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Child Murdered, Two Others Injured in Landmine Explosion in Hasakah

Syria 's child tests a smart prosthetic. [Archive].

A child was murdered and two others injured in a landmine explosion in the Ras al-Ayn region in the northwestern Hasakah countryside, northern Syria.

The landmine explosion blew up in the children in the outskirts of the Al Aliyah village to the south of the Ras al-Ayn city killing the child and injuring two others, the region is under the occupation of the Turkish forces of the Turkish Army and Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups.

landmines continue to kill and maim Syrian children
A Syrian child tests a smart prosthetic. [Archive]

This sad loss came one day after terrorists loyal to the Turkish Madman Erdogan murdered a young girl and injured her father when they indiscriminately shelled the town of Jourin (Jurin) in the northwestern Hama countryside with missiles.

The terrorist shelling also targeted the village of Talmans in the southern Idlib countryside with 5 missiles, the shelling caused material damage in the village.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    It’s heart breaking not only for the killed children but a life time suffering for the injured as well..


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