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Israel Grabs 800 White Helmets Savages, Dumps them in Jordan


Israel has again encroached upon Syrian territorial integrity, this time to extract 800 members of the deviant, criminally insane, White Helmets. Given Israel’s ongoing flaunting of UNSCR 242 (1967), this invasion is not as arrogant as having kidnapped Mordechai Vannunu from Italy. Nonetheless, it is a breach of International Law, cheered by Israel and its western psychophants as a stunning ‘humanitarian gesture.’ There has been no word from Stefan de Mistura, if these criminal savages were moved with their dignity and weapons intact. At this writing, no one has questioned why Israel has chosen to not absorb these White Helmets serial killers, kidnappers, brutalizers of children, necro- and pedonecrophiliacs.  Reportedly, these malignant sociopaths who should be permanently institutionalized in hospitals for the criminally insane, are to hang out in Jordan while western countries draw straws on which ones will have the privilege of having child-murderers in their neighborhoods.

[Please note update at end of report.]

Why doesn’t Israel absorb these depraved sociopaths?

On the off-chance that this report will be read by some wishing to break from the nightmare mesmerization of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbirdbrain, and the rarer chance that genuine health care practitioners are amenable to standing on their hind legs and issue a condemnation of these monsters, this author will provide a synopsis of vile history the terrorist White Helmets.

White Helmets were founded by former Brit military officer cum mercenary, James LeMesurier (subsequently knighted by the English queen, for his diabolical ‘work.’). Despite tens of millions from the UK, US, & various other EU countries, these weaponized minions of Iblis do not own a stethoscope, do not know how to perform CPR, do not use spinal precautions when fake rescuing those terrorized into acting, from the rubble.  These genetically altered Syrians are headquartered in Turkey, which is not Syria.


Basic requirements of First Responders & all emergency health care. Weird that White Helmets don’t have them?


Dare to ask Sir Jimmy about a stethoscope, & you will immediately get censored.

Were they not blood-spilling, child predators, and slaughterers of women and Syrian Arab Army soldiers, the story of the White Helmets could be written as some funny Vaudeville act. After all, they have a genetic immunity to GB, they magically defy gravity, and they miraculously save lives via fake bagging and nasal cannulas attached to no oxygen source.

Nusra White Helmets fraud responders & ‘Skirpal poisonings’ responders.


Godly White Helmets can even reverse gravity.


Crushing a kid’s face while using a fake ambu bag is infinitely more dramatic than proper use, especially with a pretty blue shirt to add sweet color.


Who needs a stethoscope & an oxygen source to save lives?

Please take a close examination of this photograph. Though likely someone will get fired for not adding a helmet or a patch, it contains the same perverse immorality of the standard White Helmets emotional war pornography. Despite the surrounding generic rubble, we see two dust-free men ‘running’ with half-naked infants. These babies’ moms are nowhere to be seen. One of the running men stunningly steps onto a crooked cinder block, yet does not lose his footing. The also dust-free boy has no legs, yet stands erect. Near to him is a ladder, also leg-less, which remains upright. In the distance, despite the rubble, and utter devastation, we see an intact satellite dish atop a standing building which somehow looks bombed-out.

The impunity of emotional war porn.

Grizzly reality being what it is, there is no Commedia dell’Arte to soften the heinous crimes, the slaughter, the degenerate abuse of children and women massacred for snuff porn by the criminally psychotic White Helmets. Their camera-ready fraud rescues have only been performed in regions of Syria occupied by FSA and other alQaeda offspring such as Nusra terrorists.  Appropriately called “human garbage” and the world’s “filthiest of the filth,” these over-ripened miscreants are run under Turkey, Saudi tyrants, Israel and Jordan, depending on which part of Syria they occupy.

These monsters even supported the threatened destruction of al Fijah water spring.

Dumping these demonic creatures into Jordan really is of no surprise.  The US released al Baghdadi from an Iraqi prison and gave him a pile of money to train terrorists in Jordanian camps. Obama gave Jordan a ‘loan’ so that Israel could use its airspace to be al-Qaeda’s first air force in Syria. Jordan gave air cover to the takfiri blitzkrieg operation in Bosra al-Sham. Israel, Turkey, and the US have all spent time at the Military Operations Command in Amman, where White Helmets and other assorted terrorists have gone for paychecks and some essential R&R (likely kidnapping children from hospitals and cutting off their heads with a kitchen knife is fatiguing.).

A nanosecond after Israel announced its self-aggrandizing report, an English gentleman politician got so Freudianly excited he likely needed to change his nappy. The Bard accurately noted that past is prologue, so we can, unfortunately, expect a domino effect among whorish western politicians. Reuters is already leading the way for deep state MSM (both left and right).  Likely, also, that the Mockingbirdbrain peons will be cheering, soon, too.

Is humanity so evil, or so stupid, as to allow children to be near perverse kidnappers and murderers who abuse corpses?

Snuff porn murders followed by pedonecrophilia photo ops.


No civilized ‘first responder’ would handle a body in such a wretched way. Anyone who believes White Helmets garbage to be ‘heroes’ is also deviant, garbage.


Snuff porn, war porn, pedonecrophilia. Courtesy, White Helmets.

Might there be a third choice?

Is humanity finally ready to find its moral compass?

—  Miri Wood

UPDATE: It has been brought to the author’s attention that unindicted war criminal Netanyahu stated that Israel’s further breach of Syrian sovereignty, to extract armed serial killers and child pornographers was per the request of Trump and Trudeau, neither of whom has tweeted about this latest atrocity (though Canadian media have begun gleeful reports of plans to take in 250 White Helmets degenerates.).

Netanyahu states that his extraction of terrorists from Syria is per requests of Trump & Trudeau, who currently remain silent on the issue.

The author also adds that UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt is bragging that England (and peons) “secured evacuation” of the stethoscope-less beasts who walk on two legs.

In Newspeak, it is the “bravest of the brave” who engage in pedonecrophilia.


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Testing credibility .

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  1. Bill Purkayastha

    The clearest proof of the defeat of the terrorist aggression against Syria is the fact that the Amerikastani imperialists, their zionazi masters, and their Brutish and Canadian slaves, are withdrawing their White Hellmate mercenaries and agents provocateur back to their own countries. They aren’t re inserting them elsewhere in Syria.


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