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Families Returning to their Homes in Aleppo Eastern District

image-Families Returning to their Homes in Aleppo Eastern District

Phoenix might be mythical, but not in Aleppo city north of Syria where one can witness its rise from the ashes before their own eyes. Syria has always rose again more stronger and more beautiful.

Residents of Eastern districts of Aleppo returning to their destroyed homes with high morale and determination to rebuild all what the Western, Turkish and Gulfies stooges has paid billions of their people’s money to destroy.

A large number of families returned to their houses in Eastern Aleppo districts after the SAA restored it and cleaned it up from terrorist groups filth to rebuild their homes and prepare their shops and to rebuild what terror has destroyed in that area.

The families reconfirmed their big thanks to the Syrian Arab Army and to the Syrian leadership for terminating the terrorists and to the services the governorate of Aleppo is providing.

A number of residents showed their destroyed homes and shops and also showed their determination to rebuild all what have been destroyed. They asked who didn’t return yet to return to ‘paradise’ as one citizen described his city Aleppo. “Come back and we will rebuild it hand in hand all over again” one citizen interviewed by Al-Ikhbariya News Channel said.

Aleppo governorate, responsible for the municipal work, is exerting enormous efforts to restore the infrastructure completely in the area after the huge damage caused deliberately by the terrorists who infested these parts of one of the oldest cities in the world. Large network of tunnels were found underground, big depots stacked with loads of advanced weapons enough for armies to fight for years while the Humanitarian Bastards were crying for these terrorists.

Syrian government subsidizes most of the essentials to a very large degree causing prices to be less than 1/5th of similar services and products in neighboring countries like in Turkey or in Lebanon.

image-Syria Project Phoenix
Syria Project Phoenix

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