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NATO Terrorists Massacre 80, Injure 240 at Graduation Ceremony

NATO terrorist drone attack on Military Academy Kills and Injures Hundreds in Homs Syria

NATO-funded and armed terrorists have massacred at least eighty Syrian human beings attending a military academy student graduation ceremony in Homs, on Thursday 5 October, and wounded at least two hundred and forty, many critically.

Another carnage in Homs, Central Syria, and another massacre affecting hundreds of Syrian families from across the country facing NATO combined terrorism and invasion for the past 12.5 years.

The Syrian Minister of Health in his latest update (8:45 pm local time) said that ‘the terrorist act at the Military College in Homs led to 81 martyrs including 31 women and 5 children, and 239 injured, also including women and children, a non-final toll.’

Syria declared 3 days of mourning and prayers in mosques and churches across the country for the souls of the victims of the terrorist attack.

Reports of the massacre and calls for blood donations in all of the hospitals in Homs started at 2:30 pm local time: “A terrorist attack with drones on the graduation ceremony for officer cadets in the Military Academy in Homs causing large numbers of injuries.”

The terrorist attack was also an assassination attempt on the Syrian Minister of Defense, top officers of the Syrian Arab Army, and guest officers from friendly countries, the drone missed them by minutes as they had already left and the families poured onto the courtyard to join their sons after the ceremony ended.

An undeclared faction of the US’s “al Qaeda is on our side in Syria” launched drones to cause an unprecedented amount of carnage because Syrian blood continues to be considered cheap by the world’s leading colonialists.

US Jake Sullivan unclassified Spot Report to Hillary Clinton AQ is on our side in Syria
Memo from the former advisor to Hillary Clinton and current US National Security Advisor (Wikileaks)

Zeina Shalhob was one of the massacred, murdered by NATO’s al Qaeda terrorists while enjoying the graduation ceremony.

This is Lieutenant Ahmed Ali Khadour. He and his mother were among the carnage created by US friends in Syria.

The US has bragged about funding and arming the world’s human garbage, dumped into the Levantine republic at the onset of the NATO Spring war of terror unleashed in March 2011. Both SANA and Syria News have published hundreds of reports documenting NATO weapons seized after the Syrian Arab Army cleansed various regions of countless terrorists.

The graduation ceremony of the Syrian Military Academy coincides with Syria’s commemoration of the 6th of October 1973 war, the first Arab armies’ initiative against the Crusaders and their ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’ Israel destroying the myth of the ‘invincible Israeli Army’ it claimed after the 1967 ‘6 days war’ in 6 hours only.

Within 6 hours the Syrian and Egyptian armies managed to break through what was described as the world’s most sophisticated fortifications built by Israel on the Syrian Golan and Egyptian Sinai. The Syrian Arab Army reached the banks of the Tabariya Lake (Sea of Galilee), dozens of Israeli fighter jets were shot down on both fronts, and their pilots, the ‘pride of Israel’ were killed or captured.

If it wasn’t for the betrayal of the Egyptian President Sadat deliberately allowing an entire division of his army to be encircled on the Egyptian front, the war would have been a clean victory. The Sadat’s betrayal gave Israel and its Western sponsors, especially the USA, enough time to deliver weapons and personnel to create a new army through the world’s largest air bridge.

Even with the surrender of the Egyptian Army, again due to the betrayal of Sadat, and shifting its entire focus on the front with Syria which was left alone in the war, Israel and the USA needed months of a war of attrition to reach a truce and the withdrawal of Israel from the city of Quneitra it occupied in the 1967 war.

Syria continues to celebrate the 1973 war as the first milestone in dismantling the demonic anti-Jewish anti-Christian enemy of Islam Zionist entity dubbed Israel. Israel afterward never won any war, on the contrary, and despite the astronomical military, financial, and personnel aid it receives from all its sponsors, and the terrorism against its foes, especially against Syria funded by the Saudis and Qataris, Israel has been losing one war after the other against the Syrian Army in Lebanon, then against Hezb Allah, and now it’s losing even against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad faction in Gaza alone.

The timing of today’s terrorist attack one day before the commemoration of the 6 October 1973 war, and after hours of active US and Israeli spy drones and planes over the Syrian desert and over Lebanon, the NATO member state Turkey bombing of the Hasakah electricity power stations, and its escalated terrorism in Idlib and Aleppo are more proof of the combined efforts of NATO against Syria.

The slime mold that walks on two legs has publicly thanked the US for the military weapons for which American taxes have been used. and used for slaughtering Syrians defending themselves in their homeland, and for slaughtering Syrians for the purpose of ethnic cleansing.

A video of the armed takfir savage thanking the US for the weapons that were to be used for massacring Syrian soldiers, can be found, here. Please note that the psychopath stated that the murderous gift from the US would be used to slaughter SAA soldiers in Deir Ezzor.

Scant months later, the killers blew up General Issam Zahreddine, who was on the frontline. The anniversary of his martyrdom is 18 October.

Subsequent to the US taxpayers-funded demonic carnage, Syria’s military unloaded “multiple missile launchers” against terrorist dens in “the largest al Qaeda haven since 9/11,” Idlib, we will provide the details of the Syrian Arab Army’s retaliatory bombing in the next update of the Idlib and northwestern Syria ongoing war on NATO-sponsored terrorists.

At the time the NATO terrorist drones were butchering those attending the ceremony, NATO Erdogan bombed two of the electricity stations in al Hasakah, which cut off the Allouk water station; Erdogan thus continues his water war crimes against the Syrian people which he launched with UN’s nod, in October 2019.

May 1, 2021

For those who continue to have difficulty accepting reality, as it has become too, too heinous, a measure of the Syrian Arab Army’s success in expunging more “beasts on two legs” will be known by the al Nusra White Helmets and fraudulent rescue scenes, followed by UNSG Antonio Guterres’ bleating, followed by Scum Media reporting on the latter two.

Miri Wood
Arabi Souri and Safaa Syria contributed to the post.

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