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Syrian and Russian Sappers Blow-up Al Qaeda Cave Network in Hama

Russian and Syrian Sappers Blow Up Al Qaeda Cave Network in Hama

Syrian Russian sappers used 3.5 tonnes to blow up a cave network formerly used by Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists not far from the Al-Ltamenah town in the northwestern Hama countryside, the second operation of such since April 2021.

The cave, which served as a warehouse for weapons, barracks, field hospital, and prison, was able to accommodate up to 200 terrorists at the same time, is a deep dungeon of seven meters wide and five meters high, it stretched for 2 kilometers in total length, tanks or armored vehicles can easily enter this cave and be stored inside.

Anton Timofeev, of the Russian military group in Syria, was describing the cave network added that it was dug in 2012 and the terrorists fled the region when the Syrian Arab Army liberated Al-Latamenah in 2019.

The video is also on YouTube and BitChute.

Remnants of burnt-out infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, pickups, modified vehicles to be used for combats, and assorted armored vehicles are left behind by the NATO-sponsored terrorists near the cave’s entrance, these vehicles are courtesy of the US and EU taxpayers, these dutiful citizens prioritize killing people on the other side of the planet from their country over building their own infrastructure, enhance their healthcare systems which near collapsed in the face of the pandemic. Most importantly, the people the US and EU citizens like to kill far away have never threatened their countries, let alone invading or causing any harm to them!

A Syrian Arab Army sapper said that the explosives used to blow up this cave network are also left behind by the terrorists and it took the Russian and Syrian sappers a while to dismantle the explosive detonators and prepare them for this operation, thus solving two problems, getting rid of the ammunition and destroy the cave.

Journalists were asked to go as far as a kilometer during this operation which is not yet completed, although the main entrance and much of the network are destroyed, there are still areas and gaps inside that need additional work.

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