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AFP Frogs Play Violins for Last American Terrorist in Idlib

The pathogen-ridden AFP frogs are at it, again. This time, they play maudlin violins for the last officially known American  5th columnist-mercenary-terrorist in Idlib, Bilal Abdul Kareem. On 23 September, the world’s 3rd largest wire service propagator of immoral criminal lies against Syria managed to interview the friend of child beheaders, the man who gropes suicide belts, and who cuddles with the Saudi lunatic-also-illegal in Syria, SDN member Muhaysini. There is a certain magic that allows criminals to bypass internet and other telecommunication problems in the SAR, and freely give and receive interviews. 

al Muhaysini is on the US Specially Designated Nationals list. Here he is with child soldiers he has trained.


Terrorists Kareem & SDN Muhaysini discuss needs for Wahhabis of the world to invade Syria.


Nauert has yet to explain the anomaly of being on the side of Saudi al-Qaeda terrorist Muhaysini, who is on the SDN ‘kill list.’

On 25 August, Syrian activist Afraa Dagher asked a rhetorical question:  How do AFP  journalists remain safe while embedded with al-Qaeda terrorists? They have an uncanny 100% survival rate in passing through terrorist-controlled checkpoints and taking photos in armed training camps.  Throughout her report, she showed AFP embedded with arm terrorists in their illegal training camps on Syria territory. Ms. Dagher provoked the call by SyriaNews  to both France and the UN to seize the assets of AFP, as it flagrantly breaches both French anti-terrorism laws and  UNSCR 2253 (2015) — both of which provide for the seizure of assets of any gang involved in supporting terrorism through any means.

SyriaNews will provide some of the most damning and criminally insane photographic evidence after we dissect the  AFP’s cynically sadistic romanticizing of of the American illegal who supports all atrocities committed by foreign human garbage — such as himself, occupying Idlib and having flaunting themselves as the spokesmen of Syrians in Idlib, the city and governate where women are never seen, never allowed to be seen (except during death squad Helmets fundraising photo ops).



“Courageous woman” doing nothing. Note background supplies: Are they being hoarded? Post-liberation Aleppo, warehouses were found with boxes of medical supplies (among massive weapons caches).

AFP begins with the typical NATO brainwash operation, with the colonialist double standard in the definition of “terrorists.” Idlib is acknowledged by all to have been invaded by foreigners, occupied by foreigners who are the world’s human garbage from all over the planet, dumped into the SAR instead of being locked up permanently in facilities for the criminally insane. No matter to which faction of al-Qaeda these “beasts with two legs” belong, collectively they are the most degenerate generation of al-Qaeda to date (beheadings, kidnappings, slaughter of children via forced ingestion of a poison, baking human beings in bread ovens, necrophilia, pedonecrophilia — pick the most unimaginable horror, and the Syrians of Idlib have suffered it, under the hands of the devil’s workers).

Yet deep state media all call the victims “rebels,” make them into genetically altered Syrian opposition and bestow victim-hood upon them (from 2015, a look a foreign garbage slaughtering Syrians and then being named “Syrian opposition,” here . Screengrabs from the first beheadings of Syrians in Idlib, by foreign invaders who did not speak Arabic, here.).  The double standard bears repetition: Terrorist beasts are only terrorists in France, UK, and the US. In Syria, terrorist beasts are humanitarians, are victims.

Here is the photo that AFP used as its lead-in. Note the absence of women. Syrian women are prisoners under the foreign terrorist occupation that is ‘moderately armed’ by NATO and their Gulfies -dogs. Ever wonder where the fake sisterhood is, those faux feminists who look the other way as Syrian women are made invisible?

The savages were told to leave their ISIS flags home for this photo op demonstration, reputedly in support of the foreign occupation of Syria.

The Frog news service whitewashed the crimes and the lies of 5th columnist Kareem using CNN’s script in 2016 when Clarissa Ward bleached the al-Qaeda vermin occupying Syria.  Has anyone ever seen Ward of Death in niqab, except when she was illegally in Syria, interviewing foreign terrorists who Anderson Cooper claimed did not exist?


AFP’s lies throughout the magical interview of the American terrorist in Syria are so very many, that proving each one would become tedious, so we shall refer to the most glaring. The criminal Frogs dutifully report every lied from the American illegal, as though each was divine gospel and simultaneously literal pearls of wisdom.

The claim he started his propaganda news channel in 2015 because CNN was having “doubts” is the total fabrication. Their rift came in 2017 when CNN received a reward that it did not share with him and the NYer’s ego threw a hissy fit.

Et voila! cher AFP! In December 2016, CNN’s Hala Gorani and all other Vichy urinalists were lauding Kareem as the last western journalist in occupied eastern Aleppo.

CNN’s Hala Gorani the champion of the infamous ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’ hoax with al-Qaeda’s Kareem

On 6 September 2016, Ward of Death was blowing kisses to Kareem, for his brave claim that he was almost killed by a chlorinated, flying IED, and proved it by ejaculating a singular cough.

AFP also somehow missed CNN’s Ward of Death’s tweet tribute to merc Kareem, in Sept. 2016.

AFP added some new backstory to native New Yorker cum merc, Kareem — née Darrell Lamont Phelps — including a maudlin bit about having a wife and kids somewhere in Egypt. In the brave new world of MSM war pimping, a man abandoning his family to spend time with killers who slaughter other people’s families is transformed into some noble character. The Frog wire did not ask why his website has been sanitized.  Also, as with the various other westerners (& Japanese) to illegally invade the SAR, AFP joins all the other MSM in never questioning finances: How do unemployed or under-employed men manage to relocate themselves with such ease? C’est beaucoup magique!

SyriaNews did manage to find a bit more of a back story of how this mostly out of work actor and stand-up comedian managed to move from NY; Hollywood explains it*:

AFP brayed on about actor Kareem’s lawsuit against the US, to keep him off the “kill list,” successfully launched by former POTUS Barack Obama. Previously, Kareem had offered a vehicle showing one dent as “evidence” of his having survived a single, alleged, drone strike. That number has quintupled for the ridiculous interview, which neglects to mention there was no evidence of him being on the list, and that a judge ruled he cannot be put on it, without due process afforded him under the US Constitution. For the record, he has not even been sanctioned and is not on the SDN list — as are his very good friends, illegals in Syria, Saudi terrorist Muhaysini and Iraqi terrorist Firas.

New to the story line about this American mercenary in Syria, is his apparent new onset of being black, something he seems to only recently have noticed, in a goofy claim that he was wearing a cap so that no pilot would notice his black, bald head. No mention, of course, that Trump bombed Syria for all of Kareem’s al-Qaeda friends.


No questions were asked about how Kareem’s terrorist friends happened to be in Rashidin, when upwards of 130 Syrians — mostly women and their children — were massacred.

One hundred thirty Syrian civilians were slaughtered but the terrorists made it safely onto the buses

Though the terrorist supporting AFP shed some crocodile tears over the reunification of Aleppo, more negligence was seen in its lack of questioning a demonstration of terrorists refusing UN food for civilians, but instead demanding their bombing!

Kareem cheered terrorists starving Syrian civilians

Too busy with those violins, AFP also neglected to ask about mercenary how any civilized human being might legitimize the kidnapping and beheading of a 12 year old child.

This was among the most gruesome of Kareem’s vile reports from the Syrian Arab Republic was his legitimization of al-Qaeda’s kidnapping and beheading of 12-year-old Abdullah Issa. Abdullah’s abduction from a hospital was so swift that he still had an IV attached when the moderate monsters of the FSA al-Zinki faction cut off his head with a kitchen knife.


Terrorists showed fake evidence, ominously said Abdullah’s family had “confessed.”


Shameless photoshopped of Abdullah’s head likely to the body of one of their own terrorists.

This ugly Live from Idlib! bleaching of the foulest of criminal insanity against Syria did start to go viral; it was picked up by major Vichy urinals in the NATO world. It was overshadowed by the massive reporting of the Kavanaugh alleged victims shoe-horned into the Supreme Court hearings. This malignant interview was shared by various other media, including Yahoo! — named for the human-looking beasts in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels.

Most astonishing, though, was fake conservative Breitbart, which irrevocably outed itself as part of the deep state, in its copy and paste:

Fake conservative Breitbart pasted the nasty interview with terrorist Kareem.

Nonetheless, this is not the last we have heard from the New York actor.

Nor is this rancid report from AFP among its worst atrocities. Wherever there is the most hideous of barbarity, AFP is there, camera-ready.

Do you recognize this unconscious Syrian boy? His arm was brutally ripped from its shoulder, requiring violent strength to tear apart his deltoid muscle. Note the disgusting perfection of this war porn photo, including the golden mean in art, and the Fibonacci series. It was taken by an AFP photographer:

The hyenas rip apart this boy’s body, and AFP takes emotional war pornography photo. 21 February.

Here is the same savaged Syrian boy, again, perversely used in a different, sadistically choreographed ‘rescue scene,’ also courtesy of AFP:

Moral responsibility dictates no one fall prey to the sadistic, warmongering hyenas who torture and murder children as photo opportunities.

The Guardian — also a friend to the foreign human garbage dumped into Syria — used the degenerate, repulsive photo as its featured image on 22 February, when the former cell phone salesman cum stethoscope-less first responder write an opinion piece, calling on NATO to save the terrorists of Ghouta who rip apart the arms of Syrian children:

22 February, The Guardian used this criminal photo of the child tortured by the Nusra Helmets and/or AFP photographer.

After multiple notifications to the prominent UK medium, like a thief in the night, one of them replaced the featured image, but did not acknowledge the torture, or any ‘mistake’ in original publication:

Replacement photo is boring in comparison. Alas!

Based on its self-evident gruesome, grizzly, history, SyriaNews wonders what part the AFP gang might have played in the 22 September terrorist massacre in Ahvaz, Iran, as it has taken authorship of two ridiculous photographs reputedly taken post savage mayhem.

Reminding our readers that Iran stated that four of the terrorists involved in the slaughter wore military uniforms. Qatar’s al-Jazeera (involved in the kidnapping of Syrian women, among countless other atrocities) was among the first to report on Ahvaz, using this ridiculous AFP photograph. Though the color scheme is rather nice, among the many absurdities in this shot is the rescuer about to walk into the open door of the vehicle.

AFP on the move, reputedly in Ahvaz.

Here AFP has closed the door, given the bald-ish guy some screaming script, and has their guy in uniform doing dramatic leaning into the fake victim dramatically hanging over the other character’s shoulder.

Note that, despite the huge crowd for the parade, this quartet is alone. There are no corpses, no blood, no sign of the vile slaughter.

“And, ACTION!” via AFP.

To see the ugly truth of the aftermath of this massacre, click here for a 12 second look.

Yesterday, at the UNGA meeting, Trump threatened more war, and more sanctions against every country not aligned with NATO.

Meanwhile, AFP has itself provided the necessary evidence for it to be sanctioned, its assets seized, per both French law and UNSCR 2253 (2015).

Its malignant impunity will continue.

Miri Wood


*Though this movie is impressive in its witty dialogue, it subtly engages in brainwashing against South American countries. Should you choose to watch it, consider the current demonization of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

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