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Syria: Terrorist In-Fighting Results in Kidnap of 4 Nurses from Tal Abyad Hospital

Syria Tal Abyad Hospital turkified.- Raqqa

Syria is the Levantine republic whose civilization dates back more than 10,000 years. Syria has been invaded, occupied, and had chunks cut out of it throughout these millennia. Though the most recent in balkanization was inflicted by the colonial Sykes-Picot Treaty, the goal of the failed NATO Spring has been to carve a series of sectarian bantustans throughout the Republic.

Syria today
Syria today.

As the various factions of takfiri have started to see the writing on the proverbial wall, their savagery is returning to a state of frenzy, involving massive infighting, fratricide, kidnappings, ethnic cleansing, and other forms of violent psychopathology.

There is a proverb that says whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad..

No one has claimed responsibility for the raid and the reported kidnappings of four nurses. At this writing there is no way to know if the perps are a terrorist offshoot from terrorists loyal to NATO Erdogan, or are separatists SDF terrorists loyal to NATO US (last week Erdogan and SDF bombed each other, and an alleged hospital was involved. Given the NATO junta at the UN adores both Turkish and SDF atrocities against Syria, it will be interesting to see how the klan will rewrite these stories.).

The Tal Abyad Hospital remains on the government list of public hospitals in al Raqqa (complete lists of public and private hospitals in the country can be found, here).

In September 2019, NATO Erdogan spoke before the NATO klan that rules the Security Council and their House Servants at UNGA. He held up a map that clearly showed his intention to annex a chunk of Syria, and the audience of expensively coiffed rabid dogs of war and imperialism, all pretended to believe stealing Syrian land was a ‘buffer zone,” a ‘security region,” pretended they did not know such a thing belonged on Turkey’s side of the border.

Turkish madman showed plans to annex Syria at UNGA

Just a few weeks later, the NATO madman bombed the electrical grid to the Allouk Power Station in Ras al-Ain, Hasakah, which Syrian engineers repaired, and which the madman re-bombed, which was followed by more repairs, which was followed by another anti-Syria Security Council meeting at which Ursula Mueller, the Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs & Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator suggested that the power grid bombed itself and was repaired by some fairy godmother because Turkey only has the interests of the Syrian people at heart (unlike the Syrian people’s elected Syrian president).

Syria-hating Muller at the UNSC meeting
Golpista Ursula Mueller, Ass. SG for Humanitarian Affairs & Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator, 24 October 2019.

Soon after, the Erdogan regime troops engaged in a ground invasion, and these NATO supremacists have controlled the water system to the almost one million indigenous Syrians of al Hasakah governate.

What do Turkey’s war aggression, and water war crimes in Ras al Ain have in common with the raid of Tal Abyad Hospital, and the kidnapping of four nurses — beyond both being within Erdogan’s annexation plot?

The commonality is the comprehensive NATO plot to crush Syria’s sovereignty, make the Levantine republic the dumping ground for human garbage, the place of chaos and atrocities, and overwhelming western supremacy.

Tal Abyad & Ras al Ain are part of Syria
Map of northern Syria.

Carefully consider the following screenshots.

The first contains three headlines regarding the SAR, two of which are from Turkish media, with a report from MSF — “le soi-disant réseau français appelé Médecins Sans Frontières qui est une branche des services de renseignement français opérant en Syrie,” unequivocally described by Ambassador Bashar al Jaafari — sandwiched in between.

NATO Turkey claimed the fascist, war criminal, ‘right’ to destroy a hospital in Syria, which is not in Turkey, because it was a den of NATO SDF / YPG terrorists not functioning as a hospital. NATO France intelligence services, MSF, also criminally in the Syrian Arab Republic — a flagrant breach of international law — claimed that Turkey destroyed a hospital that the MSF was ‘supporting.’

War criminal Turkey claimed to have rebuilt the Syrian hospital that it destroyed, because it is a great humanitarian country. There was no bragging of changing the name in the process of Turkification, ethnic cleansing, and military aggression.

It is unlikely that the next anti-Syria meeting of the NATO junta at the UN, will consider any of these war crimes, though the gang has already begun the lobbying to renew UNSCR 2533 (2020) to keep sending weapons and food to al Qaeda remnants in Idlib.

We ask our readers to also make note of the featured image of the ‘rebuilt’ Tal Abyad Hospital, painted in pretty yellow. Notice the mamser in the military uniform. He is not a member of the Syrian Arab Army, the only military of the Syrian people. He is not a criminal Turkish soldier, either.

He is a member of NATO Turkey’s fabricated “Syrian [sic] National Army,” an umbrella group of polished al Qaeda terrorists who have fetishes for military uniforms, to make them feel more important.

Reportedly, the hospital that still belongs to Syria — though occupied by foreign terrorists and therefore is no longer under the control of the legitimate government of the Syrian people — was raided by other terrorists who also abducted four nurses.

All terrorists in Syria are supported by colonialist NATO countries.

All terrorists in Syria will eventually be crushed or ejected.

Every inch of Syria will be liberated.

Every inch of Syria will be liberated.

Miri Wood

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