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Chinese Yuan Challenges US Dollar’s Dominance Slowly But Steadily

Chinese Yuan Keep Punching US Dollar until knockdown

One more painful punch in the a*s of the US Dollar, slowly but steadily the dominance of the US currency will fade out. Once backed by gold now backed by military might, the US dollar will cease to be the preferable exchange currency sooner than expected, this would deprive the US economy from large earning based on fake value.

Chinese Yuan Keep Punching US Dollar until knockdown
Chinese Yuan Keep Punching US Dollar until knockdown

BRICS group of countries ‘Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa’ was a right move in the face of the hegemony of the United States financially and economically. The United States instead of using its dominant currency to aid countries which accepted to peg their currency with its dollar, has used the dollar to impose sanctions and starve countries into submission. US officials didn’t imagine this would backfire any time soon, but it did.

We can see that sanctions against countries like Russia, Iran and Syria for instance, have harmed other countries under the US sphere of influence and dominance of dollar more than the targeted countries. We saw countries in the EU Zone collapse, essentials’ prices soar despite the drop in oil prices globally while living standards deteriorated.

Thanks to bilateral deals agreed upon between big players like Russia, China and others, bypassing dollar in their in-between trades, the US has no solution other than to cope with the new trend of becoming a normal state in the world or risk launching WWIII with all what to expect from such disaster, except that the United States will not be a winner in the aftermath of such war. It’s already suffering from its behind the scenes involvements in ‘regime change’ adventures worldwide.

Keep in mind that the failure of the US and its allies in destroying Syria and dividing it into smaller enclaves have resulted in the loss of the evil camp’s last hope in pumping Qatari gas into Europe bypassing Russia and squeezing the latter into bankruptcy.

You can thank the Syrian people for their sacrifices and steadfastness over the past 4.5 years for preventing the destruction of the world the way we know it and the way it should be: multi-polar with law and order prevailing and not: ‘I can order my military, the biggest in the world, to destroy you if you do not obey me’ ~Nobel Peace laureate Barack Hussein Obama at the UN.

For more on the latest Chinese step to bypass SWIFT for Yuan trade you can read this post on RT:

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