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The US Continues Meddling in Nicaragua

Nicaragua Riots

If the ‘violent protests’ happened in the USA, France or in Britain, would it be called ‘Resistance’? Would those ‘Three Marketeers’ handle them with the way they pressure countries not in their alliance to do?

New York Times - Nicaragua Rioters are Resistance
New York Times – Nicaragua Rioters are ‘Resistance’

When some protests occurred in the Eastern parts of Saudi Arabia, the Grand Mufti there called for the crucifying of the protesters, cut their arms and legs from the opposite (right arm and left leg) and hang them on palm trees until they die for daring to raise their voices against the rulers. The ‘Three Musketeers’ did nothing at all, absolutely nothing, and instead, they even gave the Saudis more weapons.

When the protests broke out under David Cameron ruling, they dubbed them ‘London Riots’ and dealt with the protesters in a very harsh unimaginable way, portrayed them as rioters and gangs, they used the justice system they pride themselves with to further punish those protesters to the extent that 2 young men were sentenced to 4 years in prison each for posting a post on Facebook calling for a protest!

Similar daily protests go on in the suburbs of Paris, former now indicted criminal French President Sarkozy who was the minister of interior dealt in a horrific way with the protesters, he declared a zero-tolerance policy, and you can imagine what that would mean.

Let’s not start with how the US ‘law enforcement’ forces handle the protests there, we’ve seen hundreds of videos of targeted killings, especially of black Americans and if someone just gets a bit of violent how their police become criminals in uniforms.

This photo might give the exact proportion of their level of dealing with their own people, it’s a group of students sitting and a police officer pepper spraying them:

US Police Force Pepper Spray Sitting Students - Imagine if they weren't just sitting in their university campus and instead carrying guns!
US Police Force Pepper Spray Sitting Students – Imagine if they weren’t just sitting in their university campus and instead were carrying guns!

When the government is popular and protests go viral -especially on western mainstream media- we know there’s a point some infiltrators will appear and turn the protests into bloodbaths, western MSM will demonize the governments. And when the governments are not popular and genuine protests occur, the same happens except the western mainstream media will do their best to ignore and demonize the original protesters (photos of the NYPD public execution of Eric Garner, brutalized, unarmed protesters against the Dakota pipeline, and US media blaming the brutalized, included here.).

Libya would have never seen any protests without the western support and we know how that ended. The Three Musketeers invaded the country, killed its president, put their hands on the gold, reserves, and oil of that country and left the rest of it in complete chaos and a hotbed for terrorists.

Senator John McCain (‘Q’) – Al-Qaeda Representative in US. Senate, illegally in Libya with ‘protesters.’


Gaddafi, moments before his happiness-inspiring rape and murder by ‘protesters.’

Iraq, after Saddam long serving the CIA, he was demonized, his army was weakened then again invaded by two of the Three Musketeers to be later joined by the third one. It had the exact fate of the former one.

Syria, never would any protest happen there for two main reasons: 1- Assad was and still is very popular as proven by time, 2- There was no real need for ‘freedoms’ except in the minds of the few who all wanted to become presidents without many efforts. We know now who financed the ‘spontaneous popular uprising’ to the tune of US$1337 Billion, armed them with thousands of tones of all sorts of weapons, augmented them with tens of thousands of terrorists imported from all sides of the planet…

US Senator John McCain with Syrian FSA commander & Nusra supporter Salim Idris and terrorists responsible for kidnapping Lebanese pilgrims in Syrian border town of Bab al-Salam, near Turkey on 27 May 2013. Idriss has called ISIS “brothers” of the FSA.

In the above 3 examples the governments, popular or not, were demonized by the Three Musketeers in order to get their hands on those countries for two main folds purposes: Eliminating any threat for Israel, and stealing the resources of those countries.

Nicaragua’s geographical location doesn’t help that poor country being not far from the US, throughout its history the Central Latin America country was always a target, just like all other countries in that continent, for the Americans to get their hands on ‘their backyard’.

Riots in Nicaragua? No, it’s ‘Resistance.
Riots in Syria? No, it’s ‘Moderate Rebels’, even if they were ISIS or Nusra Front or any other branch of the FSA.
Riots in Libya? No, they’re ‘Freedom Fighters’.
Riots in Iraq? No, they’re impoverished majorities ruled by a minority.
Riots in Iran? No, these are popular protests even if they kill some officers, the Three Musketeers call on Iran to respect their will and open social media for them.
Protests in Turkey? No, even if Erdogan is blocking social media and our website, he’s protecting Turkey’s ‘national security’.
Protests in Saudi? No, they’re riots.
Protests in Bahrain? No, Iran is behind them.
Protests in Palestine? No, the Israelis have the right to defend themselves on the Palestinian lands.
Protests in London? No, that would be ‘London Riots’.
Protests in Paris? No, it’s ‘French Riots’.
Protests in the USA? No, no need for those. We have smartphones, besides, what they are calling for after all?

Protests in USA - No Need
Protests in USA? No Need.

The New Yorker Says: Skeptics suggest that “folk politics”—marches, protests, and the like—are a distraction from the challenges of real change!

We ask: Does this apply to Nicaragua? Or only in the Three Musketeers world?

Note how when it’s in a ‘foe’ country like Russia, China or North Korea, for instance, the Western Media identifies a sheer few citizens as the voice of the vast majority, while when it comes to their countries and the masses protest, they only represent a few!

What do we learn here? It’s a pattern and if you don’t resist it by using your brain to identify the propaganda and fake news from the real news, you’ll be an easy victim of it.

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