh, again brought to the attention of the UN Security Council the lack of enforcement of the Charter, and SC Resolutions prohibiting occupation of the Syrian Golan, and the invasion and occupation of parts of his country by NATO Turkey.

An MSM rumor has circulated that the US and Russia may suggest that the monthly UN anti-Syria propaganda meetings on the chemical files which should have been closed in June 2014, may be dropped to quarterly meetings.

Given the ongoing whining of Special Envoy Pedersen, on his difficult and unsuccessful work, it would be a bit of a relief to drop the pathetic UN monthly status on the stagnant imposition of UNSCR 2254 (2015) to an annual waste of time.

Miri Wood

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