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Israel Celebrates Pelosi’s Arrival by Bombing Southern Damascus, Syria

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Israel has bombed Syria yet again. This particular war crime may have been to test the “ironclad” relationship that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi announced while speaking in the Knesset, earlier in the day. This most recent war criminal aggression was launched 16 February, at 23:35 Damascene time, and from the Syrian Golan illegally occupied by Israel.

A Syrian military source told SANA that several surface-to-surface bombs hit Zakia, southern Damascus countryside, with material damages noted. The bombs were fired from the Syrian Golan that is occupied by Israel, against International Law, and against UNSCR 242 (1967), which has never been enforced.

Pelosi previously showed her concern for her constituents by showing off her expensive freezer and high-end ice creams that most never heard of, while giggling about how she was spending early lockdown days. Her inexplicable, anti-Iran saber-rattling trip to speak at the Knesset comes during a time of runaway inflation in the US, and taxpayers being besieged by acute food and housing insecurity.

We do not know how much this trip will have cost the US taxpayer.

The United Nations Special Envoy to Syria Geir Pedersen was also in the Syrian capital Damascus earlier in the day still trying to convince the Syrian government to accept Al Qaeda terrorists into a new Syrian coalition government and allow them to write a new constitution for the last secular country in the region to turn it into something like Israel, an apartheid regime or like Saudi Arabia or Qatar, NATO’s biggest allies in the region in spreading ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’, or at best, Mr. Pederson might be fond of the ruling of the Turkish madman Erdogan and his style of democracy with whoever criticizes him ends up in jail, at best. The United Nations does not see Israeli aggression and war crimes as a matter of concern, it’s only when Syria retaliates they get ‘deeply concernend’.

At this time, the recent bombing of Syria by the US’s biggest welfare queen, Israel, has not been considered newsworthy by stenography media.

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