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Sky News Team Illegally Embeds with Terrorists, Barks Criminal Lies about Syria

Flaunting International Law with the arrogant impunity of western colonialism, a Sky News team has illegally entered Syria, embedded itself with known terrorists, and now screeches war propaganda on behalf of al Qaeda and friends of child beheaders in the S.A.R.

There is an unwritten agreement among warmongering (NATO, military-industrial-complex conspirators) media that they share each other’s criminal lies as gospel, that they never ask even a rudimentary question.

Secure in this obscene pact, the Sky News operatives loudly screamed that they were “clearly identified as journalists,” and more disgustingly screeched about “International Law!”; they completely ignore the part in the Geneva/ICRC Treaties which describes the need of the “government of the State” in which they are located, to “attest to…status as a journalist.”

ICRC Journalists guideline

For the record, to Alex Crawford and her illicit cohorts: Nowhere in the 1949 treaty, nor in any of its amendments, does International Law bestow the rights of civilians onto journalists who illegally enter countries to embed with armed terrorist gangs. Also omitted from International Law is protection to ‘journalists’ involved with blowing up oil refineries, kidnapping women and children, engaging in femicide, slaughtering soldiers defending countries from invading pathogens.

“Sky News has applied for visas for crews to enter Syria, but they have never been offered to us.” — Sky News, 29 May. Despite the intentional torquing of sentence structure — which should have been “but we were denied visas by the Syrian government” — this is still an admission of the criminal entry of the gang. Criminally entering a country voids all protections given legal journalists, under the Geneva Agreements.

Crawford and her gang of Brit and Turkish illegals in the Sky News crew made no immediate mention of how they came to find themselves with US illegal, Bilal Abdul Kareem, either. No decent human being would want to be caught dead in the company of a man who pimps support for monsters who kidnapped 12-year-old Abdullah Issa from a hospital and cut off his head with a kitchen knife.

american terrorist bilalaqaeda with child beheaders
US terrorist/CNN hero Kareem cheers alliance with child beheaders
afp -terrorist interviews terrorist
Terrorists showed fake evidence, ominously said Abdullah’s family had “confessed.”

The admission of its criminal activity should be enough to demonstrate the nasty Sky News ilk have no sense of decency; Crawford’s impunity extends so far she neglected to check her colonialist superiority by announcing her donning of “a Muslim dress.”

Syrian women dress themselves, except in al Qaeda occupied areas, where the men takfiri dictate their clothing before letting them outside for public executions. In an edited report, she claims it was “to observe cultural sensitivities during the religious month of Ramadan,” again ignoring the fact that women in al Qaeda occupied regions are never permitted to dress themselves. It was not Ramadan — which has nothing to do with hijab, burka, abaya garb — when Clarissa Ward was embedded with terrorists occupying Idlib.

CNN’s Clarissa Ward, right, has illegally entered the SAR multiple times, embedding herself with foreign takfiri.

Crawford’s illicit crew offered some of the most pathetic in war propaganda, in its first lying report that these illegals embedded with terrorists on the terror lists of US, EU, and even UN. Using the stalest of Hollywood motifs to try to breathe life into a stale script, there was much dust, and much running.

The shaky camera was the most absurd in plot lines, given the existence of the Steadicam. Developed in the 1970s by Philly native, Garrett Brown, its use was made most famous when “Rocky” ran up the steps of the Museum of Art.

Alas, competent equipment would not permit the Hollywood “suspension of disbelief” rule of screenwriting, and Crawford and her ilk could not use dust, voice-over huffing and puffing, and ridiculous ‘cuts to’ that show elbows and fabrics and nothing of evidence to her braying. It would also not permit the bit of chiaroscuro as she wistfully sighs over the sight of a smoldering military tank.

Crawford’s re-regurgitation of ‘hospitals under attack,’ are as criminal as the ‘journalists under attack’ mantra. Again, the Geneva Treaty on International Law is quite clear in regulations of medical facilities in war zones. The host country must agreed to allow them, after which they must be clearly marked with the ICRC emblem.

Chapter III, Article 23 notes “…the Parties concerned may conclude agreements on mutual recognition of the hospital zones and localities they have created.”  This means that no safe zone hospital may be created in any country without the explicit permission of the host country.


Claims by al Qaeda that terrorists bunkers are medical facilities do not hospitals make; unhospitals cannot be bombed, despite the criminal bleating of Sky News embedded with these terrorists and no matter how many times Crawford points to a bombed-out building and barks, “hospital!”, no matter how many times she shows the close-up shot of a gurney being moved into a truck.

Crawford et ilk bring the Goebbels Big Lie into a new realm of depraved, warmongering propaganda. While stuffing the disclaimer that al Qaeda’s Hayat Tahrir al Sham is a “designated terror organization by the UK and the US,” into its reports, Sky News calls these designated terrorists “officials in Idlib,” and otherwise ignores their terror designation while attempting to whitewash them.

Sky News Crew with Al Qaeda in Idlib
Sky News caption of bathetic foto of Crawford in shadow: “Sky News was filming a burning vehicle when the shelling started.” The “burning vehicle” was clearly a military tank, used to bomb Syrian soldiers defending their country in its legal borders. Imagine such a scene in London, Paris, Rome, or NYC.

As Sky News continues to be derelict in sharing photos of any “officials in Idlib,” we shall share a few:

Syrian woman murdered by foreign-armed, foreign terrorists in Idlib, 2015, for ‘adultery.’ Ignoring this act of femicide, MSM used her to whitewash other factions of al-Qaeda.
al-Qaeda necrophiliacs in Idlib, supported by the US.
al-Qaeda necrophiliacs in Idlib, supported by the US.
Group foto of Idlib civilians includes Saudi terrorist Muhaysini, on US's SDN terror list.
Group foto of Idlib civilians — or, “officials” — includes Saudi terrorist Muhaysini, on US’s SDN terror list.
NYT suggested ‘rebels’ stop showing the world their atrocities, while The Guardian appeared not to have noticed this one. Far left, Italian national Saqar, about to murder kidnapped Syrian soldiers in Idlib, 2012.
Idlib under al-Qaeda Jabhat al Nusra control since 2013. Name change of some factions to HTS irrelevant.

BBC — al Qaeda’s favorite press corps in the UK — was quick to follow up with an ode to terrorist atrocities against Syria, headlining about the savages’ “legacy” in the SAR. With this malignancy, the editorial board of British Broadcasting Corporation shows signs of senile dementia, or suspects its readers suffer it, as “fake news CNN!” — the “fake news!” that swamp junkie Trump followed to bomb Syria — already sang al Qaeda’s praises way back in August 2016.

It seems the Sky News scam to support savages in Idlib has bombed. With the exception of NBC, deep state media on the US side of the Atlantic appear to be boycotting Sky News’ criminal contribution to the Save Idlib Terrorists campaign.

That French and US NATO media have distanced themselves from this particularly fetid report, suggests a schism may be afoot – and possibly related to May becoming the most recent of western warmongers to succumb to the amusing “Assad Curse — among the tripartite aggressors.

On 17 May, the P3 bullies of the UN were aligned in support for their al Qaeda savages in Idlib, all three threatening to again criminally bomb Syria based on the lies from terrorists on yet another chemical hoax.

Mere days later, 22 May, State Department‘s liaison Morgan Ortagus tripped over her tongue while tap dancing backward and possibly in heels to move away from the plot for another chemical hysteria: “… But we don’t have any definitive conclusions yet, because we – as we continue to investigate. “

Perhaps the duet realized it might be poor salesmanship to use the friend of child beheaders, the friend of other terrorists on the SDN list, as the original source of the hoax.

Chlorine Attack Tweet

Yes, the original source was Bilal Abdul Kareem, the NY stand up comic magically transformed to a camera boy for UK media in Libya who then magically became an ‘independent activist journalist’ illegal in Syria (one day after this lying tweet, US merc Kareem uploaded an ugly video showing criminally violent cowards throwing explosives into a vehicle and running away. He claimed the “FSA” had tossed the bombs into a military truck, slaughtering SAA soldiers inside.).

Perhaps even the swamp junkies of the Trump regime finally realized the absurdity of using a committed liar as their ‘on the ground source’ material. On 31 March 2017, Kareem tweeted the lie that he had been placed on Trump’s ”kill list,” despite the fact that the filed complaint stated it was to prevent him from being put on this list:

kareem - syria sky news
Not on ‘kill list.’
mercenary kareem lawsuit
Mercenary Kareem’s complaint.

The shunning of Sky News seems to have forced this ‘service’ to drag the UK’s warmonger to the UN, away from her overpaid cosmetician, to give an ‘exclusive’ interview in which she made various gaseous sounds about hospitals that do not exist; even that appears not have caused US and French media to relent. At the risk of sounding like we are beating a dead horse, we suggest that Pierce and Sky News read the Geneva Treaty on hospitals.

Still struggling to find that elusive momentum for its malignant anti-Syria psyop, on 28 May, Sky News uploaded an “exclusive” video report which begins with the anemic Hollywood motif of bathetic running amid the dust, in an impotent attempt to create ‘drama.’ Crawford shows her colonialist impunity, again, by announcing they are running to a ‘hospital,’ that “we’ve been given access on the strict understanding that we won’t reveal its location or name. [emphasis added]. The impunity comes with the lie, as she then stands before an obviously long-abandoned, crumbling building and announces it to have been bombed, “despite everyone…knowing the coordinates.” We are not given a walk inside the building, and so we do not get to see any remnants of actual hospital equipment. Subsequent scenes are all close-ups, preventing visualization of ‘hospital settings’ (reminder that patients in respiratory distress are never kept flat; however their best position for opening airways does not look so impressive for the cameras.).

The admitted illegal in Syria does not explain why she needed to be sworn to secrecy on the location of the useless ‘hospital’ whose coordinates everyone knew.

Though Crawford may have dreamed of receiving awards for her illegal entry into Syria, and embedding her crew with al Qaeda terrorists, she appears to now be crying in her pillow. After days of very bad marketing of Kareem’s bogus injury (after which he threatened Syria’s president, oblivious to the fact that this tired script was already read, by US merc Eric Harroun, who eventually returned home to conveniently die of a ‘drug overdose.’) — though the ‘wound’ was not visible, he immodestly had himself naked from the waist up, going for a ‘Mandingo’ look — she has been reduced to an impotent attempt to herself from the American operative.

Channel 4 - Tweets
After the Sky News scam bombed, Crawford now pathetically distancing herself from American merc Kareem, claiming he appeared out of nowhere and “jumped in at the last moment.”

There is an adage whose advice is to “put down the shovel” upon digging oneself into a hole. In her now frantic effort to salvage her warmongering ‘report,’ Crawford just keeps giving away secrets of Sky News by tagging her illegal cohorts in the SAR.

How interesting to know that Kenny Stewart, the “International Producer for Sky News,” is “based in Istanbul,” and that Sky News producer Guldenay Sonumut tweets in English and Turkish.

Kenny Stewart Tweet retweeted by Alex Crawford

Explosives belt groper/US merc/friend of child beheaders in Syria also appears to have distanced himself from Sky News, though has not yet thrown the type of hissy fit he threw when CNN stopped adding him to their cinematic credits.

Instead, this criminal has taken to spewing his American arrogance: Taking pseudo umbrage at H.E. Bashar al Jaafari correctly identifying ‘Kareem’ as “the correspondent for Nusra Front terrorist organization for the British Sky News and American CNN,” the former ‘stand up comic’ declared he will not leave Syria, and that “there’s nothing he can do about it.”

Nusra Front Reporter for CNN and Sky News Bilal Abdul Kareem tweet
Nusra Front reporter for CNN & Sky News in a badly FX’d polo shirt.

The Sky News illegals might also be mindful of the terrorist company in which they are embedded; things did not work out well for Sotloff — nor for several other mercenaries — after he pondered the ‘the trick of getting kidnapped.’

American terrorist cum orangette in Syria, Steven Sotloff discussed getting kidnapped by al Nusra with American terrorist VanDyke.
assad scorpion quote

As the illicit warmongering news team continues to spin its wheels, Syria News reminds its readers that the “civilians” for which Crawford et al. bleat their support, are terrorists on the terror lists of the UN, EU, and US. Some, like al Jolani, are also on the US Treasury’s SDN list.

The illegal Sky News team has not left Syria, but has taken a bit of a hiatus from its repetitive re-tweets on the gang’s audacious claims about International Law while breaching the very tenets of The Geneva Conventions on journalists and hospitals in war zones.

The Geneva Conventions are in pdf form, available to all to read.

We strongly recommend the urchins return to Turkey, and crawl back into the sewers from where they originally incubated.

Miri Wood

It is a woeful irony that while Syria is under unilateral economic terrorism (erroneously called “sanctions”), and though Nusra is on everyone’s terror list, Nusra’s primary ‘journalist’-illegal in Syria is able to fundraise for himself; please consider supporting Syria News:

[1] Panamanian traitor Rosas was killed in a hit & run, a mere three months after placing the exploding case of Coca Cola on the plane of Omar Torrijos.

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