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Who Are the Terrorists in Syria?


Freedom fighters, moderate rebels, armed opposition, peaceful protesters, Free Syrian Army, Islamist Caliphate Warriors.. you name it, all are cover names used by NATO and its regional stooges to label the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists sent to destroy Syria, now led mainly by ISIS/ ISIL /Daesh and Nusra Front formerly known as alQaeda in the Levant, Fatah Army and other names. NATO propagandists and propaganda machines aka mainstream media loved the names and abused the westerns’ brains feeding them with it. 

US is using Al-Qaeda against Syria
US is using Al-Qaeda against Syria

There have been waves of terrorists sent to Syria from all sides of the planet. Countries that sent its ‘elite’ thinking they can succeed like Saudi and Qatar; countries that allowed the transporting of its filth to get rid of them like Russia; and other places where the filth actually got to power and wanted to export their ‘revolution’ like Libya and Tunisia and to a large extent Egypt.. Some invited their foes in their countries to square their battles in Syria! Among all were citizens from more than 80 countries.

A former UN envoy Ebrahimi once confirmed the existing of more than 40,000 suicide terrorists in Syria during his mission, our estimate counts up to quarter a million of them throughout the past 4.5 years more than half of them were killed or blew themselves up in Syria, many went elsewhere and many still inside on the way of extermination.

Syrian officials stated more than a 1,000 terrorists are sent per week to Syria. They used Turkey and Jordan as main hubs and to a lesser extent in numbers but higher in danger Lebanon. We shouldn’t forget the large numbers of terrorists coming from Iraq.

There’s not a country on the planet that is not complicit in this either by directly being behind or turning the eyes away from sending these mercenaries. There were even a considerable number of Palestinians from all over Palestine including Gaza who came to Syria to free Syrians from life. Hamas, a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organization was also presence in many locations and namely in killing other Palestinians in Syria, they were used for their experience in that.

We’ve reported a previous statistics earlier.

Wahhabism is their religion, it’s an anti-Islamic ideology. AlQaeda is their main source of fighters and its different variants, and their main cover was the FSA. Their regional political wing is Muslim Brotherhood. Their main international political wing is ‘Hizb u Tahrir’. A very brave young Syrian man went into Turkey and mingled with the terrorist’s there, his detailed report sheds a light on the ruling of fake caliph Erdogan and his manipulation of the radicals there.

They are armed with all sorts of weapons allowed by the CIA, Mi6, Mossad and Turkish MïT. French DGSE played a large role especially in targeted assassinations in Syria along with Mossad.

Zionist Israel, Turkish and US fighter jets were used to assist terrorists on countless ocassions. A CNN crew was caught once redhanded embedded with an FSA terrorist group blowing up a gas pipeline in Homs countryside to accuse the Syrian Arab Army with it: (scroll towards the end to see Syrian TV documenting the terrorist act by the CNN crew and their FSA buddies). Qatari mouthpiece Al Jazeera staff was there in many if not all terrorist attacks in Syria for coverage, inciting and misinforming, even in giving a hand and kidnapping and killing. How can anyone forget the mother of all lies the BBC? The first lie caught by Syrians with solid evidence was a report done at the early days of the crisis by the manager of Reuters office in Syria a Jordanian citizen Khaled Oweiss, who was caught on tape by a running Syrian TV camera next to him while putting words in the mouth of a wounded soldier who was with extreme pain saying faintly he was shot by a sniper from the protesters side and Oweiss was repeating: ‘you said a security offcier shot you because you refused to shoot at the peaceful protesters?’ This lie when caught caused the Syrian security to arrest Mr. Oweiss temporarily and then the Syrian government to expell foreign media reporters who despite showing them the evidence it was a fabricarion they circulated it as news. Mr. Oweiss was later released after extreme pressure mounting against the Syrian givernment by an organized ‘NGOs’ campaign and by an international outcry for freedom of press!

WMDs Weapons of Mass Deception
Corporate Media: WMDs Weapons of Mass Deception

Financing came from state members of so called Friends of Syria, a gathering of 60 plus countries. Their biggest donors are Saudi, Qatar and to lesser extent other GCC members, plus the US officially with a few billions of dollars, and of course from the looting and extortion done by these mercenaries. Selling human organs (through the world’s top accomplices Turkey and Israel), human trafficking, drugs, selling stolen antiques and ruins among other sources.

At early days of the Syrian crisis a few Lebanese officials including former prime ministers, sitting members of parliament and numerous security officials have contributed largely to the financing and arming of terrorists in Syria, under the guise of providing ‘diapers and milk’ to them. Weapons were smuggled in large vessels from Libya, Eastern Europe bloc and elsewhere, infamous Lutfallah II ship caught in Tripoli, Lebanon, was just the tip of the iceberg.

Libyans shipping weapons to Syria.

We shouldn’t forget the sanctions imposed on Syria by the USA, EU, Turkey and Arab League, based on accusations proved lies but sanctions remained. The sanctions included embargo on imports of heating and power generating fuel, food, medicine, monetary transfers, weapons, and even on Syrian based media. They justified banning Syrian based media to promote free speech!!! 

In short, any scum lowlife filth of the planet saw the opportunity to exercise their hatred towards mankind and to kill, maim, rape and torture other humans, destroy a civilization without any consequence, responded to the recruiting promotions and joined these death squads. Many, by the way, returned to their homelands and mingled back in their societies as if they’ve done nothing with the approval of their governments, especially the Australian and British governments. We see these as sleeping cells or time bombs that will be more dangerous when reactivated or their time is due.

US loose senator John McCain in a memorial picture with the kidnappers of Lebanese men
US loose senator John McCain in a memorial picture with the kidnappers of Lebanese men

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