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Iran: Terrorist Attack in Ahvaz During a Military Parade

Iran Military Parade Terrorist Attack in Ahvaz

A CIA-sponsored terrorist attack struck hard in Ahvaz city, southwest of Iran, during a military parade commemorating the start of the useless Iran – Iraq 8 years war which left millions dead and injured on both sides and destroyed the economies of both countries.

Several military and civilians killed and wounded as a result of the terrorist attack, Iranian Fars News agency reported.

Distributed video of the aftermath of the attack:

Iran is under the cross-hairs of the US policy of Regime Change for its stance against the Israeli illegal occupation of Arab lands in Palestine, South Lebanon, the Syrian Golan Heights and its role in fighting terrorists in Syria and Iraq that the US and its stooges have heavily invested in.

The People’s Mojahedin Organization (Mojahedin-e Khalq) or MEK, along with Kurdish separatist terrorists target the Iranian state as well as Israeli Mossad, the CIA which have killed Iranian’s first democratically elected prime minister, effectively working on a regime change in the country since the Islamic Revolution in the country, along with other US operatives like al-Qaeda.

US’s secretary of state Pompeo has stated that his country has ‘actions in plans against Venezuela‘, in one of the Regime Change operations the US is working on in countries that do not submit to its hegemony. That includes as well Syria, Iran, China, Argentines, along with a host of other countries, some of which the US managed to ‘succeed’ as in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Ukraine and elsewhere, using different colors of the ‘Colored Revolutions’ tool.

Update: September 22, 2018 – 01:20 (Tehran Local Time):

Iranian television: Casualties of the terrorist attack have climbed to 24 dead.

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