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Landmines: Three More Syrian Children Murdered in Sweida, Syria

Landmines continue to kill and maim Syrian children while UNMAS does nothing except take census.

Landmines continue to be a heinous problem in the Syrian Arab Republic, as the UN Mine Action Service continues to do little more than keep a census on deaths and dismemberment of children and adults. On 16 October, another three children were murdered, and three others were hospitalized with severe injuries.

Landmines are left behind by retreating human pathogens, regardless of which terrorist sect is doing the fleeing — ISIS (Daesh), HTS or countless others. Frequently they are buried in farmland and areas of grazing sheep, where kids help in family farming, and go to play in open nature.

Last evening’s horror occurred in the al Saqyiah village, al Sweida northern countryside. Not surprisingly, there has been no mention of the most recent of landmines deaths in western stenography media. It will go ignored by the NATO junta occupying the UN, and the next anti-Syria meeting, though we can rest assured, knowing that the tripartite aggressors will be wailing their humanitarian tears over Syria’s termination of a few takfiri in Sarmada, also yesterday.

Syria News readers will likely remember the name, al Sweida; on 25 July 2018, terrorists under the protection of the illegal US military base in al Tanf, deployed there to engage in the biggest massacre of Syrians, since the birth of the NATO Spring. Two hundred-fifteen civilians were slaughtered, and another 200 were injured, mostly women and children. In the ensuing mayhem, the takfiri abducted some dozens of women and children, some of whom were battered and murdered, nineteen of whom were eventually rescued by the SAA.

Agnes Marcaillou is the director of the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS). The author first noticed her when she brought her entourage to Damascus for a photo-opportunity signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to assist the SAR in cleaning up landmines and IEDs. One year and some months later, Marcaillou addressed the UNSC to provided statistics on deaths and dismemberment from these explosives, though she did not say that UNMAS was fulfilling its MoU.

Marcaillou has done nothing to help clear landmines in Syria.
UN Mine Action Service Director Agnes Marcaillou keeps excellent death & dismemberment statistics.

Giant African pouched rats needed to sniff out Biden regime terrorists landmines
These creatures would be more useful than UNMAS, and therefore more noble.

The author again calls on Syria to find a way around the draconian, illicit, ‘sanctions,’ and to begin importing the Giant African Pouched Rats, which can be trained to sniff out landmines without detonation. Obviously, they will be more useful than the useless UNMAS.

On Saturday evening, three more Syrian children were slaughtered by landmines planted by terrorists in their country, while the UN and assorted other humanitarian bastards remain silent.

Miri Wood

Following on the heels of the Israeli assassination of Midhat Saleh al Saleh, yesterday, a fourth assassination attempt was made against Abdullah al Sharida, when a vehicle outside his home was remotely detonated by unidentified terrorists. Al Sharida is a member of the Reconciliation Committee of Quneitra. Let us remember these landmines, the assassination, and a new attack on a Syrian leading the way to reconciliation, and notice the klansmen will not mention any of them, at their next anti-Syria meeting.

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