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Facts, and Fascism of U.S. Department of State, and its Impostrous Corporate Media Echolaliacs

Dr. Bashar Jaafari, Syria permanent representative at the United Nations

Facts, and Fascism of U.S. Department of State, and its Impostrous Corporate Media Echolaliacs

by Miri Wood R.N.,c

On Wednesday, March 5th, 2014, in the midst of Jen Psaki’s daily State Department briefing [1], a reporter stated that there were murmurings among Syrian bloggers that Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, had been placed within a 25 mile radius of an open air jail, and he asked for verification.

Psaki confirmed the veracity of the Syrian bloggers: “We have delivered a diplomatic note to the Permanent Representative of the Syrian Mission to the United Nations in New York informing him that he is restricted to a 25 mile [40 kilometers] travel radius.”  She seemed to have no care over her ignorance on the rationale behind it, then excused the draconian antithesis of diplomatic relations [2] by bleating that it has precedent, within [what amounts to be the dictates of the] United States, as the Permanent Representatives of Iran and North Korea are also tethered.

Should not all journalists of integrity, have run with such a story? What is the purpose of the United Nations, if diplomats from around the world may be put on short leashes, based on the murderously capricious geopolitical whims of its host country, the U.S.?

How was it possible that an ambassador whose career in diplomacy dates back thirty-four years [3], and who has been Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations since 2006, to be suddenly confined to his own “Orwellian free speech zone,” created under the Bush/Cheneyac regime, and wantonly continued under President Obama?

Was this affront an infantile reaction to the humiliation suffered by the U.S. State Department, during the Geneva II meetings, in which Secretary of State, John Kerry, undiplomatically demanded that Syrian President Bashar al Assad step down as the precondition of a Kafkaesque dialogue, while cheering the pimp and convicted drug dealer and wannabe assassin, al Jarba [4] as the “legitimate” representative of the Syrian people, though no one in Syria ever voted for him?  Was it a hissy-fit response to the diplomatic delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic having the temerity to be patriots? [5]

Most likely, it was a combination of the above, compounded by the Orwellian crime that Dr. al Ja’afari has audaciously traveled the U.S., speaking to thousands of Syrian Americans, in the very American tradition of Town Hall meetings [6], in an effort to combat the State Department’s perpetual war propaganda against Syria, whose national news is censored in our “land of the free, and home of the brave.”  

While it is enough of a travesty that the State Department committed this act, the act itself is further sullied by its obvious plan to keep it a secret, had not a reporter been following some “Syrian bloggers.”

But, once admitted to, should not the journalists of the “free press” countries of the world, led by America, have reported it, and condemned it?

It turns out they could not find room for such trivial news, as they were busy courting the “breaking story” of an RT reporter having resigned on air because of the diseased form of American patriotism that shamelessly does not recognize the successful coup against our own republic, by the perpetual dogs of war — that Military Industrial Complex that Five Star General and Republican President Dwight Eisenhower cryptically warned us against, in his Farewell address to what used to be a citizenry — and the journalists of Vichy character added a new member to their gang of circle-jerkers,  the gang who doesn’t report that six corporations control 90% of U.S. media [7]. 

While the gang strokes and bleats, let us not forget that these thugs also lied about WMDs in Iraq, and in Libya — aiding in the destruction of both those countries — and not only lied about who used CWs against Syria, and which type, but also complained afterward, about their own lies

To be fair, some print media did  report on Psaki’s admission, albeit with rabidly propagandistic points of view:  AP, France 24, Star Tribune, and Times [Colonialist], claimed that the news of a virtual ankle bracelet locked on to a U.N. ambassador, was met with the approval of unnamed “Syrian groups” who had been demanding such incarceration since al Ja’afari began his tours. Reuters, al Arabiya (the journal of that bastion of freedom — just ask those women drivers in Al Saud occupied Arabia), SBS, an Australian ‘news’ outlet (a member of whose government, let us remember,  once called for the assassination of Syria’s president), the Middle East Monitor, and the Jordan Times. Some cited a previously unknown group, the Coalition for a Demo[n]cratic Syria, as a significant voice in this fascistic action.

Having never heard of this organization, before,  this author was forced to spend four hours trying to get to know it, with extremely unpleasant results. This “CDS” is run out of the Washington, D.C. area, apparently by our State Department. There are six members on its “board,” and none of their names are hyperlinked to any biographies. Those that have been found, are “shady,” to speak somewhat politely:

** Yahya Mousa Basha, M.D., runs a clinic in Dearborn Michigan.
His political ‘career’ began, in somewhat sketchy fashion, in 2006, when he was made the State Department’s “Civic Outreach” head, under Karen Hughes. Though Syrian born, he has been in the U.S. since 1972, decades before Dr. Assad became president. One might feel a sense of deja-Chalabi, the “expert” on Iraq, who received $130,000 in taxpayer monies, per month, to advise US, though he had left Iraq at the old age of 12.

** Mohamed Kawan: Various searches turned up nothing.

** Bassel Korkor, 32, D.C. lawyer. Born in the U.S., his parents arrived here in the ’70s, which of course  makes him an expert on the current state of Syria.

** Mouaz Moustafa, 29.  A Palestinian born in Damascus, who came to the U.S. at 12, has a fascinating bio. McQaeda McCain (who spends more time illegally entering other countries to foment coups, than he does in Arizona, the state he is supposed to be representing in the Senate) has called him a “patriot,” though of what country, is not known, and “tireless champion for the cause of freedom for Syria.”

Prior to becoming a board member, here, Moustafa, not Libyan, was the Executive Director of Libyan Council of North America. Though not Libyan, in this position, he reportedly met with White House NSC staff, advised the Libyan ambassador to the U.S., after his defection, and ran a staff of 8. Previously, he worked as an intern to Democratic Representative, Vic Snyder and was a staffer to former Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln (who was hired by Monsanto, upon her retirement from Capitol Hill). [8]

** Mohammed Ghanem, “Director of Strategy,” “Director of Government Relations,” “Senior Political Advisor,” of the “Syrian American Council, located in D.C. Ghanem reportedly received a Masters Degree in “Peace building & Conflict Transformation,” in Damascus (an excruciatingly painful irony, considering this group called upon Congress to enjoy “the rare opportunity” to bomb Syria, last September).

Coalition for a Democratic Syria call on US Congress to approve bombing Syria..!

Ghanem was a speaker at “A Briefing on Syria,” hosted by the Zionist Jewish Federation of Palm Springs, Florida, on July 22, 2013.

** Feras Alhou, of Santa Clara, California, in an ABC interview, was described as a “marketing consultant.” 

As it turns out, it is an online “marketing firm.”

Some of the “free media” reports on Dr. Ja’afari’s leash, contained the following, bizarre, quote, from analien, of sorts: “This development [Diplomat Ja’afari’s prison yard] has been a long standing objective that the Syrian-American community has been trying to achieve for the past 5 months…[Ja’afari] has been conducting a series of propaganda tours across the United States to mislead Americans and sow sectarian discord among Syrian Americans.” A “Chad Brand,” “Government Relations Officer of Syrian American Council,” is the source of this quote, yet the only bio found on him is his odd Linkedin profile:

Chad Brand, U.S. Government Relations Officer at Syrian American Council
Chad Brand, U.S. Government Relations Officer at Syrian American Council

The Freudian term for this remark, of a nobody, quoted by ‘mainstream’ wires and journals, would be called “projection” and “evacuation.”  This State Department mouthpiece has inverted reality: There has never been sectarianism in Syria; the atrocities being committed against the Syrian people, are committed by the sectarians of Saud’s Wahhabi – Takfirist barbarians released from their death row jails, and their sociopath adherents, from around the world. They have blown up Syrian imams, kidnapped bishops (and the cost to release them), bombed children’s school buses, and literally made burnt offerings of the Syrians of Adra.

Diplomat Ja’afari, himself [Sunni] Muslim, was guest speaker, June 8, ’13, in Allentown, PA., at the St. George Orthodox church. In attendance, were hundreds of Syrian/Americans, most of them Christian, all of them voicing their support of [Alawite Muslim] President al Assad. According to one attendee, “We have all religious freedoms in Syria. If they take out Mr. Assad it’s going to be worse than Iraq, worse than Egypt.  Christians will be slaughtered.”  Father Anthony Sabbagh noted that “the Christian community never faced in its history a better loving president [than al Assad].”

On July 19, ’13, Dr. Ja’afari spoke before the Syrian American Forum, in Orlando, FLA., seated next to an orthodox bishop, in the meeting entitled “U.S. Culture and the Syrian Migration Role,” during which Ja’afari spoke of the ‘beautiful mosaic’ of the American people, and asked why Syria is not permitted to maintain its own mosaic, asked why Syria is expected to return to being Sykes-Picot “secretions,” carved into tribal sectarian mini ‘states.’ He asked how Takfirist jihadism was able “to destroy the Omayyad Mosque in Aleppo, steal the library, and smuggle it into Turkey.  How can I call this ‘jihad’?  How?”

The video is also available on BitChute

On December 28, 2013, several hundreds of Syrians/Americans arrived to hear Ambassador Ja’afari, in person, along with a live video conference with two clergy members from Damascus: Syria’s Grand Mufti, Sheikh Ahmad Badr al-din Hassoun (whose son was shot to death in an ambush on the Idleb-Aleppo highway, in 2011, by State Department friends of the Free of Syrians Army), and Archbishop Luka Khoury of the Eastern Orthodox church.

The Mufti opened by reminding the audience that Syria pre-dates Christianity and Islam by thousands of years, and that “never throughout the entire history of Syria has a Syrian killed another Syrian on account of his faith.”

Over the last three years, the United States has pumped one billion dollars into destroying history’s oldest civilization (four billion more than what the State Department’s Nuland bragged that we gave for the Nazimaidan coup in Ukraine (though Al Saud Qatar have been too cheap to help out there, Israel media bragged that several members of the Israeli Defense Force helped with weaponry and tutorials), a fact largely ignored by our State Department run media.

Now that the Orwellianly free media (possibly better described as the corps of “Vichy Urinalists), has diverted our eyes to the Ukraine, it falls to us ‘unknown bloggers’ to return some form of morality to this population. It was by the press that the morals of this country have been destroyed and it is by the press that they shall be restored. Alexander Hamilton, prolific writer and U.S. Founder.

N.B.   Remember the Mossad wetworks team that assassinated Mahmoud al Mabhouh, in Dubai, on January 19, 2010? And Israel not the “gentlemen’s agreement” of no military shenanigans on English soil, instead luring Israeli whistle-blower, Dr. Mordechai Vanunu, from Britain, to Italy, to kidnap him from Rome, instead?

Well, the Zionist perverse sense of humor has ‘outed’ its involvement in CDS’ website. If the reader goes to the site, clicks “Reports,” clicks on the hyperlink “here,” the reader will be directed to “The Torah Academy of Boca Raton.”   “Boca” is one of the most affluent cities in the US.

Torah Academy of Boca Raton
Torah Academy of Boca Raton

[1]  5 march 2013 state dept press bfg

[2] Diplomacy:   the work of maintaining good relations between the governments of different countries; skill in dealing with others without causing bad feelings [Merriam Webster]

[3] Ja’afari’s diplomatic history: 1980- ’83, Ministry of Affairs, in Syria.  ’83-’88, Third Secretary at the Syrian Embassy in Paris.  ’91-’94, Counselor for the Permanent Mission of the SAR to the UN, NY. ’97-98, Minister Counselor of the Syrian Embassy, Paris. ’98-’02 Minister Plenipotentiary and Charge’ d’Affaires of the Syrian Embassy in Indonesia.  ’02-04, Director of International Organization at the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Damascus.  ’04-’06, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Permanent Representative of the SAR to the U.N., Geneva.  ’06- present, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic, to the U.N., NYC (now in chains).


[5] Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem, wipes the smirk off Ban Ki-moon’s face:; al-Ja’afari press briefing, Geneva II: (Click Here)

[6] The “Town Hall Meeting” actually originated in Greece, which required a minimum of 6,000 [male] citizens to be in attendance.  The first Town Hall Meeting in what is now the U.S., occurred in Bennington [Vermont], in 1772.  A social environment, intention of the THM was to foster the development of ideas involving problem solving for communities.  U.S. Founder, scientist Dr. Benjamin Franklin, expanded these meetings by creating the Cincinnatus Societies, throughout the new republic, named after the statesman-farmer, Lucius Quinctus Cincinnatus, who left his family to serve his country…during the painfully short time that Rome was a republic.  Cincinnatus was considered “virtuous,” even by those who labeled him a “dictator.”


[8] Regarding “patriotism”: 
McCain the Kidnapper:

[9] It was by the press that the morals of this country have been destroyed and it is by the press that they shall be restored.   Alexander Hamilton, prolific writer and U.S. Founder


noun, plural hy·poc·ri·sies.


1. a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

2. a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.

3. an act or instance of hypocrisy. Origin: 
1175–1225; Middle English ipocrisie  < Old French  < Late Latin hypocrisis  < Greek hypókrisis  play acting,equivalent to hypokrī́ ( nesthai ) to play a part, explain (hypo- hypo- + krī́nein  to distinguish, separate) +-sis -sis; h-  (reintroduced in 16th century) < Latin  and Greek

Related forms hy·per·hy·poc·ri·sy, noun Synonyms
1. See deceit.


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  1. miri

    Here’s an addendum gem, from the Detroit Free Press.

    On 2 August, 2013, Ambassador al-Ja’afari was joined by Bishop El-Khour, *from Syria,* at the break fast for the holy month of Ramadan. The article title: “Syria’s UN Ambassador blasts Saudi Arabia, Radical Islamists at Dearborn Event.”

    State Department Hughes’ ‘Civic Outreach’ ‘head,’ Basha, is quoted extensively in it. Apparently he was distressed over the anti-sectarianism of the gathering.

  2. nick olson

    An excellent work of investigative journalism. The state dept under kerry is a subsidiary of AIPAC.
    When they say jump their poodle asks how high. Clearly the cheesy political motivations befrit of any substantiation or merit will result in extra campaign contributions from their corrupt coffers. There is ample reason to move the UN hq to a country that respects international law and is strong enough to defend it. I’m thinking St. Petersburg.

    • miri

      Thanks, Nick. I’ve continued to forage, but running into dead ends.

      Seems like State Dept’s Dearborn’s doc was hired to ‘outreach’ to the anti-Islam Wahhabi/Salafi *men* throughout Europe, who rebuffed Hughes, based on her gender, not her fascist politics.

      As for US being AIPAC’s poodle, this is an oversimplification. We and Israel (and also the BM’s other turd in the Levant, Jordan, to a lesser extent) have become the rabid dogs of British imperialism, which never ended.

      The Brits recaptured US in the bloodless coup, when our fascist Truman allowed the fascist Churchill to launch [perpetual] Cold War, on US soil (Fulton, Missouri), with his “Iron Curtain” speech.

      Let us remember that this coup had been in the works, even during WWII, when UK/US committed psywar against “ally” USSR, with the atrocity of the Dresden Fire Bombings.

      Let us remember that Israel is only a bit over 60 years old, but Sykes-Picot is over 100.


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