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Austin Tice: New Round of anti-Syria Propaganda Launched

Criminally lying women brought into UN ignore brutality against Syrian women by western-owned terrorists.

Austin Tice is again in the news, as another cover story for western colonialists to use Nazi propaganda techniques to demonize Syria. Tice was another American mercenary who believed his American exceptionalism would protect him from the al Qaeda terrorists with whom he criminally embedded.

On the heels of a PBS crew illegally entering the Levantine republic, to criminally interview terrorist al Jolani — for a simultaneous whitewash of al Qaeda, and another attempted hit piece against the SAR — war-mongering NATO stenographer-journalists have decided to try to viralize a new story about Austin Tice, by adding a few prurient details to last fall’s news about the Trump regime officials flying to Damascus to try to find Tice, and another criminal mercenary illegally in the Arab country.

Damascus was gracious enough to receive the representatives of War Criminal 45.

Prior to the October breaking of the news of the August secret meeting, news of Trump’s having bragged about wanting to murder President al Assad, had broken.

NATO media reporting on secret meeting involving Austin Tice.
Soleimani assassin Trump, who considered murdering Dr. Assad shamelessly asked for help in finding mercenary Austin Tice, roofied by al Qaeda FSA and likely sold to another al Qaeda faction.

AP’s wire was so filled with Goebbels-type lies, it could have been written by the State Department. It bloviated about Trump’s good will and the vulgar and ignorant attempt to bribe the government by offering First Lady Asma Assad the asinine bribe of cancer treatment in exchange for the two American mercenaries abducted by one or more al Qaeda offshoots.

A few examples of Trump’s goodwill: The war crime of bombing Syrian bridges in al Raqqa, scant weeks after taking oath of office; he bombed a Syrian air base and murdered Syrian soldiers for al Qaeda; he stood on the White House lawn and bragged about stealing Syria’s oil; he fired bombed Syrian wheat fields; as his lame duck war crime ‘swan song,’ his regime troops again looted Syria’s grain silos.

Good will, indeed.

In its loutish report of 8 April, the oldest and largest wire service in the US was undisturbed by the Trump regime’s offer to help with the cancer of which the First Lady already had been declared free, negligently did not note that sanctions are illicit without a UNSC resolution to which all members of the assembly have agreed. AP did not mention that Syria on many occasions had offered the more than 100 countries that had dumped their human garbage into the Levantine republic, to take their monsters home.

The arrogance of NATO stenography journalism is boundless in its hypocritical exceptionalism. It screams righteous indignation when its illegals and other war criminal propagandists get killed or abducted by terrorists with which they criminally imbed, while Syrian journalists who are injured or slaughtered by NATO armed and supported savages are never mentioned. American supremacy has oozed into our judicial system regarding the SAR: In 2019, an utterly corrupt US Circuit Kangaroo Court judge declared Syria responsible for American illegal Marie Colvin getting herself killed in a bombing by takfiri with whom she had criminally embedded.

Below is a photograph of Syrian journalist, Khaled al Khatib. He was murdered in his homeland, by the terrorist friends of American exceptionalist, Austin Tice. NATO media never reported on his death.

Next to him is his mom, helping to carry his coffin to its resting place. The concept of a parent having to bury her child is so hideously unfathomable, that the Book of Numbers, filled with laws of inheritance, does not mention a single law regarding a child dying first.

If there is anything more horrific than a mom forced to bury her son, it is to be a mom who can not bury her son, a mother stuck in the hell of where hope and despair are in constant battle, while grief lurks in a dirty corner, a perpetual voyeur.

Among the NATO stenographers who put Tice on the per diem payroll for his [wet]work, was CBS. On 2 October 2012, they did a faux report on his disappearance, bringing in the liar Elizabeth O’Bagy, the Syria-hating liar who was cited by prestigious media watched by politicians and Secretary of State Kerry, who repeated her lies after which media would quote those war criminals quoting O’Bagy who was eventually fired from the war propaganda think tank, the Institute for the Study of War, which later had to get rid of her for lying about her credentials that did not exist (after which she was immediately hired by war hawk neocon John McCain.

CBS brought in liar Elizabeth O’bagy on 2 October 2012 to lie about Syria.
Perhaps Jolani can be hired by a NATO think tank
Elizabeth O’Bagy speaking before Atlantic Council. A major mouthpiece in anti-Syria propaganda, her lies were cited by media and politicians. She was forced to leave ISW over her fake PhD. She was immediately hired by Syria-hating John McCain.

McClatchy was another medium which paid Tice for his Syria-hating propaganda news. How immoral must a freelance mercenary be to end his report in the normalization of human garbage planting explosives before retreating? How immoral must a news medium be to not edit out the foul and filthy final sentence, By noon, the remaining fighters [sic] who were in Kafer Zaita had withdrawn after spending several hours planting roadside bombs?

Filthy end to Tice’s McClatchy ‘report’ of 5 June 2012.

Tice had his ‘best birthday party’ with terrorists in a house stolen from a Syrian family

While there are no absolutes in warmongering, war criminal, geopolitics, the near absolute in what happened to Austin Tice was that his friends, the criminal degenerates who threw him a poolside party in some indigenous Syrian family’s stolen home, who listened to Taylor Swift, who shamelessly had his best birthday ever, in an ‘appropriated’ home, surrounded by psychopaths who bury explosives in toys and in roads so that children and other human beings will be blown up, had his bottle of whisky doped with Rohypnol.

Has the world forgotten that the parents of another entitled American freelance mercenary, Steven Sotoloff — who once discussed the trick of getting kidnapped by Jabhat al Nusra with the American mercenary VanDyke — told CNN that [al Qaeda] FSA sold their son to [al Qaeda] JaN?

It is nuts to accuse the Syrian Arab Republic of the kidnapping of American freelance mercenary Austin Tice, from a criminal birthday party, of which he tweeted, with his final tweet pointing toward having been roofied. Why would the government waste a military raid on a single foreign terrorist? Had he been arrested by legal law enforcement, there would have been no reason to keep this secret. Mercs are a dime a dozen.

More likely his remains are among the unidentified in the 13,800 bodies that 56 Syrian forensics physicians examined, bodies of the brutalized and murdered, found in mass graves after savages like Tice’s cohorts had been cleansed from areas of the Syrian state. 

On 17 May 2017, an FSA offshoot now aligned with ISIS thanked the United States for the delivery of massive military weapons which were to be used to murder Syrians in Syria. These Maghaweer al Thawra degenerates now are the SS of al Rukban concentration camp — under the military protection of the war criminal, previously Trump forces, now Biden-Harris-Strangelove Pentagon-Dr Jill-“Nance” forces.

In the video hyperlinked in the above paragraph, the killers promised to use the American taxpayer funded weapons to murder SAA soldiers most immediately in Deir Ezzor, Syria. A few months later, they were successful in the martyrdom of Gen. Issam Zahredine.

There is something quite eerie in seeing these two photos, separated by years, with terrorists carrying NATO provided RPGs.

Austin Tice was a freelance mercenary, embedded with bloodthirsty killers. Austin Tice was likely drugged by his takfiri savage friends and sold to terrorists who then realized they had no use for him.

It appears that Austin Tice will now be sculpted into another layer of anti-Syria Goebbels’ propaganda.

Miri Wood


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  1. Traffa

    The United States is now rotten to it’s very core. I doubt anything can be done for them now. The Corruption has become so great only a great calamity in their country will bring them to their senses.


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