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Syria Rebuilding: Private Sector Resumes Car Production, Defying US Sanctions & Turning East


On 18 February, an exciting commerce meeting was held a the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus, to again report on Syria rebuilding.

The Khallouf Trading Company announced the reopening of its manufacturing plant in Hama, in partnership with the Chinese Dongfeng Motor Company, and the launching of two new vehicles, a sedan and an SUV.

Syria’s Industry Minister Ahmad al Hamo stated that the government is committed to providing industrialists with essential facilitation to ensure the continuation or the resumption of manufacturing operations.

The Khallouf Trading Company was established in 1975, originally producing agricultural and industrial equipment and vehicles.  In 2008, it opened an automobile plant, manufacturing several models of vehicles before being forced to close because of the foreign imposed war against the country .  Now, in partnership with Dongfeng Motors, Khallouf is arising from the ashes, as part of the new Phoenix project of Syria rebuilding.

In his address at this remarkable meeting, Mu’az Khallouf, Director-General of Khallouf Trading Company said:

Dear Audience:  What our dearest Syria is in most need now is to restore the glow to its industries, which was and still is, one of the main pillars our nation economy relies on, despite the harsh conditions it has suffered during this time of crisis.  We take advantage of this precious opportunity today to tell the whole world, and from this podium, that the Syrian industrialist and the Syrian people have proven to the whole world we are sticking to their land, and factory and homeland.

Syria is the Arab state that assembles vehicles not done in countries pouring billions into destroying it. In November 2012, Qatar and Turkey paid al Qaeda/fsa terrorists to dismantle and transport into Turkey, Syrian oil machinery.

Syria is the Arab state that used to export electricity to neighboring countries.  Now, Syria is the Arab state that is assembling cars, 4x4s, and field trucks, *without electricity.*

[iframe src=”” width=”480″ height=”360″]

(Video available on Dtube as well:!/v/arabisouri/hnhb05jb)

Syria is the Arab state whose citizens are penalized for being loyal to their nation.  Illicit US/EU sanctions have been imposed on ministers, industrialists and merchants.  The US/EU sheds – like viruses – its crocodile tears over the plight of Syrian refugees (less than 20% of the world’s external refugees), while malignantly punishing all Syrians who refuse to abandon their homeland.

In November, then President Obama decreed that the ‘patriotism’ of his support base was legitimate, but that the ‘patriotism’ of President-Elect Trump’s support base was a base, “primitive nationalism.”

The new Trump Administration has responded to the insult by *continuing* the insanity of the Obama administration.

While bellowing about tightening the vetting process of Syrian refugees, President Trump not only continues the war crimes against Syria begun by his predecessor but inefficiently retains Obama ’s draconian sanctions, inefficiently keeps the Syrian Embassy closed, inefficiently keeps Syria’s UN ambassador censored and isolated.

Syria continues to defy the most heinous international conspiracy against one country, in human history: Syria rebuilding.

— Miri Wood & Arabi Souri

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